September 4, 2008

One more reason to vote for The Ombama

There is little doubt that Dan Quayle is one of the most ridiculed politicians in modern times. The left and the press excoriated him for his lack of experience. They claimed he was not prepared to be the man "a heartbeat away" because of his lack of experience. It is sure funny how things change over a couple of decades.

Quayle served as a member of the US House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate prior to being named as number two on George Bush I's ticket. I will grant that is not a lot of experience, but compare that to The Obama's three terms in the Illinois Government (where he had a preponderance of "Present" votes) and his whopping 143 days as a US Senator and Chairman of a committee that never met.

It is pretty telling when The Obama's experience makes Dan Quayle look a seasoned political veteran.

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