January 7, 2014

More Unemployment benefits or bust!

Maybe instead of pushing to extend unemployment, the government (read Democrats) should discuss ways to spur the economy, not taking money from the working class and handing to the non-working.  Even worse, we are mostly borrowing the money from your kids and grandkids and the Chinese to give to the unemployed. Would you borrow money from your kid's college fund to help out the guy panhandling at the interstate exit? Would you break into your granddaughter's piggy bank to toss a buck or two to the wino on the corner? Why would you let your government do it? At least the WPA got labor  in exchange for a helping hand.

Instead of punishing those who create the jobs through higher taxes and the job-killing ObamaCare, we should look to ways to facilitate hiring and business investment. Of course, long economic stagnation is a hallmark of Democrat administrations and Obama and his gang are quickly surpassing Jimmah Carter as the most economic illiterate regime ever.

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