January 15, 2011

A long post filled with random boring stuff

Weird things are gong on around here.  I thought I had put the post below in the can to be published early Friday morning while I was traveling to the extremes of the Hoosier State. For some reason it did not publish.  I finally put it up manually yesterday afternoon. Some of its hard hitting impact was lost, n'est pas?

I have been getting some rather bizarre spam lately. Along with the Chinese stuff, I am getting this kind of brilliant analysis:
Steady, they bellow for to be taught that filing lawsuits is not the predilection to wind-up piracy. Inch aside inch than, it's to spoor something beating than piracy. Like cease-fire of use. It's indubitably a a barrel easier to look down on iTunes than to search the Internet with gamble of malware and then crappy je sais quoi, but if people are expected to rouse enveloping not at home of the closet to be loads and heist owing ages, it's not affluent to work. They hardly be subjected to a see-through together forwards people codify software and Spider's fittings sites that amount to it ridiculously well-disposed to corsair, and up the quality. If that happens, then there compel be no stopping piracy. But they're too circumspect and appalled of losing. Risks anchored to be spellbound

I was standing around at the drug store this week waiting on the pharmacist to refill my prescription. I was looking at the diabetic supplies and a new blood glucose meter caught my eye. It has an attached USB so you can plug it right into the computer to keep track of your readings, make handy charts and graphs and such. I loves me some user-friendly technology -- I cannot resist. Only it cost like $75. Uh, no.

But wait! There was a coupon hanging nearby that offered $35 bucks off. Still too much when I have a meter at home that works perfectly well. That one I got for free.

But wait! I looked a little further down the shelf and there was a coupon hanging there that said I could get the handy dandy USB meter for free, gratis, no charge. Hells yeah, I was all over that.

So last night I opened the box, charged the unit and read the instructions. yes, as I get to be an old fart I find my life is much easier if I  read the instruction manual. It is kind of like the rule of thumb we have all learned doing home repair and construction projects -- measure twice three times, cut once. I read the instructions. I was all set to use the unit this morning.

I put out a drop of the control solution to make sure the unit was working OK. Then, because I am perverse this way, I set up the old unit with a test strip and the new gadget with a test strip and poked my left little finger.  I squeezed a big drop pf blood and tested it with both units. It was high. I new that was coming, a late night cheat on the diet always shows up in the measurements.  But there was a problem. The new unit was 15 points higher than the old unit. Which one is wrong?

Now I am no mathematician or scientist.  I have enough of a liberal arts education to know one test point is not a trend nor is it even data (except when pushing global warming/cooling/change). I am going to have to keep my eye on this. I do not need anything to measure my blood sugar any higher, especially in the am.

Coincidentally -- and I know you are all bored shitless by this discussion -- I am sure, based on my three month blood tests, the old meter is fairly accurate. I probably will not keep you updated on this situation. I know and you are welcome.

Go forth and have a great Saturday.  It is cold, snuggle up with your Honey -- maybe you will get laid.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Do not drop this line of research/info.
I'd be interested in knowing which device was more accurate. I hope it's not rms vs peak!

Ralphd00d said...

I, too, am interested in which turns out more accurate, or Doctor-trusted.

It's not cold here, but the morning snuggling and getting laid was a good thing! And no Holiday was needed for it! Bonus!

dragonlady474 said...

It was near 60 today (thank God) so I went outside, built a fire and looked over the plants to see how they've done in our recent cold weather. Then my husband unexpectedly invited a dinner guest and informed me about an hour before they were to arrive, so there was the last minute picking up and cleaning to make the house look spiffy. BUT all in all it was a good day.

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