August 16, 2007

Danke, Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Obrigado, Thanks

Ok, Now you know what an asshole I truely am. I beg for hits, get them, and then nothing from me but the chirp, chirp of internet crickets. I had to take the middle child to college yesterday. After that there was an Elvis marathon on TCM, and well...I guess you know where you all rank.

A huge thanks to all of you who clicked and linked. I am not sure who sent the most visitors GuyK or Big Dick, it was a close run thing. It is always nice to be noticed by the bigger dogs. I cannot say it enough -- Thanks to you all. Also, while I am typing out the mea culpas I know I owe a bunch of you some links and I hope to get them in this week.

Who was the luck 50,000 hit? It was Otter ( I am in enough trouble with my mom already). Really it was this person who clicked over from Big Dick's Place:

Fat in Indiana
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Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 69.145.131.# (Bresnan Communications, LLC.)
ISP Bresnan Communications, LLC.
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Montana
City : Billings
Lat/Long : 45.775, -108.5262 (Map)

Language English
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Opera 9.22
Opera/9.22 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)
Javascript version 1.4
Monitor Resolution : 1360 x 1024
Color Depth : 32 bits

Time of Visit Aug 16 2007 10:15:09 am
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Time Zone UTC-7:00
Visitor's Time Aug 16 2007 8:15:09 am
Visit Number 50,000

I see you are from Billings, do you know a Jim U. that went to Wabash College? What you do not know everyone in Montana? I joke, because I had a guy in Germany ask me if I knew a certain person from the Hoosier State, then was shocked when I did not, because didn't I live in Indiana?

Thank you again for you participation in the make Hoosierboy happy contest.

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