September 30, 2013

I have questions

Why is it that the Republicans have to compromise with the Democrats?  Why don't the Senate Democrats compromise to the House of Representative's position? The media would have you believe it is the Republicans being recalcitrant. It is Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who refuse to accommodate the American people -- after all there are more elected Republicans at the Federal level than Democrats. Public polling shows the public wants ObamaCare gone or at least reformed in significant ways (choose any poll you like, they all agree). Americans want the Feds to spend less money, but the Democrats refuse to pass a budget.

I say shut the f-er down. Stand firm, see who blinks.

I know, the Stupid Party will cave. The leadership has no backbone. I suspect I am not alone when I tell you this crisis is an audition of sorts for the Republican Party. My votes future support and donations are at stake. Do they want to be the party of conservative values, of limited government or do they want to be Democrat-lites and moderates?

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Anonymous said...

Sadly most of the country only believes what the hear on the news at five. Of course the Republicans will fold, they have become expert at going belly up at any challenge.
James Old Guy

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