March 1, 2011

Urbana, not the the best choice for a hidey-hole

Indiana Democrats remain off the job at the Statehouse. They originally left in protest over a Right to Work Bill. The wussy Repubs have agreed to pull that legislation, but the crybaby Democrats are still AWOL. Pat Bauer's wig remains recalcitrant as well. So far your antics are not working, Indiana Democrats.  Perhaps you should try stamping your feet, holding your breath and rolling on the floor until you get your way. It cannot make you look any sillier than running away.

As a fellow Hoosier, I am worried about the mental health of Indiana Democrats. In their hurry to escape the confines of Hoosierdom, in their haste to cross the icy Wabash River, I am afraid they have chosen their hideout poorly. If one has to spend a long time in hotel, the cheapest possible location or most convenient motel chain may not be the best choice. For goodness sake I hope you guys are at least getting frequent guest points. Here is a handy hint -- if you check out, then check back in, some hotel chains count that as separate stays. More points, Baby. Even Pat Bauer's wig likes more points.

I guess I have missed out on the Champaign-Urbana area's charm the many times I have passed through the cities. I would have thought the vacationing Democrats could have chosen a more scenic and urbane (urbane/Urbana get it?) area to hide in. Dillinger hid out in the scenic Little Bohemia Lodge in Wisconsin. Indiana Democrats have hot tubs in Urbana. Heck, at least I would stay in the Galena area, the Democrats could visit Grant's home. Then they could take a day trip to the Field of Dreams baseball field over in Dyersville, Iowa. Perhaps the absent Democrats could visit Springfield while they are in Illinois to see the Lincoln Home and Tomb. There is a Military Cemetery in nearby Danville.  Oh, never mind, Democrats hate all things military.

Not only do Indiana Democrats have poor decision making skills when it comes to legislating, their choice of hidey-hole remains suspect. I Googled "Things to do in Illinois". The Things to Do website lists the areas in Illinois to find interesting stuff. The eastern part of the State is not even listed!

Fear not, Indiana Democrats. Your intrepid host has searched out a few scintillating activities in Urbana to occupy your time. You will not have spend every waking minute caucusing with your fellow Dems, or driving endless loops through the U of I campus ogling coeds. You can visit the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music:

Musical instruments and period band uniforms are among the holdings of this campus museum. In addition, it's home to the private letters of Herbert L. Clarke and former University of Illinois band directors A. Austin Harding, Mark Hindsley and Harry Begian. Of course, the museum's true gems are the letters, personal library, and original compositions donated by legendary composer and conductor, John Philip Sousa. source
Or perhaps our travelling Democrats may like to visit the Champaign County Historical Museum at Cattle Bank.
Housed in one of the region's oldest standing commercial buildings (the historic Cattle Bank), this museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving the history of Champaign County. Special exhibits change seasonally, and permanent holdings include an outstanding collection of handmade quilts and a working 1919 Cretor popcorn wagon that often makes appearances at downtown events. source

A popcorn wagon! I imagine that will offer hours of endless fun for the Indiana Democrat. I bet Pat's rug would even enjoy a historical popcorn wagon. It beats working and doing the people's business, I am sure.

By now I bet some of you Indiana Democrats are getting a little tired of soaking in the hot tub and staring at the four walls of a motel by the Interstate. Trust me, I have been there.  Well not really, I usually show up for work, but I have spent a lot of time in hotels and motels. It can be tiresome. I hope I have given you a couple of field trip ideas to help fill your days until such time you decide to come to work.


Freddie said...

Dude you're on a roll!

And, as usual, you're right. Friggin' crybabies. Get your butts to work.

Joe said...

I amuse myself to no end. It is good to know someone else is entertained.

Nathan said...

Are they independently wealthy so that they don't have to worry about taking all that time off from their day jobs?

Eventually they will crack and come back. Particularly if the Pubbies stand firm.

Anonymous said...

I have been through Urbana many times not far from the homestead. I never did stop, couldn't hit the brakes fast enough.

James Old Guy

Jeff said...

@ Nathan: Bauer, anyway, is an official with Ivy Tech State College. So he's a public employee, himself.

I see that the "Patwa" issued by Rep. Bauer (peace be upon him) against representative democracy in Indiana may be coming to an end. He's hinting that he may get out of the hot tub after all and deign to return to our state. I hope a police escort is arranged.

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