February 11, 2016

A Movie Review

The wife went to hang out with a friend last night and I was on my own. I grabbed some takeout from the Chinese place down the street and read a bit. I decided to check the DVR and found that I had recorded Easy Rider a couple of days ago.

Until last night I doubt I had seen that flick in 20 years. Sorry, my impression has not changed. The plot is thin, the acting stiff (you can tell they were stoned most of the film), and the editing choppy. Basically, I just don't get it. In the end I'm left thinking "f-ing hippies". Then I think "f-ing rednecks" and "f-ing lawyers" and "f-ing cops". Mostly I just want to kick everyone at that commune right in the crotch.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I never got it.
The iconic posters and images were better than the film.
I was at an NCO club where they showed it, which surprised me, but at the end, when the shotgun blew up the bike, the projectionist kept reversing and forwarding the scene.
I was disgusted and said so and left.
Agree or not with the lifestyle, murder should not be celebrated.
First time I told that story.

Joe said...

Exactly, I loathe the "rednecks" in the movie for hating the "different". I also don't find much about Wyatt or Billie that is apealing.

And I realize my final sentence of the post puts me in that "redneck" category. Really it was written in jest. I don't care how someone else lives as long as it does not impact my life or rights. If the dudes want to plant grain in the desert sand, who am I to say otherwise? I find the lifestyle presumptuous, ignorant, and utopian at best. But if it works for you, have at it.

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