July 13, 2009

How not to service your customers.

Severe weather rolled through the area Saturday afternoon and evening. Nothing major -- high winds and lots of rain. I am not completely sure how bad it got, we were not at home. Anyway, the cable and Internet were out. I called Comcast and they confirmed there were general outages in my area. These things happen. They asked if I wanted to be called when the service was restored. I told them yes.

An hour or so later I noticed the modem flashing and checked the TV and sure enough all was working in TV land. The wife and boy each jumped on the Internet and I settled in to watch...something. I really cannot recall. I thought no more of it.

Sunday morning dawned and I was up early. I watched a couple of old movies and ignored the Internet and this blog, and your blog completely. Around 10 o'clock, the phone rang. It was Comcast calling to tell me the cable was now fixed. It took them 14 hours to call me. I don't really care that it took so long, but that is a classic definition of shitty customer service.

I did manage to watch 18 innings of baseball yesterday.

Cubs win.

F-ing Cubs.

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