May 3, 2008

Insert big Sigh here

I am ready. Today I know I will have an argument with my wife. It is inevitable.

We are moving my daughter into an apartment. She is taking summer classes and working in Indy.

The wife cried like a baby when we took the daughter to school her freshman year, again when we took my son to college. This time one of the kids is moving out and it is going to be hard. I will be tired and irritable from lifting and carrying. The wife is going to be the same. We both are going to be emotional -- the first of our babies is leaving the nest and I do not think she will be back. Her life is ahead of her.

So yeah, a fight is on the horizon and it will be over something silly. Dumb things are always the catalyst. I am going to try hard to have some patience. By the third time I have repositioned the dresser, I will be ready to explode. I will have to grin and remember I love these women.

Some days life is a little harder than others.

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