August 31, 2010

Impeach Obama

Without a doubt I think The Obama ranks right up there with Carter and Buchanan as one of the worst Presidents ever. If there was a Mt. Rushmore of failure Obama's visage would be front and center. The ghost of Millard Fillmore routinely looks down from Heaven and shouts a Simpsonesque "ha ha". at the current occupant of the White House.

 Obama's policy decisions are a disaster.  His economic theories are a complete failure.  He has championed social programs that are manifestly unpopular, and in my mind Unconstitutional. He has created a myriad of Czars and policies that circumvent Congressional approval and consent. He has involved the Government in private enterprises like banking, automobile production and health care.  His Government purchase of GM and Chrysler destroyed decades of bankruptcy court precedent. He sued Arizona for trying to enforce the immigration laws he will not. So what?

None of this rises to the level of impeachment. Obama is the hurricane Katrina of politics. He has left in his wake destruction of our freedoms and a flood of big government. And Congress, behind Pelosi and Reid, passed every bit of the regulation.  Sure, Obama obfuscated his agenda when he was running for President. He is a typical lying politician. We voted for him. We elected him. We have some serious buyer's remorse. That does not mean we can put him back in the box and take him to the customer service counter and claim he is "broken". Face it America, you got suckered by the Obama infomercial and now you don't like the big charges on the Visa Card. Sorry, there is no 'lemon law' in politics.

The President can be impeached for 'High Crimes and Misdimeaners'. That would include perjury, bribe taking, murder, rape -- your basic felonies. If the President committed treason he should be impeached.  Championing an agenda that is reprehensible to the majority, but still supported by a large percentage of lunatic lefties, makes for a lot of angst. Obama may be a socialist, an unrepentant progressive, an arrogant condescending elitist. He may send his wife on international jaunts and spend more time on vacation in one summer than most Americans do in a decade. He may throw a lot of parties and spend four days a week golfing. He might pal around with terrorists and be blind to the will of the electorate.  He has not committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Pushing an impeachment agenda is a non-starter. It makes you look like a lunatic fringe extremist. Conservatives have enough problems.  The Republican hierarchy remains controlled by RINOs. The Democrat-Lite faction still does not get our anger and frustration. Pushing for impeachment of The Obama will not get their attention. If you do not like the current administration, vote them out.  If you cannot win at the polls, it is not yet time for your ideas. You do not have to like it. Get over it.

August 30, 2010

Regarding Pickled Beets

I had a bowl of pickled beets for lunch. I also had some Goldfish Crackers (insert copyright etc. here) on the side.

I made homemade ice cream late last week.  I put a couple of scoops in a bowl -- not the one that previously held the pickled beets-- and had it for dessert. I sprinkled some cashews on the ice cream and smothered it in chocolate syrup.

Monday Musings

We ran over to a neighboring town last night for a supper out. I was surprised to see a farmer harvesting corn.  I am not a farmer, but it seems awful early to be in the fields. I guess when it is ready, it is ready.

The notion we are entering harvest time is somewhat depressing. Even though we are facing temperatures in the 90's, combines in the corn are a sure harbinger of fall, of dreary days and the coming winter.

I have an overwhelming urge to sit on the deck and soak up as many rays as I can.

Too bad the need to earn a living trumps all.

August 29, 2010

Money for nothing

I have been chosen! Does anybody ever fall for this shit? She forgot to tell me my cut.

From: Mrs Celine Johnson

My Beloved one,

With profound respect and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration, I hope you will spare some of your valuable minutes to read the following appeal with sympathetic mind. I must confess that it is with great hopes, joy and enthusiasm that I write you this mail which I know and believed by the faith, it must surely find you in good condition of health.

I am Mrs Celine Johnson,wife to late David Johnson who was appointed Executive Accountant to Cote D'ivoire ( Ivory Coast ) Ministry of Resources and Energy for severall years. My husband died after a brief illness here in Cote D'ivoire and ever since then I decide not to marry again due to my religious belief. During the period of our marriage, we 're blessed with a son (Nelson Johnson) who is now sixteen years old.

Life's became sorrowfull to me since the death of my husband, and even more hopless, due to my cancer illness. It is sad to say that I have a liver damage (Cancer) and I can't live longer than four months from now, according to what my doctor told me.

I need you to do me a favour. please!

When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $13,800,000.00 USD (Thirteen Million Eight Hundred Thousand USA Dollars) with a bank here in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire.The money was registered under Fix Deposit Account and It is still with the bank.

I cannot think of any body else trying to kill me, if not my late husband brother in order to inherit the money because my son is only 16 years old.

We lost almost everything we Inherited from my late husband during the last political crisis and besides, my late husband brother is giving us trouble every now and then.

I need you to assist me transfer the fund into your bank account and invest it for my son Nelson. I believe you can take care of him and give him a good education even when am no more.

I will issue an authorisation ( vital documents ) in your name to enable the bank release the fund to you before another political crisis arise here in Ivory Coast.

After the transfer of the money into your bank account,my son shall relocate to your country to start a new life under your care.

I hope that you will not betray this trust if i change the deposit documents to your name and make you the new beneficiary..

If you can be of assisatance to us,i will really appreciate it with all my heart.

This message is very urgent.

Remain blessed,

Mrs Celine Johnson.

August 27, 2010

Bonus for your enjoyment on a Friday -- More Mrs. Miller

Friday Covers

can you dig it?

Then there is this version by Mrs. Miller: You have to listen all the way to the bridge.  You will thank me.

And the original by Petula Clark:

Here is some info about Mrs. Miller. More here.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Flight of the Intruder is when Jake Grafton and Tiger Cole sing this song in the cockpit of their A6 after bombing Hanoi. Too bad the movie sucked donkey dick in so many ways.  I have no idea why they took one of the finest books written on the Vietnam War and changed the ending.

August 26, 2010

Dear you,

Listing your blog on your resume as writing experience is pretty much akin to a Civil War re-enactor claiming military experience.

Today's Earworm

Tin roof........rusted...

It would have been way cool to hang in Athens Georgia in the late 1970s to see the B52's and REM at the local bars.

August 25, 2010

Other Hoosierboys

learn more

Not only did J.W. “Row” Whitlock invent the first coin-operated music player and game machine and build forerunners to several modern marvels, he built and raced the Hoosier Boy series of hydroplanes. In 1924, he raced the Hoosier Boy between Cincinnati and Louisville. The 267-minute, 49-second record for the 267-mile course stands today. The boat and several Whitlock inventions are on display in the Ohio County Historical Museum.

On a completely different note, Josh and Dave love me. They have started a fan club.

Close to the edge, down by the river

The headache that caused me to be in a bad mood since last week continue. Since Sunday it has been a migraine. I know the cause -- it is the damn weather.  Allergies are affecting most of my family.  Even my wife who normally shows no allergy symptoms is sneezing. We need a good rain to beat down the dust and spores and nasty crap in the air. We had a sprinkle Saturday morning, it did not even wet the sidewalk, and before that I cannot remember the last rain. I bet if I still lived in the old house, the snake infested little brook would be dry.

In other news, there is no other news. Perhaps I will find some fodder reading around the interwebz. I suggest you check back several times an hour, just to be sure...

August 24, 2010


Last night I bought a rotisserie chicken at the store.  I pulled the meat from the carcass and threw out the skin.  I pulled the meat apart. I covered it with BBQ sauce and put it on the stove for a bit.  I served on a bun along with some slaw, french fries and some leftover homemade potato salad from supper on Sunday.

The boy hated it. The wife did not like it much.  She said "It tastes like pulled pork, only made with chicken".

Yes. What was she expecting? I guess I will not make that agian. The two of them are so picky it is frustrating.  We eat the same meals repeatedly because neither will eat anything new. Yet the complain they are tired of everything. I guess we will have  *&^%$#@ spaghetti tonight for the billionth time.

Reading blogs and writing about this nonsense does not get the forecast done.

August 23, 2010

Quick thoughts for a Monday

Working on my quarterly forecast.  I have to get it in the mail by tomorrow for a Wednesday delivery to the muckity-mucks at corporate. I have only know it was due for about four weeks..

had a Salisbury steak TV dinner for lunch.  This is the first in about a month.  I used to eat at least one of these babies every week.  It tasted like dog food. I don't think the taste has changed, I am just sick of eating them.

The Cubbies really came up big for Pinella's last game. F-ing losers. F-ing Cubs.

Bought the wife a new iPad Friday.  It is way cool.

saw a poll over the weekend that says Bush is more popular than The Obama in some key Democrat districts. Wow, how low can it get for The Obama?

A recent study showed that young drivers who take driver's education classes are more likely to have a wreck. Some would conclude the State and school efforts to educate students do not work. The people at the state see the study as a need for the state to take over the curriculum and for the driving age to be increased. Everything in life is a contest between more government vs. less government. A sane person would say letting a dad teach his son or daughter to drive works better than the school (public or private) teaching kids to drive. A libtard sees the need for more government control.

Sometimes, when the boss is talking to me it sounds just like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon --Whah waa, waa whaa wah.

Hud is a damn good movie.


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Milkweed fjsnskfi sm ksisk I and ksksf mksl.  Ha ha nsmidodld.

August 21, 2010

The mood pendulum swings the other way.

The power went out yesterday morning for about two hours. I cleaned the furnace filters and smoked a cigar. My mood improved, although the headache I had continues -- fall allergies.

I fell asleep on the couch last night.  When I got up to shuffle to bed around 5:00 am, there was lightning in the south.  It is drizzling right now.  The thirsty earth is sucking in the moisture and the air smells fresh and earthy.

I gimped out to pick up the paper a few minutes ago. The coffee maker is doing its thing in the kitchen. I am typing this. 

Now we are all caught up.

Do you have anything on your mind this morning?

August 20, 2010

Not today

I am in one of those moods. If I was a chick I would warn you I am premenstrual. Snarky, bitchy, aggressive, sarcastic and caustic could best describe my mood. Already I have had to refrain from dropping vicious comments at two or three of my daily reads.

I probably should stay away from the phone as well. Voicemail will shelter customers with idiotic proposals and coworkers from ruining my Friday.

If I could shoot lasers from my eyes you would be dead.

Please Algore, Founder of all things Internet, have a liberal troll spout his bullshit ideas on one of my posts, and stay around to argue.

Call me Mr. Telemarketer.

In my youth I would be heading to the bar, looking for a loud mouth to close with my knuckles.

It is a good thing I am home alone.  Maybe this looking for a fight mood will wear off.

August 19, 2010

I just want to celebrate

According to my handy desk calendar today is the 231st day of 2010.  There are just 134 days remaining in this year. More than 60% of this year has passed.

The news guy on the radio says on this date the average American has finally worked enough to pay the tax burden of Federal, State and Local taxes.

For the balance of the year I am working for me, not the Government.

This news makes me a little happy and a lot sad.

If you need explanation of the previous sentence you need to examine your political priorities.

My love - hate relationship with the Cubs

The Cubs cannot score runs. Last month they traded the player with the second highest batting average on the team.  Theriot also led the team in steals -- he had more than the  rest of the team combined.

Derrek Lee has batted .313 with six home runs and a .939 OPS since the all-star break. The Cubs traded him to Atlanta yesterday.  The Cubs also threw in some cash. They got three minor league pitchers, the best one is still in Single A ball in return. In a nutshell, the Cubs paid Atlanta to take one of their better players.

The Cubs cannot score a friggin' run for anything so they trade one of their best hitters (again) for three pitchers. Three pitchers who will possibly contribute in a few YEARS. Maybe.

It looks to this fan that the Ricketts are just like the Tribune -- cut costs, do not worry about the product. The Cubs fans will fill the seats anyway.

After all, they are used to losing.

I feel like an abused wife. The Cubbies keep smacking me around and I keep coming back out of  a sense of devotion or love or dependency. For crapsake I am wearing a Cubs hat as I write this! It is a replica of the cap the Chicago Cubs wore the last time they won the World Series -- in 1908. Nineteen fucking eight.

How many times can a fan's heart be broken?

August 18, 2010

How's that Hope and Change working out for you?

Eleven weeks before the Nov. 2 balloting, just 41 percent of those surveyed approve of the president's performance on the economy, down from 44 percent in April, while 56 percent disapprove. And 61 percent say the economy has gotten worse or stayed the same on Obama's watch.  Source

Here is a little challenge for you Democrats, Obamites and all around Progressive/Lefties. Look at the economy in 2005. Look at the numbers after the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006. Look at the trends up until now.

Report back in the comments.

I bet I get a big bag full of silence and cricket chirps.

Today's Earworm

We can cha a a a nge the world

Too bad the Chicago police did not bust a few more heads, those hippe mofos would not be screwing up the country today. Isn't it funny how the Chicago police get the bad rap in history, the press, and even in this punk's little video when it comes to the '68 Democrat Convention? I wrote a term paper in college about the Chicago Seven. My 1968 graduate of Berkley professor did not like it much. Unfortunately for him I presented the facts.  In those days I could actually write, so my narrative was entertaining. I did not give the favorable view of the rioters, so he argued with me, but I cited sources and got an A-. I deserved better and he knew it. I wish I still had that paper.Just a quick note to correct history as presented here.  JFK was long dead by the Democratic Convention of 1968. He was not turning the other ear, it had likely rotted off by this point.
Put on your love beads, slap on a pair of sandals and relive the good old days. I personally like the live version from the CSNY live album 4 Way Street better.

Rules and regulations, who needs 'em...

August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque

I don't like it. I think it is an affront to all Americans. Like mts said in the comments a couple of posts ago, the mosque proves who these people are. We need no more evidence than the planned grand opening": September 11. 2011. This is without a doubt, a victory mosque. There are nearly three thousand reasons to object to this mosque. The Ground Zero Mosque is wrong on every count but one.

In this country we have freedom of religion.  As James stated in his comments two posts below, sometimes the Constitution protects stuff we do not like. Do you feel the need to burn a flag, shout out your support for child molesters, piss in a jar drop in a crucifix and call it art -- all protected under the Constitution. Do you ant to to burn a cross while dressed in your good bedsheets with the yellow stains? Are inclined to  protest at military funerals, show your support for code pink?  Do you want to convince us that partial birth abortion is about women's rights?  Do you think every American can and should own a gun? The Constitution has you covered.

Every effort should be made to show the Imams in charge how painful this mosque's location is.  We should encourage them to build elsewhere. We should appeal to their compassion.  If this fails, then we should protest loudly and often.  Protesters should fill the streets, do their best to stop and delay construction in every LEGAL manner possible. We should stand outside the mosque with pictures of the towers on 9/11. We should shove the image down the throats of the "religion of peace" of victims jumping from the top floors of the Trade Towers. Every time a Muslim enters the mosque the last image they see should be the evil perpetuated in the name of their religion. Paint a mural of the burning towers on the buildings across the street.

We should surround the monument to terror with BBQ joints, gay bars, Jewish Synagogues and Christian Churches. Locate a payday loan shop and a strip joint across the street. I pray a butcher shop specializing in pork and sausage opens nearby. Every day citizens should sit and show the bottoms of their bare feet to the entrance of the mosque. The builders have a right to build, but no right to respect or kindness from those they are trying their best to insult.

But we have to allow the mosque to be built, offensive as it is. Those who scream about a limited government, about returning to the spirit of the Constitution, about freedom, can take no other position.

Feel free to fire away in comments.

August 16, 2010

This is the kind of Sh*^ That Goes on In My Brain

I am tightening my belt and shoe laces. It is a Monday and I know the day is going to suck. A whole herd of figurative black cats are crossing and recrossing and even stopping to piss all over my path. Mirrors are shattering at my feet as I walk under ladders.

There is no use crying about it, I bow my head and move forward.

I hear Errol Flynn shouting in my ear, "Are you with me men?" I growl as I hurl forth to battle life in its full fury.

I hope your Monday goes well too.

August 15, 2010

Just because

I wish I had something to say of interest.

I woke a little before six this morning. Sometimes I cannot shut off my brain at night.   I hate that.

You know it is humid outside when the windows are steamed up. In the summer.

The boy and I got the yard mowed yesterday. I have nothing on tap for today, although their is always housework and yardwork to be done.  I may work a little this afternoon, I am hitting the friendly skies Monday afternoon for  customer visit.

I did not even turn on the 'puter yesterday. Based on this entry, you can see why.

I am working on a post about the Ground Zero Mosque. I think most of you are not going to like what I say.

Have a great Sunday.

August 13, 2010

I wish I had a pithy title to insert here

Not much time to post today. I have a big contract negotiation this afternoon and I have to finish preparing. I have never been in favor of heavy negotiating on a Friday afternoon. Often one of the parties is mentally already starting his weekend. I hope it is not me. This is just the first shots of the battle. The customer will decide how vicious the war is going to be. My management has made my position clear, threats from the customer will not be tolerated. Things could get interesting. This is the part of my job I enjoy, the mental chess game of negotiating: pushing for something you do not care about, so you can relent later and get the goal that you really wanted in the first place. At the same time the guy across the table is doing the same.  It is my job to determine what issues are serious and what are giveaways. Sometimes you screw the other guy's plans by acceding to a point he did not care about.

The heat is expected to break by Sunday. The yard is a little scraggly so I will have to get it mowed this weekend. I prefer it not be 95 degrees with 98% humidity when I do it.

I had some Everly Brothers coursing through my brain this morning.  Is it weird to wake up with "Wake Up Little Susie" echoing in your brainpan? I had a good idea on some artists/songs for Friday Covers, but I do not have time this morning. I am sure you are all disappointed.  Everyone loves that feature.

The bottom line is I can work, I can read your blogs, or I can write a decent post.

Guess what wins?

August 12, 2010

Are Pringles an invention of the Antichrist?

I woke this morning with a real craving for tuna salad, of all things. Finally around 10:30 I could not wait any longer. I mixed up some tuna,relish, onion and mayo. I had a sandwich and 1/2 as an early lunch.

I find Pringles disturbing. How do they get them all alike?  It is like eating cloned potato chips.  They are good, do not get me wrong, but they are just a little off in their potatoey goodness. Pringles do go well with root beer and tuna salad though.

Did any of you read my previous post? I am sure after a few sentences your eyes glazed over in boredom. history is not fascinating to many of you, and my writing style does not help.  If we could sit and discuss it, I am sure you would have been more interested. Maybe Probably not. I enjoyed myself anyway.  Isn't that the point of this self-indulgent hobby anyway?

Historical ADD

History is  seductive mistress.  She draws you in and leaves you craving more. For instance, I was doing some research yesterday. In the roster of the 7th Indiana Cavalry (Co. I) I found this name and statement:

F. Lt [First Lieutenant] Charles H Hare Shelbyville, IN. Mustered Sep 30, 1863. Dishonorably Dismissed Feb 28, 1865. as a marauder & etc.
I bet you could hear the screeching of my mental brakes. There is a story here. Just what did Charles H Hare of Shelbyville, IN do to be booted from the service? Marauding and etc? The history muse Clio just showed me some naked breasties. I have to have more.

Through the marvels of the internet I came across this Civil War era report:
JANUARY 26-FEBRUARY 11, 1865. -- Expedition from Memphis, Tenn. into Southeastern Arkansas and Northeastern Louisiana.

Report of Col. Embury D. Osband, Third U.S. Colored Cavalry, commanding expedition.


Memphis, Tenn., February 25, 1865
Buried deep in the report I found this statement:
...I submit herewith extract from [report of] Col. J. P. C. Shanks, commanding First Brigade, in reference to First Lieut. Charles H. Hare, Company I, Seventh Indiana Calvary:

On the evening of January 29, 1865, when in camp at Quindley, on Bayou Bartholomew, Private Hendrickson, of Company I, Seventh Indiana Calvary, presented him Lieut, Charles H. Hare, with a $20 gold piece, with the remark that he, Private Hendrickson made him, Lieutenant Hare, a present of it; and further, that or the evening of the 31st January, 1865, in camp at Furness, said Private Hendrickson delivered to Lieutenant Hare twenty pieces of gold coin of the value of $20 each, asking Lieutenant Hare to keep it for him. Lieutenant hare states that when camp was called the following morning he returned the twenty pieces of gold to Private Hendrickson and that Private Hendrickson left camp that morning before the column moved, and was the day captured (I have since learned killed). Lieutenant hare further states that he knew at the time he accepted the present of one piece of gold, and when he received on deposit the twenty pieces, that they had been gotten by Private Hendrickson on the expedition, and had been wrongfully obtained by him. Lieutenant Sloan, Company E. Seventh Indiana Cavalry, reports to me that he saw Lieutenant Hare in possession of twenty-one pieces of gold ($20 each) four days after Private Hendrickson was lost; and since his return from the expedition Lieutenant Hare had told Major Carpenter that he had the money after Hendrickson's capture, but that it was now lost. He has kept it so concealed as to be beyond recovery. I ask that first Lieut. Charles H. Hare, Company I, Seventh Indiana Cavalry, be dismissed the service dishonorably and without pay, and an accompanying order, that the order of dismissal be read in all the cavalry camps of the division.
I heartily approve and indorse the recommendation of the brigade commander considering that the interests of the service imperatively demand that an example should be made of any commissioned officer who so far degrades himself and the position he occupies as the countenance, in any manner whatever, pillaging or marauding... source
There you have it.  Further research teaches us that the 7th was part of Greirson's Raid through Mississippi. The events of this cavalry raid are depicted in John Wayne's Civil War film The Horse Soldiers.  I make a note to myself to refresh my memory on Grierson's Raid. I jump over to IMDB to read up on the Horse Soldiers.

Trying to find a little more detail of the 7th's campaign in Arkansas and Louisiana where Lt. Hare did his dirty deed, I found a compilation of the History of the Seventh Indiana. Chapter IX details the Louisiana campaign. reading the text you see why I have always said history is better than any novel.  Savor this excerpt:

...When the crossing was effected, the command pursued its march through a dreary, uninhabited country to Bastrop, Louisiana. From that place it marched north, crossed Bayou Bartholomew, and went to Hamburg, in Arkansas. Between these points the country was execrable. Human beings could not and did not inhabit it, except in an occasionally dry spot. It was given over by Nature, and Nature's God, for habitation,to frogs, lizzards, snakes and alligators. In such a country it was impossible to get subsistence for man or beast. Nearly all of the extra rations transported on the pack mules, were lost with those animals, as they sank out of sight in the mud and water of the swamps. The ammunition was lost in the same way. But that did not amount to anything as there was no enemy to use it on. It was pitiable to see the poor animals try to extricate themselves while they were all the time sinking deeper in the mire. They would cast appealing looks at the men and utter piteous groans... source

The narrative does not tell us about the perfididty of Lt. Hare, but it does tell a heart-wrenching tale of the refugee slaves that followed the regiment.

The soldiers had taken pity on a wench with a young babe, and placed her and the child on a mule. In crossing a muddy creek, the mule stumbled and threw the mother and child into the mud and water. The mother fell on the child and burried it beneath the water. Hastily rising, and lifting it up, she saw it choking and gasping, and after looking at it a moment, threw it back into the water, and exclaimed: Dah, go to yar Jesus, yar better off in his hands, than yah'r in mine," and abandoned it.

A soldier sprang into the water, but before he could recover it, it drowned. Source
See, we are diverted yet again! I have history ADD. Every novel fact or story sends me off into a new direction.

I never did find out what happened to disgraced Lt. Hare. I learned there was a Lt. Hare from Noblesville, IN who survived Little Big Horn.  (I bet some of you did not know that only about 1/2 of Custer's command was killed at "Custer's last stand".I forced myself to skip that entry.  I might find myself caught up with the later career of this Lt Hare and his classmates from West Point.

In the end, I did not finish looking up what I started searching on the intewrwebz to begin with; my ancestor who fought with the 7th Iowa Cavalry in the Civil War era. I might not ever solve the mystery of how a guy from Ohio, who lived in Missouri, enlisted in Iowa and served the war fighting Indians in Nebraska and Kansas, ended up in Central Indiana. There are just too many historical paths to cross without getting detoured.

Did I mention his wife (my great great grandmother) arrived on the Orphan Trains...

August 11, 2010

Your Government in action

Congress passed another stimulus bill, this time to aid States and "save" the jobs of teachers and municipal workers. The illustriouss leaders from the Democratic Party claim the bill is "budget neutral".  That means it will not increase the deficit. They are accomplishing this amazing trick of spending $26 billion by not spending money in 2014.

I will pause while you stop laughing.

Imagine the page going all fuzzy and out of focus while creepy dream sequence music plays in the background.

HB: Hello Mr. Banker, I want to borrow $10,000.
Banker: Ok lets look at your debt load and credit rating.
HB: No need, this loan will not affect my credit.
Banker: blink.  blink. How is that?
HB: I plan on paying for this loan in 2014, when my kids are out of college and I have more cash flow. Since I will have the money in the future, there is no reason to act as if this is a real "debt".
Banker: Blink. Blink.
HB: No need to worry, I will have the money.  My wife says she will not spend it in 2014. No  worries.   When can I get the dough?
Banker: Blink. Blink.

Fuzzzy image, sounds etc. as we come back to reality.

The EduJobs bill is deficit neutral.

Blink. Blink....????

Woes Me Wednesday

It is Wednesday. Hump Day. The first day of school. The wife is back to work, the boy is starting his junior year and I have the house to myself. I love my family, but they screw up my work schedule.

It is going to be a hot one here in God's country today.  It was already 81 at 6:00 am. The windows were fogged over due to the humidity and temperature differences between outside and the air conditioned inside.

I made some cinnamon rolls this morning for my first day of school housemates. Thank you Poppin' Fresh!

I have to take the car in for an oil change this morning.

I got an unexpected payday yesterday.  No money, just a candy bar. The wife picked one up for me at the store.

The Cubs won last night.  I should not have stayed up to see the whole thing since I had to get up early this morning to make breakfast.  The season is over, I do not know why I keep watching. Some of us are masochists I guess.

Are you satisfied?  Another post is up. It is filled with worthless stuff no one cares about, but it is a post. Take that slackers.

P.S. Confidential to you. Some of us are in favor of limited government.  That does not mean NO Government.  That would be anarchy.

August 9, 2010

Sunday Dinner

I got a good deal on some strip steaks yesterday. I threw four on the grill.  The boy got two. It is crazy having a teenaged eating machine at the table. I made a nice salad and some baked spuds to go with the steaks. The meat came out a perfect medium and everyone was happy.

I am off this afternoon to do my Willie Loman thing.

Help me Rhonda

Does anyone know how to ban comments on blogger? I am sick of that damn Chinese comment spam every day.

I do not want to go to comment moderation.

August 8, 2010

How Dairy Queen saved my life

It is Sunday morning.  The coffee is hot and the birds are quiet in the Japanese maple outside my office window. I have checked my email and I am starting my routine surf through the blog world.

The boy sleeps in the room next door This is his last weekend before school resumes on Wednesday. He is less than thrilled. I would agree.  It is too early to start school. The upside is he gets out by Memorial Day.

It has been a great weekend weather-wise.  The heat is supposed to return early this week. I guess I will have to get after the yard work today. I still have some bushes in the back and East side of the house that need trimmed. The heat of last week has kept the grass from growing much. But it remains green, not the brown crunchy stuff we usually see by this tine of year.

Perhaps I will smoke a cigar this afternoon instead of watching The Cubs lose another game. They cannot score runs. The pitchers do a reasonable job (until the bullpen comes into play) but there are no consistent bats to put them over the hump. The team traded the second highest batting average for a player with lower batting stats and clearly less defensive skills. The only advantage DeWtitt has over Theriot is youth. I do not get it. F-ing Cubs.

In high school I used to date this girl that worked at Dairy Queen. She made me cherry cokes that were 50% cherry syrup.  She would make me strawberry banana milkshakes that were so loaded with fruit it was like eating a sundae. It was a Blizzard before DQ invented the Blizzard (insert appropriate trademarks etc. here). She had a nice rack too. I married her. The kids liked to go to the buffet place on occasion when they were little. The local place had a self-serve ice cream machine.  The wife still makes that little curl on the top of the cone.  She cannot help herself.

I am just rambling here. Have a great Sunday.

August 7, 2010

Today's Earworm

Get yer hippie on.

Here is a bonus. Take a trip around the bay with Dr Leary:

August 6, 2010

The Enola Gay, Bockscar and Grandpa Hoosierboy

My grandpa loved harry Truman. Grandpa Hoosierboy was in the Navy in WWII.  After he graduated from basic training at Great Lakes, he was sent to additional schooling.  There the Marines taught him about land warfare, storming the beaches, etc. Grandpa Hoosierboy was slated to be part of the massive invasion of the home islands of Japan.  Later, unclassified documents would show military experts estimated it would require as many as one million casualties to take Japan.

Chew on that -- 1,000,000 American lives.

Grandpa would claim the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war and saved lives, both American and Japanese: and most importantly, his own.

Today marks the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. In sheer numbers more were killed in the fire bombings of Dresden or Hamburg. More damage was done to Tokyo during the bombing raid of 9-10 of March 1944 when 16 square miles of the city was destroyed and more than 100,000 people lost their lives.

Yet there are some who are appalled that the US used the atomic bomb.  Today marks the first time in 65 years that an American representative will attend the ceremonies at Hiroshima. Some have speculated that Ambassador Roos' visit is a precursor to President Obama's visit to Japan later this year.  Some experts believe Obama will offer a formal apology for using the "bomb" on Japan.

Me, I think my position is more akin to that of President Truman.  He was asked if he was sorry for dropping the bomb. Truman replied he had not yet heard an apology for Pearl Harbor.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted in tens of thousands of young men living a full life, raising families, building America into the greatest nation on Earth.

I can live with that.

August 5, 2010

Double fisted head scratching here, Boss

I read this at Nathan's yesterday. This is without doubt the stupidest thing I have ever read.

Please someone, anyone explain this to me.

August 4, 2010

Reason 1,497 you wish you were me

Wednesday is trash day around here. I put out my garbage late last night after I returned from a two day road trip. Apparently one of the bags on the bottom had a leak, so there was about four inches of rotten garbage liquid in the bottom of the can after the trash men hauled away the garbage bags. It has been hot the past few days. Maybe not Texas hot, but pretty close. The actual temperature was in the mid nineties at 11:00 PM last night and the heat index was still around 100.

You can imagine the stench from that garbage liquid. I could smell it when I came out the door. I am usually pretty tough when it comes to foul things, but I admit washing out the garbage can under these conditions made me gag a little. At least the maggots were not in full force yet.

Too bad there is not yet smell-a-vision for this blog. You will have to use your imagination.

In other news the wife made me some oatmeal scotchies last night.

No, I will not share them with you.

Obama, you speak with forked tongue

“What we can’t do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states, or cities or localities, where anybody wants to make a name for themselves suddenly says, ‘I’m going to be anti-immigrant, and I’m going to try to see if I can solve the problem ourself.’”--President Obama on CBS News Sunday
I guess we can expect lawsuits against Virginia and Rhode Island and any other state that checks immigration status when a suspect is detained. More importantly when will we see the Federal lawsuits against sanctuary cities?  After all, we cannot have every state and city create a patchwork of immigration policies...

August 2, 2010

A Rambling Post Regarding Cowboys and Relatives Long Gone

I watched John Wayne in The Cowboys yesterday. It is one of my all-time favorite westerns. I have liked westerns for years. In 1976 I was at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I visited them almost every day. There was a paperback book lying on the footstool by Grandpa's chair.  I picked it up and started reading it.  Grandpa urged me to take it with me. I am sure he had not finished it, maybe he had not even started.  I don't know, but like any other self-absorbed 14 year old I took it with me. The book was Tucker by Louis L'Amour. I was hooked. Over the next several years I read every book written by L'Amour and most of his short stories.

A few weeks after Grandpa gave me that book I dreamed he died. I went over to visit the next morning.  Grandpa was watching a movie on TV. I was relived he was fine. I did not mention my dream (and would not tell anyone about it for years). He wanted me to sit and watch it with him.  I was a busy teenager and had better things to do. Grandpa died in his sleep that afternoon.

The character played by the Duke in The Cowboys always reminds me of my Grandpa for some reason. I am not sure why.  John Wayne was a big man, Grandpa was about 5'2".  Grandpa did not work on a ranch or a farm, he managed a lumberyard. Somehow, in my mind, there has always been a connection.

I still have that copy of Tucker. It is dog-eared and worn. I expect the glue to separate from the spine the next time I read it. Every few years I ride with Shell Tucker as he tracks down the guys that stole money from his family and becomes a man in the process. In the beginning Shell Tucker is an impetuous teenager that cares only about himself. In the end he learns responsibility and maturity. Maybe Grandpa knew what he was doing when he gave his 14 year old grandson that book.
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