April 9, 2012

Google can kiss my ass

I usually post on my laptop. I sent it back to HQ for some updates, so I am using my ancient family desktop this week. (No canned post today!)

Anyway, I keep getting messages from Blogger telling me the  Blogger interface will not work right with Windows. I need to install Chrome. I use Firefox on the laptop, so I am not sure if this is a new warning or has been going on a while.  I will say posting, etc. is difficult when half of the toolbars do not show up.

I have never taken to threats or bullies, so if Blogger thinks this will make me install the Google Software, they should think again. I will abandon this piece of shit in a heartbeat. I have two other blogs, both on Wordpress. Currently neither has new posts, but that can be fixed.

Google Chrome may be the greatest browser ever invented. But I will not be blackmailed into using it.

We bought the desktop model I am typing on in 2005. At the time it was state-of-the -art. It had all of the bells and whistles. Now it is a Ford Edsel in a world of Ferrari's. My iPhone has more computing power. I am not sure I have the memory to install a new browser if I wanted to, I am sure I do not have the cache to do it.

This POS has been infected with so many viruses you cannot imagine. We only discovered one time my daughter had been turning off the virus protection every time she got on the computer because "it slowed her down and would not let her download stuff". She had been doing this for months.  The internals of this computer housed more toxic viruses than the CDC.

You can only go in and slice evil worms from the registry so many times before you have negative effects.  It is like brain surgery, there are bound to be side effects. That is my theory anyway.

This computer only gets used on occasion. The wife uses her iPad for every day browsing.  The boy and I both have laptops. The steam turbine that powers this old HP only gets booted up every few weeks. I am not going to invest any time in upgrading anything on it.

Google Chrome can just bite me.  Hear that Google? Go suck an egg.

I suspect the evil Google overlords are not going to like this post, so if I disappear, I will leave a path of bread crumbs to my hideout.


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem not to mention being bombarded by hits from odd sites as though someone is attempting to send a message-over 50 hits in a day from AmericanswhohateObama. ???? Yeah I detest him as pres. but I seldom blog about it. I get the feeling Blogger would like to bump off those of us who abhor their leader.

Jean said...

Even after they hijacked my blog a while back, I'm still occasionally getting asked for my phone number before signing in to my blog. I think, sadly, that they're going to see a lot of bloggers leaving and I'm not sure that any other blog host will be better after a while. Some think they are all planning on charging $ to have a blog.
Damn them.

Jean said...


oh, and there are issues with commenting for some bloggers (like me) at some places. Half the time I can't comment at places with embedded comments and most all of wordpress wants me to create an account to comment.
Damn them again.

mts1 said...

With WordPress, you can import the contents of Blogger blogs.

Yabu said...

You know, I will not get into the OS thing. Gave that up many years ago. Personally, I prefer OSX (which is basically Unix) or Linux. Fuck Windows, but that is just my opinion. Google can kiss my ass as well, so can Microsoft. If you want stability, do not use Windows, but of course, you know that.

I'll bring Stretch with me, and meet you at the hideout. He can damn sure follow a trail. He could pass the Teckel test...no problem.

Freddie said...

You show me your breadcrumbs I'll show you mine.


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