June 17, 2016

It could never happen...

The Government has a list. It has several actually. If you are on that list, your Constitutional rights are suspended. You have no way of knowing if you are on the list. You don't know how you got on he list. You do not have recourse to get your name stricken.

Perhaps you made the list because you wrote a blog post criticizing the government. Maybe you made the list based on your name, or your heritage.

We would never do that, right? Not in America.

The Democrats did it before. Just ask the people of Japanese decent what happened during WWII.

It always begins with a list for progressives. Just study the Reign of Terror, the Soviet Gulags, the so-called Cultural Revolution, or the killing fields of Pol Pot. They all had lists. They were all leftists.

Oh, they also started by rounding up all the weapons.

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