July 31, 2012

Short skirts and stilleto heels

Minutia and trivia amuse me. When I was younger my brain was filled with facts and figures and entire passages from books and movies. That stuff is still in there, I guess, but I just cannot access the files and folders as readily. This love of useless stuff was piqued last night as the weather reader reported yesterday marked the 27th day in July our high temperature peaked at 90F or higher. I was trying to remember the three days it did not get that hot.

The Man is predicting rain today. I will believe it when it happens.  Lately Mother Nature has acted more like a prick-tease high school girl than the middle aged matron on the margarine commercial.. You remember that PT chick from your randy youth. She goes on a date, gives a few lingering kisses, lets you fondle her boobage through her tight sweater.  The next date she shows a little thigh and leaves you excited, overheated, and wanting more.  The "more" is never delivered. That is the way Mother Nature has been lately.  She darkens the sky with some clouds. Sometimes she brings on the wind and thunder, but never more than a light mist of rain. She teases us with that long soaking we need, but laughs as we get all excited for nothing. Is it ironic that these two women, decades apart, both force us to take frequent cold showers?

On the bright side, I have not had to mow the lawn since late May.


CnC said...

Joe, you had me at short skirts and stilleto heels.
today I got prick teased again, storms heading right for me and it buttoned up its blouse right before it got to me,

Anonymous said...

Me too!


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