May 5, 2016

Hurry up

We had Mexican food for supper last night, a Quatro de Mayo celebration, I suppose. It did not really occur to me that it was Cinco de Mayo Eve at the time. Almost too late, I remembered to hang my green card on the fireplace.

 As usual, I made my own salsa. The jalapeno I tossed in was hotter than heck. Sometimes I have to put in two, this time one was plenty. In fact, I should have seeded it before I tossed the pepper in.  But it was still good stuff.

It is cold as heck this morning. Damp and chilly. Once again the global warming has failed to have an impact, as early May does a perfect impression of early March.

If you loved me you would come over and fix me some biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Bring the ingredients with you. I may have a can of the Doughboy's biscuits in the 'fridge. I have milk and flour. Just bring some good sausage. I have coffee and juice. See, I am trying to meet you half way. What time will you get here? I am hungry now.

The wife is going to dinner with a friend tonight. I am on my own. That is nothing unusual. I am on my own for dinner two or three evenings a week. Usually, I am on the road. Tonight I will be at home. I may throw some chicken on the grill. I don't know. Right now I am more worried about getting some B&G. Are you almost here?


Rita said...

I don't love you, but I do love to cook. My sausage and gravy isn't too shabby, but I'm not driving 45 minutes to make you some either.

I suddenly realized I sound kinda mean here. Ah, such is life. If you showed at my doorstep one morning, I would make you S &G.

Just kidding, I would really ask, "who the hell are you and why are you begging for food in my neighborhood".

Joe said...

You would know me by the halo of goodness and righteousness that surrounds my person.

Rita said...

Ah yes. I forgot about all that.

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