September 24, 2008

Wednesday Grab Bag

On the road again today, but through the miracle of scheduled posts, you see this post when I want you to. I have the power! Hey Freddie, if you see me in my crappy baby blue Taurus (I had no choice in the color) give me a wave. Wear your official Hoosierboy T-shirt and I will recognize you. The rest of you can get yours here. See what happens when I search my archives? I amuse myself sometimes.

I think I made a liberal commenter on another site's head explode. I pushed this individual so far they just erupted in a complete rant -- a case of full blown Bush Derangement Syndrome. Sorry, I just inserted some facts into the conversation...I have to quit poking these beasties with a sharp stick. On that site I guess I am considered a troll. I just like stirring a bit of trouble sometimes. The big difference is I do not resort to name calling, and I try to stick to facts.

I hate to have my picture taken. Some primitive tribes think a camera steals a bit of your soul when a picture is taken. A small part of me always wonders if they might be right? Anyway, I thought I might take a self portrait on the cell phone as a gift to the wife. I went outside Monday morning so I could have the BIG GRASS as a background. Without planning it, the morning shadows covered the top half of my face in an interesting manner. So yes, Erin, that is me in the picture from Monday. I took another that showed my hideous features, but I did not post that one. There are some pictures of me in the archives as a young man.

Go forth and prosper, we tax payers are about to take it in the shorts.

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