April 19, 2009

Smooth Jazz Sunday

I hope your Sunday is all that you want it to be. Did you go to Church, sleep in, have a big breakfast?

The boy had another ballgame Friday. I guess I should quit calling him the "the boy". He is nearly 16 and a fine young man. He is nearly as tall as I. Which is not saying much since we run short in the Hoosierboy family. My oldest son is over 6 foot tall though. Anyway, they won 18-6. Not bad for a freshman yeam playing against another school's Junior Varsity squad. The boy was 1-2 plus two walks, another RBI and I think he had five stolen bases. He scored one or two times.

My oldest son will be playing in a battle of the bands at college in a week or two. He is playing in two different bands, so does that mean his chances of winning are better? In his band he plays lead guitar and sings. His buddy TJ is in his band. He also plays in TJs band, where he plays bass. I said why don't you just combine the bands, but he said they play different kinds of music.

The daughter will graduate in a few weeks Cum Laude from Butler. She has a 3.9/4.0 in her major and 3.85/4.0 over all. She cannot be Magna Cum Laude because she did not sign up for the honors program when she was a freshman. Now she is on the job hunt. If you have an opening for an Elementary Ed teacher in Central Indiana let me know.

I cleaned out the flower beds yesterday morning. Then I sprayed the dandelions. I mowed. Then I made the boy help me cut down the big grasses from last year. I should have done this in early March. He agreed on the basis he could use the saw. I am a softy, so I let him. All young (and old) boys like power tools. Yesterday evening the wife and I went to her niece's up in Lafayette (about 90 minutes away) for a cookout/family get-together/birthday party. We had a great time. It was a long day.

The Cubs won.

There you have it; a summary of my weekend so far. I hope you are doing great.

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