June 18, 2012

King Obama

Leaders of both parties have ignored the immigration problem for decades. The current President intends to decide the matter by fiat, issuing law via proclamation. We should all be concerned with that policy. Allowing the President to take on dictatorial powers is a danger to our Republic. The next time it may be a policy you do not like. Dictators like to round up troublemakers...

I get it. Pandering to the Hispanic vote is all about elections and power. Democrats and Republicans alike can count.  Hispanics population is growing faster than any other category. Experts say that by 2050 Hispanics will outnumber whites. The Democrats are determined to capture those votes.  The Republicans are determined they will not have another race block voting Democrat in every election. In spite of Republicans ending slavery, and passing the civil rights bills and desegregating the schools, blacks vote about 95% Democrat. The Republicans can not allow the Hispanic voted to follow a similar path.

I am confused by the Unions and their support for the Democrat amnesty policies on illegal immigration.  The attraction for employers is the cheap labor the illegals offer. The roofing, construction and lawn and garden industry is dominated by Hispanics.  The migrant farm workers who pick the fruit and produce is overwhelmingly Hispanic.  In fact, any low-paying job is filled by Hispanics. Union workers are left out of bids due to low cost operators. Illegals will not unionize out of fear of deportation.  Yet the unions back the very people who are costing them jobs.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't think of union leaders as heavy thinkers.
Not the ones I've met.

Anonymous said...

Its all smoke and mirrors, hide the real issues of the economy and hit on issues that really are side bar. Immigration reform, health car, everything but the economy, and until the economy is fixed all the others are minor issues. Toss in education reform and we all know its coming, and the great Obama snow job keeps on rolling.
James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

re JOG comment Education reform. Hey, that's Mitch and Tony's baby!!! But it's too hot to snow here in Indiana.

mts1 said...

The union leaders sat still when Obama killed the Canadian pipeline that would've brought tens of thousands of union construction jobs. The Mine Workers Union encouraged mine workers to vote Obama, and they did, even as Obama said he was killing their industry and dooming them to structural unemployment. Unions need the equivalent of the Protestant Reformation to clean house and get back to basics (a say in how to do the job safely without getting shown the door for doing so). When's the last time the Teamsters organized a major trucking firm, or the Steelworkers a mill they didn't already have? Probably no one was born yet who works in those industries when that happened. Then the blame the GOP because their numbers dwindled instead of themselves for not hustling. If old man Hoffa was alive, he'd kick their collective ass. The union officials are killing the unions harder than the "big corporations."

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