July 15, 2018

Please Joe, tell me more

I started on the last book of the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell Friday evening. That is number 20, if you are counting. According to my blog archives, I started re-reading the series around May 29. That means I am knocking off a book about every 3 days or so. In my spare time. In my youth I probably could have read all 20 books easily in less than 25 days. I was a loser middle school kid then with nothing better to do than read and fondle myself. Things didn't get much better in high school.

It was easier to read in those days. I only needed 3-4 hours of sleep. There was nothing on tv. There were no video games. I could read two Louis L'Amour westerns in a day, if I worked at it. I can't sit and do marathon readings like that any more. You may read faster. Hah, those 20 books are without a doubt more books than my wife has read in 40 years, combined. By a factor of 20. That's just one more thing we do not have in common.

Anyway, to celebrate my almost done with the books moment, I watched Waterloo yesterday. If you can't find a copy come on over and watch it with me next week. You bring the beer and steaks. I will provide the popcorn. Just kidding. You could send me a box of Omaha steaks and I'll loan you my movie though. You will also have to give your first born and the title to your truck or car as collateral. That movie is rare and hard to find. Unless you go to Amazon. It is easy to find it there. But it is not a cheap DVD, you won't find it in the $5 bin at WalMart.

I think I'll start in on the Patrick O'Brien stuff again next. It has been a few years, so why not?

Edit. True confession this was a canned post. Freshly canned, mind you. I was in a chatty mood yesterday, but saw no need to throw up tree posts on a Saturday. OK, the picture was canned some three weeks ago, still I'm sure you get my point. Anyway, I did not watch Waterloo. I took down tne DVD to view it on the big TV. Instead I discovered a very good mini series on Napoleon * from about a decade ago that I had never seen. As near as I can tell, the costumes and facts are pretty accurate. The battle scenes are pretty meh.  The actor playing Bonaparte  is too old, though. Lest we forget, Napoleon was in his twenties when he conquered Italy as a general and was only in his thirties when he tamed all of Europe. He was just 46 at Waterloo. Take that Zuckerburg, you slacker.

*sorry, my crappy first generation iPad won't connect and link to imdb.

July 14, 2018

I know, let's let everyone out of prison

Today marks Bastille Day in France. For me it serves not as a reminder of independence, but as a warning of what happens when progressives get in charge. Getting rid of a king was a good thing, mind you, but the excesses and freedom-destroying ways of the leftists always ends in disaster. Things started with freeing criminals in France and moved on to outlawing churches right to chopping off the heads of people who failed to toe the line. Then they gave us a the metric system. Finally, the end result, as always, was a dictator.

Lest we think this progression an anomaly, see Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, and Venezuela.

From now on I will refer to lefty / progressive types as Levellers or Diggers* here at the old blog. At my semi-advanced age I still learn new stuff. Imagine my surprise when studying a bit on the English Civil Wars to run across a bunch of Marxists before Marx existed. At least the levellers admitted the goal was everyone would be leveled off, not a pipe dream that everyone would be raised to wealth.

The Leveller-types in Revolutionary France ended dressing like beggars so that they did not pretend to be better than the lowest of society. Imagine, the leaders of various Committees sitting around in filthy rags in the name of equality. Form over substance and hypocrisy are the hallmarks of Diggers. Even modern ones like millionaire Bernie Sanders.

*BTW the diggers were squatting on someone else's land. Note the Leveller-leanings in the article. Do a little research on your own to learn more. It doesn't cost nothin' to surf the interwebz. I can't do all the heavy lifting.

Saturday Snapshots

Hawaii 2014

July 13, 2018


It is Friday the Thirteenth. I'm not superstitious about this day. In fact, I am tempted to prop up my ladder and jog a few circles around and under it. I won't because the neighbors would think me insane and, well, there is no point in tempting fate. But really, I'm not superstitious.

July 12, 2018

Weekly Recap

I spent a bit of time on the road this week. I cut a zigzag swath across the Buckeye state from the southwest corner to the northeast corner and back in a US 30 straight line to the safe and comforting arms of the Hoosier heartland. Alas, no beers with Cappy or the MIA EOB since I stayed as far from metro Cleveland as possible. I wooshed into Wooster.

I have no interesting tales from the road to offer. There was no egregious driving, no interesting wayside attractions; unless you countenance the Smuckers Farm Store in Orrville. I did a quick drive-by, never exiting the car. I did not have time for a football side trip to Canton.

I spent a good portion of the drives listening to the Revolutions Podcast.

And there you have it, a quick summary of my week so far.

Riveting, ain't it?

July 10, 2018

Historical Beauty

George Romney  Wikipedia
Lady Hamilton (1765 - 1815) was married to Sir William Hamilton, British ambassador to Naples. She was the favorite model for artist George Romney. Mostly, she is remembered as the mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson, Hero of the Nile and Trafalgar.

She was known as a raving beauty in her day, and she is absolutely gorgeous by today's standards as well.

July 9, 2018

I joyfully drank from a plastic straw

I need some time off to recover from my weekend. Sheesh.

Friday we met some old friends for dinner. We went to our other friends' house to hang by the pool and play cards on Saturday. Yesterday we did yard work. The wife worked me like a slave driver to make up for the work we didn't do Saturday. I partially rebuilt a walkway through the fence. That involved moving pavers and hacking out roots that were lifting the stones.  I tore out six shrubs around the patio. We weeded the garden patch and trimmed trees and weeded flower beds. The wife would have kept working, but I waved a sweaty white flag and begged for mercy.

Other than that, we did nothing of interest all weekend.

July 6, 2018

Not so passing thought

I am reminded, yet again, That I have nothing to complain about.

TMI, boring stuff, wrap up. No weather report

I was up a good portion of the night sick. Was it the fish I ate for supper? I think not, there was no attendant stomach cramping. More likely it was my semi-regular bout of metformin's revenge. That medicine, while effective, has caused repeated bouts of diarrhea for years. I don't know why it has to strike late at night. Switching to the slow release version has helped. When I took the regular stuff I was struck repeatedly -- at least once a week. Tales of unfortunate attacks were often related in these pages. I am probably banned for life from the Dairy Queen in Brillion, WI. I will not go into detail about my intestinal issues this morning. Suffice it to say I'm tired.

Between trips to the downstairs bathroom I watched a couple of cooking shows, some classic Rat Patrol, Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt, and Flipper. I watched those half hour dramas as a kid. Rat Patrol and Flipper were in black and white at my house. Color TV was for the rich kids.

Here we are on Friday. Already. After thinking it through, I could get used to four day work weeks. Well, to be honest, I could get used to a different job. Then I wouldn't mind a five day week. Anyone hiring?

We have no big plans that I'm aware of for the weekend. One of the shelves in the wife's closet has pulled out from the wall, so a repair job is in order. I'm certain she will ignore my admonition that she has too many clothes.

Have a good Friday, I need to grab more coffee.

July 5, 2018

Easy strawberry dessert

It seems like Monday all over again. That is why mid-week holidays suck.

On the other hand, it is like two very short weeks with an extra Saturday thrown in.

On the other hand, I only have two hands so there is no third point of view.

That's all. I have nothing else today. Oh I am chock full of opinion, anecdotes, and nonsense. I'm just too lazy and tired to put in the effort.

Save those tears for something really important.

July 4, 2018

When in the Course of Human Events

...we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor

July 3, 2018

Tawdry Tuesday

Greetings Internet Warriors, friends, readers, and social media gadflies. I have little to report on this Tuesday morning.

It is hot. It is probably hot at your house too. It is summer after all. Six months from now I will likely report that it seasonably cold.

There is a threat of rain today, heat and humidity often bring on afternoon showers. I mowed the lawn yesterday evening in anticipation.

I'm trying to coast through the day to get to the holiday. We are going to a 4th of July party tomorrow: food, fun, and fireworks are on tap. I suppose I might force myself to drink a beer and smoke a nice stogie. I'll do it for America.

I'm warning you now tomorrow's effort will be a canned post. No fresh content on a mid-week holiday. I'm not sure if I will toss up a patriotic post, a musical interlude you will ignore, or a rerun. "Other" might fill the bill. What do you think? Do you care? Will you even stop by?

So many questions, so few answers.

That is on you, you know. The answers part.

Have a great day.

July 1, 2018

Apparently, hypocrisy is an actual political philosophy

Pundits, in a total panic, have argued in recent days that Trump should not appoint a conservative or orginalist judge to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. HUH? These are supposedly intelligent people. They maintain "the balance of the court" must be maintained.

My belly hurts from laughing. First, would any of these hand-wringing journalists and politicians have argued at all that had Hillary won she should nominate a conservative to replace Scalia in order to maintain "the balance of the court"? None of these same people were lambasting Obama when he nominated Garland to replace Scalia. Why wasn't the same so-called precedent in place for the last President?

What a joke.

I will quote the President when I remind you that elections have consequences. Oh, and that president was Obama.

Second, let us imagine for a mere moment the confirmation hearings if we were to adhere to the imaginary "maintain the balance of the court" principle that never existed before leftists began to lose elections. Where do you find a so-called moderate candidate that is all over the place on his opinions?

"Yeah, Mr. Senator, I will opine according to whim. I promise to vote half the time with the leftist "The Constitution is a living document" faction and the other half of the time with "The Constitution says what it says" wing. My opinions will be crafted to placate whomever was most angry with me after the last decision".

Sheesh. Are people really that moronic to argue for that?

Finally, the appointment of right-leaning judges does not mean the nation will revert back to slavery, concentration camps, or 1984-type total government control. First, those programs are the constructs of the Democrats. What? who supported slavery and the KKK? Who appointed the Justices in the Dred Scott decision? Democrats. Who interned Japanese into concentration camps? Right, FDR and the Democrats. Which party is increasingly far left? Bingo again.  So a more conservative court is not likely to move us towards leftist political philosophies like fascism or Nazism.

Finally, righties and lefties alike need to be prepared. SCOTUS is not likely to get rid of abortions. There may be some limits imposed, but abortion is just like guns; a losing proposition for the party that bans them. The best way to lose elections for 20 years would be to get rid of the second amendment or to outright ban abortion. 

I would love to go on the Sunday news shows when one of these so-called political experts are offering the "maintain the balance of the court" argument. My rebuttal would be short and sweet:

"Are you on drugs or just stupid?".
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