March 16, 2011

Random Ramblings -- Midweek Edition

I woke this morning with that gosh-awful Steve Miller Band song Abracadabra echoing in my brainpan. I hate anything ever recorded by the Steve Miller Band. If a song by him comes on the radio, I instantly turn it off.  I would rather listen to feminine hygiene commercials. I would rather listen to farm reports. I would rather listen to Tiny Tim. The sound of cats having sex with pygmy goats would give more auditory pleasure.T he only thing worse is Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band. They only insulted our sense of taste and decency with one song.  Steve Miller did it repeatedly.  And yes, I mean to include Quicksilver Messenger too. He should have named his band Hoover. You know, 'cause they suck.

It does not help that  I once had a complete asshat of a neighbor who happened to be named Steve Miller.

I saw on the news that health food stores around Indy are sold out of iodine tablets. People are panicking that they are going to get radiation poisoning from the nukes in Japan. So far the leaked radiation levels are similar to what you would get from a chest X-ray. But the scare-team news is all in a lather. Of course common sense would tell you that it would take world-ending release of radiation amounts to have any effect on ignorant Hoosiers, but sane reasoning does not get in the way for the no-nukes crowd. I am willing to bet that 99.999% of those in a panic also voted for The Obama. Anyone taking odds?

Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, the lefties like Joe Can't Retire Soon Enough Lieberman are already claiming we should back away from nukes in this country. I am still not sure how the lefties think we are going to power our electric cars. We cannot generate power with nukes, with coal, with natural gas or hydroelectric dams. How many windmills and solar panels will it take to get enough power to charge your Government Motors Volt? After all, the 24 mile range does not get one very far. I know, we can harness the power of the oceanic tides to power our electric cars.


Nathan said...

Jesus Christ. Doesn't anybody eat iodized salt anymore?

Joe said...

just you and I it appears. Do these people have any idea of the amount of radiation that would have to be spewed before it had any effect on Indiana?

Anonymous said...

As to the Steve Miller thing, I agree. But now I'm irritated because I'll have that stupid song in my head the rest of the evening.

Thx for that.

Dave said...

Iodized table salt has some iodine added to ensure proper thyroid function. The thyroid gland absorbs iodine when making thyroid hormone. The goal of potassium iodide tablets is to have so much non-radioactive iodine floating around in your bloodstream that your thyroid gland absorbs it instead of the radioactive iodine.

I'd suspect that consuming that much iodized table salt would be a bad idea. I'm thinking it could lead to increased risk of stroke due to high blood pressure.

Joe said...

But there is no reason to take it at all -- there is no current radiation threat to the citizens of Central Indiana

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