June 14, 2016

Can we be done with this?

The gun did not kill anyone in Orlando. A hate-filled religious fanatic did. He had all of he background checks, there was no "loophole". Just like Sandy Hook or Va Tech, or San Bernadino there is not a single "common sense" gun law that would have prevented the murders. The brand of gun had nothing to do with it, the type of gun had nothing to do with it. A semi automatic rifle comes in many calibres and various amounts of plastic. The scariness of the gun had nothing to do with the attacks. Any gun short of a muzzle loader could have accomplished the evil task. The only gun laws Hillary wants is total confiscation. Then you too are a potential victim.

Read some history. The Mongols managed to wipe out entire towns and cities without guns. Man has always had a vast capacity for killing his fellows. The only remedy is self defense.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I have probably dealt with more weapons than 95% of this country. Spending 30 years in the Army, and 20 years after dealing with weapons used by the military pretty much makes me a half ass expert. If I had been that asshole I would have preferred a semi automatic shotgun. This whole thing was about his moment of fame, he could have accomplished a much more deadly attack and never entered the building. I watched an interview of his father, what a lying scum bag, why is that piece of shit still in this country?

James Old Guy

Practical Parsimony said...

Do you think maybe the father radicalized him? Father is stunned? He is an internet star touting Islamic destruction of the US, and he is surprised?

I think it was in England this week that a man killed two people with a knife. Ban knives! Yes, I know that has been said before!

mts1 said...

So the FBI has been watching this guy enough to know all about him, as we've been told everything there is to know about the guy down to his favorite breakfast cereal and the color of his socks. But yet he was allowed to free range and gather his weapon and ammo and commit the spree.

Want to know why?

Do you remember Clock Boy? I sure do! The poor teenage schmuck put up to it by his radical father, then when the school administration made its prudent call to the police to handle the issue, all involved were tarred as SexistRacistHomophobes for not carrying him down Main Street on their soldiers as a full 4th of July parade trailed and a small nation of flower girls led up front, covering the ground in sweet rose petals in anticipation. The damn president complimented him and said he had a job at NASA when he grew up.

So you're the FBI and you're trailing a shady Muslim, but don't have anything firm on him to tap his shoulder and slap on the cuffs, not enough "there" there. He was an American citizen in a 2nd Amendment friendly state. If you make a move you will ruin your career and be the next national face of intolerance, joining the Mount Rushmore of Hate next to Kim Davis the Tennessee clerk and Dan Cathy the ChikFilA dude. If you let sleeping dogs lie, you wake everyday opening one eye and hoping nothing happened overnight, then breathe a sigh of relief. Sword of Damocles and all that. Sunday morning, a not so small number of agents were awakened with an early call, causing a dry throated, guttural "fuuuuuuuuuuuu..." to be heard in an equal number of bedrooms.

This makes those once called paranoid people who said very clearly that the Clock was a dry run to soften police response to a guy who was going to later on make a splash of mayhem and murder a la the Paris attacks all of a sudden prophets. But since zero people in charge thought so, now you have 50 dead people to bury.

mts1 said...

Shoulders, not soldiers. Autocorrect is not my friend.

Joe said...


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