February 26, 2011

I need you so

I had this tune stuck in my cruller this morning:

Why not, it is catchy and the best song The Cars ever put out. I heard on the radio the other day The Cars are back together and putting out their first album in more than thirty years. Damn I am getting old. And since I am rambling this morning, I might mention the Candy-O album cover was pretty awesome too:

Saturday is upon us. I am in a good mood because I got some good work news yesterday just at quitting time.  A prospect I have been working for more than a year has decided to source some business with us. That is two new customers in two weeks. This salesman gig just may work out after all (See that is a joke, I have been doing it for about 15 years now). The wife claims I have a dry sense of humor.

Wouldn't life be much easier if there were a sarcasm font? *

The side and back yards are standing in water due to the snow/rain/snow/ice/rain we have had in the past several days/weeks/months. More rain is expected this weekend. Boating anyone? Say that out loud in a snobby voice, it is a lot of fun. You know what voice. Watch a few movies from the 1930s if you don't.

Clearly I am in a silly mood. Time to do something else.

*I stole this from someone. Consider this credit to that great wit Anonymous -- sayer of many brilliant things.


curmudgeon said...

The Cars getting back together? What about Benjamin Orr?

Joe said...

It would be quite a feat if Orr were to sing on the new album.

Here is info on the new recordings:


curmudgeon said...

Interesting. I will definitely be checking it out.
Orr will be missed though.

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