August 31, 2009

A tiny slice of life

The wife felt an overwhelming need to go to Kohls Saturday evening. We took the back roads since every highway in the county is under major road construction. The macadam road was straight and flat and narrow. The corn was planted right up to the edge of the road an it looked like a green wall, tipped with golden spikes. The corn was broken by occasional breaks for farm houses and soy bean fields. The beans were waist high and a deep dark green. The setting sun left orange and purple highlights in the sky.

The first planets started popping out followed by a few stars I could see through the orange sodium lights in the parking lot. I rolled down the windows and turned on my iPod through the radio while the wife went in the store to do her thing. After an hour or so she came back out. She bought the boy some shorts for $8.00. We drove back home a different way, yet another series of narrow farm roads.

After we got home, I surfed the channels to find there was nothing on worth watching and went to bed. The wife settled down to watch home decorating shows. I was asleep when she came to bed.

A boring post to mirror a boring weekend.

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