June 3, 2005

Are You Kidding? Christopher Reeve?

As I read this I nearly went into a seizure out of pure anger. This is a list of the possible 100 greatest Americans? We have Dr Phil and Michael Jackson but no Andy "By God" Jackson?

Barbara and Laura Bush? Ellen DeGeneres, Brett Favre,and MICHAEL MOORE are included but not the author of the Constitution,James Madison? I am sure (well in at least Favre's case) these are fine people, but the greatest Americans ever? No Grant, Lee, or Sherman? Why is there no Adams or Henry Clay on the list? Omar Bradley, Where are you? Heck if we are going to be politically correct, where is Cochise, Geronimo, or Red Cloud? Were there no great Americans in the 1800s?

But Christopher Reeves made the list. Let us see, he made one OK movie and a lot of bad ones. He fell off a horse and was crippled. That just about covers it. What did he do to become one of the greatest Americans? "But HB. You whine, he did so much for the handicapped". Really?, What did he do before he was crippled?


This list is a waste of time. If you are one of my five readers and you watch this show, do not come back to this blog. You are a moron and a waste of good oxygen.

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Alli said...

Damn. I was hoping that the list would be good. But you can not count down the greatest Americans and leave off James Madison, or Lee, or Grant.... its utter crap. *ger*

Good rant, HB. I feel ya.

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