March 7, 2011

Hope and Change, Indeed

President Obama cannot seem to make up his mind what to do in Libya. He was wishy-washy on the turmoil in Egypt. He is unable to decide whether to support the forces of democracy in Iran. Obama does not know what to do about North Korea, or Syria. or Lebanon. or the Palestinians. or the Chinese. or Tunisia, or Yemen, or the Russians, or Pakistan. When it comes to Iraq he just shuts his eyes and pretends the country does not exist.

It took the President months to make a policy decision regarding surging troops into Afghanistan. The President was AWOl, in the Obamacare negotiations, and has stood firmly on the sidelines as budget deals are brokered in Washington. He has no firm policy to jump start the economy. Obama did nothing as floods and ice storms ravaged the Midwest early in his Presidency. President Obama has no policy plans to handle the illegal immigration problem. The decision to get a dog tooks weeks and weeks.

So far, the only quick decisive decision Obama has been able to deliver is to call some policemen racists in the case of the Harvard Professor break-in.

I am not sure we should have expected any better from a person who had zero executive or management experience. He may have no idea how to take a decision, but the community organizer roots are strong.


Nathan said...

Well, face it. Doing nothing is probably a lot better than doing something, in this case.

When gas gets over $5/gallon (and not just in Florida and California), and stays there, that will be the end for Mr. Øbama. In 2012 the Democrats will be beaten like a rented mule, and Barack will be nothing more than a Carteresque memory.

Now if we can just find a new Reagan to run against him.

Anonymous said...

It's all Bush's and the evil conservatives fault. This can not be the "ONES" fault. I wish Nathan was right but this country has a short memory, and they will forgive the pretender and chief because its the politically correct thing to do.

James Old Guy

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