June 5, 2018

Typical Tuesday Twaddle

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in the heart of flyover country. It looked like it from my office window anyway. Temperatures were in the upper seventies with a little breeze.

I made a nice salad topped with grilled chicken for supper. I baked some boxed blueberry muffins for accompaniment. It was a perfect summer meal.

Last week I detailed how I was reading real books. I'm on the third of the Sharpe books from Bernard Cornwell. (I read number four on my Kindle to start this re-reading of the series). I found the purchase receipt from the current paperback crammed deep between the pages. It was folded for use as a book mark. I bought the book at long-defunct Waldenbooks in 2005.  The current electronic versions on Amazon cost nearly double the price I paid for the paperback 13 years ago. That, my friends, is ridiculous. I understand that goods are priced at what the market will bear. Hah, there is a reason the publisher allowed one of the books go for a buck or so last week. It got me motivated to read the rest of the series. Just not the way they intended.

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91 Here , AC on its last legs, but local electric company will finance replacement.

James Old Guy

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