November 9, 2012

Friday Five

Sunday is Veteran's Day, so what better theme for the Friday Five post than a listing of the greatest war movies.

Given the history of Man is a history of war, the number of war movies is astounding. The cinematic treatments of WWII alone is beyond count. You could make a list of ten magnificent "POW" movies from WWII.

That said, I will list of ten of my favorite war movies, because after all it is my blog. I know I will be scorched in the comments for leaving of many classics.

In no particular order:

Battle of the Bulge
Full Metal Jacket
Pork Chop Hill
Waterloo (the Sergei Bondarchuk version with Rod Steiger as Napoleon)
In Harm's Way
The Fighting 69th
The Desert Rats
Bridge on the River Kwai
Saving Private Ryan

I am sure you have favorites. Let me know what I missed in the comments


Ralphd00d said...

I also like 'Rough Riders'....

Ed Bonderenka said...

I've read the list over and over and I can't seem to see "The Longest Day".
Just saw Desert Rats. Liked it.
Did you mean "Battleground" when you typed "Battle of the Bulge"?
I used to confuse the two.
Bulge has Henry Fonda.
Parts of "Band of Brothers" lifts from "Battleground".
When "Battleground" was released, everyone thought it would flop being right after the war.
The vets, however, felt that it explained to their families what they could not verbalize.

Joe said...

Battleground should be on the list too. Also band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Ditto Gallipoli, Paths of Glory...How could I leave off Sgt York?

Mockingbird said...

The Hunters, and The Dirty Dozen are my nominees.

Cappy said...

This list is not respecting of the Third World Cultures, and ignores the contributions of lesbians in combat.

Now go sit in a corner of San Francisco for punishment.

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