August 4, 2014

Tales from bygone days.

Richie was the red-headed kid who lived down the street. he was feisty and arrogant and was born not with a chip on his shoulder, but rather a chunk of granite. He slipped from his mother's womb mad at the world and his anger on increased during each of his years.

Richie liked to hide in the ally and hurl insults at the older kids as they came home from school. Soon the insults became oaths and one day he graduated to throwing eggs, then snowballs, and finally he used rocks to gain attention.

The older kids ignored his feeble taunts. They even overlooked the handfuls of gravel. But as Richie got older and stronger his aim improved and the day he hit Jerry with a walnut sized rock changed everything. The older boys turned in rapid pursuit and beat the crap out of little Richie.

The neighborhood mothers were aghast. How could those older boys bully little Richie like that? When Jerry pointed to the cut on his head and the blood on his face, he was accused of over-reacting.

The next week Richie was back, throwing rocks at the older boys. They chose a new. longer path home, but Richie found a new spot to make his attacks. Once again the older boys caught Richie and this time they beat him mercilessly. Jerry and his friends emphasized they just wanted to be left in peace. The neighborhood called the boys bullies for their rough treatment of poor little Richie. The boys protested they had walked out of their way to avoid confrontation, neighborhood wags said just walking where they had no "right" provoked Richie into his attack.

Richie blamed Jerry for the rest of his life for the beatings he received.  Never once, did the rock-throwing that precipitated the events enter into his narrative. Richie Hamas grew up to be a very bitter man, blaming everyone else for his problems.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Eventually anybody will get tired of being told by some little snotnose kid that he's going to beat the crap out of you "one of these days."

I was lucky that the red-headed shithead who lived down the street from me when we were kids, and who threatened to kick my ass on a regular basis till I finally got tired of it, took one thorough beat-down thrashing from me and never did more than yell at me from a safe distance after that. Jew boy 1, asshole Irish kid 0. Even his older brother (who was my age) didn't defend him.

They moved to New Jersey several months after that and I assume he's probably long dead in a bar fight.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Good analogy.
The older boys should have hidden the body.

Cappy said...

Thanks fuzzy. This explains it so even a liberal can understand it. Even a fat whorebag West Side Cleveland liberal.

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