January 30, 2010

Friday Covers, Saturday edition

Rodger Daltry and Anne Wilson should be executed for destroying one of the best rock and roll songs ever:

I love Jethro Tull, but this version is even worse, if that is possible:

I am not sure what to think of this version by the late Israeli singer Ofra Hazi:

The original:

'Nuff said

January 29, 2010

Friday Covers

I love Stevie Nicks, but this is just wrong:

Compare and Contrast:

Eddie and the boys do a passable version:

Tune in Saturday, I found some covers you will not believe.

January 28, 2010

Close to the Edge

Enough already. The only way to spit out a post is to start typing. I always enjoyed most the posts where Acidman told about his every day life. I make no claim to be even in the same area code skill-wise or talent wise as the late one, but here we go back to the grind. Step up on my back deck and peek into the windows at my life. I will leave the blinds open a touch.

We got a bit of snow last night, nothing to worry about -- about 1/2 inch. I did not watch the Obama's speech last night. We watched American Idol and then DVR recordings of The Middle. If you are not watching The Middle (ABC Wednesdays) you are missing out on a funny comedy. I then watch a recording of Jack Lemon in Under the Yum Yum Tree. Before you libs take offense, I never watched the last President's SOTU speech either.

It remains cold, with single digit lows expected all weekend. So far we do not have any plans, maybe we will go see a movie, if anything worth seeing is on.

It has been another long week of work, I am ready for Friday.

Today's Earworm

I saw these guys live in the early 1980's.

January 27, 2010

Nope Nothing

See previous post

January 26, 2010

Hola Readers

I am alive.

I am feeling good.

Work sucks.

Life sucks.

Consider this a post.

January 25, 2010

ha ha ha ha Colts Win

What a couple of good football games. For the record, it took the Colts exactly two series to figure out the Jets defense. Have you ever seen a more cold business-like football team than the Colts? They operate like a machine, the football version of the terminator in Terminator II. They are relentless and just keep coming after you on both sides of the ball. Of course, the media will have them underdogs in the Superbowl. Keyshawn Johnson and Boomer Esiason would both rather eat newly shat dog turds than say anything good about the Colts. Despite the fact they have lost exactly one meaningful game in nearly two years, the Colts are presented as just a bunch of lucky hacks, the most overrated team in football.

Let us just get this out of the way -- we all know a hurricane hit New Orleans in 2005. The city was devastated, boo hoo, much of what happened was a result of poor response by a bunch of politicians.

Quick aside: isn't funny the same logistical issues that plagued the Bush response to Katrina are rearing their ugly head in Haiti? Yet we are not seeing news stories how Obama's failure to get supplies to the victims -- except in the foreign press.

Can we just get over fucking Katrina already? That hurricane also hit Florida and the Mississippi Gulf shore, yet those people are not still screaming for help. The floods in Iowa last year devastated more property and left more people homeless, but we do not hear how we should all root for Iowa and John Deere? I am sick of hearing this story already, and it is only going to get worse over the next two weeks.

How would you like to be that sap who entered the huddle at the end of regulation for the Vikings? That 12 men in the huddle penalty killed any chance for a field goal and led to the Favre interception.

When is the NFL going to change the overtime rule? It is ridiculous that the Vikings never touched the ball in overtime. I think both teams should have a chance, then sudden death comes into play. A coin toss should not determine who goes to the Superbowl. That said, the Vikings shot themselves in the foot with all the fumbles and interceptions. Hold onto the ball.

I am taking predictions now on the Superbowl. I will give mine later.

January 24, 2010

Insert appropriate title here

It is a blustery rainy day here in God's Country. The temperature is mild, with an expected high in the 50's today. I will take that for January anytime. Reality comes back on Monday when snow is expected.

We are heading over to some friend's house to watch the Colts beatdown of the Jets later this afternoon. We are supposed to take some snacks. I will make some kind of dip I guess and maybe some brownies. I thought about making a pot of chili. I don't know. We do not mind going to see the football game with these guys, 'cause they actually want to watch the game. Chit-chat only happens during commercials. Even the women are there to see the game. The only problem is they have a chow who thinks he is a lapdog.

As often happens this time of year, I cannot seem to muster the energy to give you quality posts. The creative tank is empty as life demands an increasing amount of my attention. I won't apologize, that is just the way it is.

I sincerely hope you have a great Sunday.

January 22, 2010

J-E-T-S suck, suck, suck

We are down to championship Sunday. The Jets come into town feeling strong and ready. Pundits and Jets fans go on about their awesome defense and how no one can score on the mighty Jets. Somehow seven teams managed to score more points than the Jets. In fact, the Indy starters scored more than the Jets until they were yanked in that infamous game a few weeks ago. The Colts offense has managed to outperform a Rex Ryan defense pretty much every time they have played in the past decade.

The 'run the ball and use up the clock plan' has not worked so well against the Colts in recent years. Ask Miami how that worked out for them. You have to be able to outscore the Colts to win. If the Horseshoes jump out to a lead and Sanchez is forced to throw the ball, the Colts win going away.

Finally Friday

Happy Friday. Dja miss me? I had no time to post the last couple of days. I had to actually work. Sometimes I feel compelled to actually earn the dinero my employer so graciously deposits into my checking account every couple of weeks.

I went with the boy to see Avatar the other night. We saw it in 3D and IMAX. The special effects are way cool. The plot? Let us just say I knew how the plot would go just minutes into the movie. The dialogue was stilted and predictable. But the special effects were awesome, did I mention that? How did I like the movie? Let me say I will not buy it when it comes to DVD or BluRay. I doubt I will rent it, even if the director adds hours of special features. The boy really liked it.

Here is an old gem for your listening pleasure:

Here is one of my favorite comedians:

January 20, 2010

Ding Dong Obamacare is dead *

For my liberal friends -- have a good cry. Understand this, American does not care for your socialist, leftist agenda.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of Conservative death were greatly exaggerated.

Evan Bayh, you are next in the unemployment line.

* that is Hope and Change I can get behind

January 19, 2010

Will Massacusetts elect a Republican?

This is a big day for America. The election in Massachusetts to fill the Senate seat occupied by the Swimmer is up for grabs.

It looks to be a close election, and that fact alone should scare the living shit out of the Dimocrats and the Obama White House. Instead of a wake-up call that they are pressing a direction the good people of America do not care to go, they will see it as a reason to hurry up and pass their agenda.

A victory by Scott Brown will change the balance of Obama's term.

Far from being dead and buried, the Conservative movement is gaining strength. The GOP will be brought along, the country club Republicans kicking and screaming. Facts are hard to swallow sometimes, and the "lets-move-to-the-middle-Democrats-light" crowd brought us nothing but Pelosi and Reid and Obama. That leftist triumvirate will prove that the laws of thermodynamics apply to politics as well. They will usher in an equal and opposite lurch to the right. Just as Carter brought on Reagan, Obama will usher in a long-lasting period of Conservative politics.

The idea of America was born in Massachusetts, perhaps the citizens of the Bay State are finding again the anti-government spirit that lead to the founding of this great nation.

We can only hope.

Dear GOP

January 18, 2010

MSNBC -- Unbalanced

Many liberal bloggers routinely bash Fox News as being partisan. I am waiting to see their harsh condemnation of MSNBC.

Democrat and Union thug Ed Shultz proclaims he would cheat to keep the Republicans from winning in Massachusetts.

I am sure we will be seeing a News Conference from The White House with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid condemning this kind of speech. After all, the electoral process is sacrosanct. I am sure NBC will step away from the late night wars in order to announce they will not tolerate such unaccountability on their news network.

Chicago politics is taking over the country -- vote early and vote often...

January 17, 2010


Take that Baltimore.

We went and met my parents, and Otter (my brother) and my stray kids to celebrate my Pop's birthday yesterday. He turned 72 and looks like he is 55.

We then went and looked at cars. At the second place we went the wife found one she liked. We even drove it. Monday the dealer is going to see what kind of payments we need to make. This gives ne some time to do my homework. She really likes this vehicle and I do too. It is loaded with everything. The issue is can we afford the payments? Since I don't think we can afford a payment at all, anything is tough. There must be some way I can turn this into some nookie for me....

We then watched the football game. At 7:30 (the game came on at 8:15) the wife asked if I thought we had time to go to Applebee's to grab a bite and get back before the game started. The closest Applebee's is 8 minutes from my house, and the one here in town is the slowest restaurant on the face of the Earth.

I usually save that particular stare for Liberals and recalcitrant children, but I think it was totally justified in this case.

Since we got home late I did not open the mail until this morning. One was a missive from the owner of the loan on our car. The letter stated how sad they were that our car was totalled. They reminded me I still have to make payments until the insurance settles the payments and that I will be responsible for paying off the loan if the balance is higher than the insurance payout. The only problem is the lender in question does not own the vehicle I wrecked. The insurance company has contacted the wrong lender. I checked my policy -- their mistake. Now I have to make sure the loan is not cancelled, the correct loan place is contacted and the insurance company owes me for a week of interest on the right loan. I know it can all be fixed, but what a pain in the ass. Things never go right in my life.

Have a good Sunday.

January 16, 2010

Spam, we hardly knew ye

If you are a long-time reader of this piece o'crap you know I enjoy Spam. For a long period I ate Spam at least once a week for lunch. I loves me some chopped and formed pork shoulder. For the past year or two I have not consumed so much Spam. Regardless of the claims of the fine people at Hormel, Spam has changed. It looks different, it cooks different, and most importantly it tastes different. (Yes, I know all of those 'differents' should be "-ly".).

It is now impossible to get that nice even brown when frying. You no longer have to shake off the mysterious Spam Jelly.

After multiple experiments, Spam is no longer on my Favorite Foods list. Why do corporations change a successful formula? Captain Crunch ruined their fine product by adding blue Crunchberries (I do not eat blue foods. Period. Ever.)and since the food police took charge one cannot find a good french fry anymore. Remember how good McDonalds and Wendy's fries were back in the day? Now we can add Spam to the list.

January 15, 2010


Let's say you are working along and find your belly rumbling. You step into the kitchen breakroom and decide a couple of pieces of toast would hold you over until lunch. You eat your buttered toast and as you go to throw away the trash realize you grabbed two paper plates. Do you just throw them both away, or do you take the bottom one, which was technically not 'used' and put it back?

Do you drink out of the milk carton when no one is looking? Do you get a clean spoon after tasting the food you are cooking? Have you ever dropped a hot dog on the ground and then threw it back on the grill? Do you double dip?

Do you give up your vote in promise of future (or current) financial rewards? Is it OK if you will get a plush lobbying job or an ambassadorship? Is it OK to vote against the will of the people who elected you if you do the bidding of the important contributor? Is it OK to sell out the freedom of the people if it means it will keep your political party in control for generations to come?

Is it OK to lie as long as it gets you elected? Is it OK to break campaign promises if it gets your agenda passed? Is it acceptable to look the other way when there are clear ethical violations, as long as your party is doing them and they lead to passage legislation you desire?

Do you have an ethical line you will not cross?

For me it all starts with throwing away an extra paper plate.

You Say You Want a Revolution

All Americans should be terrified and dismayed that nearly 1/6 of the economy is being manipulated a schemed and parceled out in backroom deals by Reid, Pelosi and The Obama (who speaks with a Negro accent when he wants). I would be as concerned if it was the Republicans determining my fate in backroom deals.

I am very disturbed this sausage is being made in spite of overwhelming public discontent. The Democratic leaderships seems Hellbent on giving us this crap whether we want it or not, whether it dooms their future or not. This is nanny-state legislation at the core (we know what is best for you, shut the fuck up and take it).

Never in my life have I heard ordinary citizens talk openly about revolution. Maybe some of you who are a bit older than I can compare this to the 1960's, but I think things are different as we are talking about Moms and Dads and the hard working people that make this country go and grow, not a bunch of students who protested because it was the "thing to do".

Perhaps I can understand the anger anti-bushites displayed the past eight years. Too bad many of you are hypocrites and accept the acts of this administration, when they are far worse than those of GW.

Scary times are a comin'.

January 14, 2010


So much to bitch about, so little time available.

To the lady at gate C9 -- we do not want to hear your conversation. It is not necessary to put your phone on speaker. If it is too difficult to hold the phone to your ear for 20 plus minutes, buy a headset, they are cheap. Besides, since I am a xenophobe, I really do not want to hear you conversation in Romanian, or Hungarian or whatever you two were shouting to each other.

To the people at National Rental Car -- I understand there is a computer glitch. Any moron can figure out that I did not pick up my car in North Carolina and then return it 1 hour later -- in Los Angeles. I should not have to explain that to you repeatedly. Yes, I just brought the car back on Wednesday evening. No I could not check out the car on Tuesday, return it in LA, and still have possession of the car in North Carolina on Wednesday. Does this concept seem hard to any of you readers? It sure baffled the clerk at the counter. I still do not have a receipt. I am afraid I am going to have to go all Mr. Asshole on them later this afternoon. And the idea I have to resort to being a jerk to get a problem fixed pisses me off to no end.

Since Mother Nature is not yet done punishing me for laughing at her last week, my car would not start this morning. I had to put in a new battery.

Where in the Hell does one find a Notary Public? I have to get a power of attorney signed so I can get paid for my junked out truck.

I was in such a good mood Sunday. What the fuck happened to this week.

January 13, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am coming to you from a super secret remote location today. Time is short so don't expect much.

It sucks for the people of Haiti. Send a buck to the Red Cross, if you have one to spare.

I miss the little sinks at the dentist where you could spit. I do not like the suction tube stuck in my mouth.

Get ready for general amnesty for illegals. The Hispanic Caucus is holding out votes for a promise the illegals soon to be legalized will get a share of the healthcare pie. Joe Wilson will be right, but The Obama will not have to apologize due to a technicality.

The fact a Republican is even close in Massachusetts should scare the living daylights out of the Democraps. Instead they are rushing like lemmings to pass some of the most unpopular legislation in history. Why? Because they know the stupid party will fuck it up and they will get elected again in a few election cycles.

It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week. Maybe the snow will melt so I can climb up on the roof and take down the Christmas lights. No, I have not been turning them on.

Karma is a bitch. After making fun of the puny snow last week, things got bad and slick later in the morning. I slid off the road and hit a utility pole with my wife's Durango. We got the bad news Monday night. The vehicle was totaled. The car was very clean and looked like new inside. We will not be able to replace it with a like vehicle. Plus, it was paid for, so now I am facing a car payment. Sometimes it sucks to be me. Even worse, I am facing car shopping with my wife. She wants to shop for cars like she shops for clothing -- go to every lot and see every car in a certain price range. The car dealers want her to choose a car and then tell her what it will cost. Rock, meet hard place. She will not budge, and they will not cooperate. I sit through week after week of agonizing. For me a car is just a means for getting from point A to Point B. Do you like the color, is it comfortable, can you afford it? Buy it. Done. Car shopping would be very easy if we had an unlimited budget. She could then walk along and just choose the one she likes. Unfortunately we have to keep within our very limited means.

The wife said we should look on the bright side, the truck had 150K miles and we were starting to get nickle and dimed on the car repairs. Maybe the hand of God shoved me off the road. It sure felt like it.

Oh, I am fine, no injuries. The airbag did not even deploy. But there was a lot of damage.

As I often say, things ALWAYS work out like they are supposed to. Some days it is hard to keep a positive attitude though.

January 12, 2010

Friday Covers -- Tuesday Edition

I really dug the Nina Simone cut last Friday and I added it right to my iPod. I also added her version of "I put a Spell on You".

You probably are more familiar with CCR's version:

Try on the original:

January 11, 2010

Fucking Democrat Liars

Since I am busy with work and all, I do not have much time to post. I will ask a question I have asked about thirty-seven thousand times before. As gas prices creep up again towards three bucks a gallon, can anyone explain to me why we are not drilling for own oil? I am all for windmills and solar whatever, but anyone who thinks we can wean ourselves off the oil teat anytime soon is a fucking moron first class. At least if we are drilling our own crude we are not giving money to the damned terrorists. Please someone, anyone, explain why the fucking Democrats continue to lie? Remember how they were going to open up drilling -- that is until the elections were over. Stupid fucking Obama voters probably believed the Democrats kept their promise.

While I am at it, you Republican weasel-faced pieces of shit are on notice too.

Oh, this post is probably not safe for work. You should not be surfing the interwebz at work anyway.

January 10, 2010

Dear Nancy, Harry and Barack,

Why won't you show the health care negotiations on C-Span?

President Obama, you promised 8 times this would be transparent.

Bloggers from both sides should be shouting this message loudly.

Show the hearings, assholes.

January 9, 2010

Now that I think on it...

I was going to post something on this chilly Saturday morning, but I think I will watch Band of Brothers instead.

Wait, I guess I did post something after all.

January 8, 2010

Friday Covers

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...

Maybe you will dig the original:

Two vastly different interpretations, yet each evokes the same painful emotions. Sometimes (most of the time) I think this tune could be my theme song:

Baby, do you understand me now
Sometimes I feel a little mad
But don't you know that no one alive
Can always be an angel
When things go wrong I seem to be bad
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree
With a joy that's hard to hide
And sometimes it seems that all I have do is worry
Then you're bound to see my other side
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
If I seem edgy I want you to know
That I never mean to take it out on you
Life has it's problems and I get my share
And that's one thing I never meant to do
Because I love you
Oh, Oh baby don't you know I'm human
Have thoughts like any other one
Sometimes I find myself long regretting
Some foolish thing some little simple thing I've done
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
Yes, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
Yes, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood


January 7, 2010

Snow Team Scare Team Is On the Story

The phone rang around 6:15 this morning. The computer voice calmly told me school was closed today due to the snow.

I have large patio doors in my bedroom. There was no snow. I was not even sure it was snowing.

It is now nearly 8:00 AM. We have nearly 1/2 inch of snow on the ground. I turned on the TV for am update. The graphic actually read "Snow is Falling". I shit you not. I fully understand we are not the UP of Michigan or Syracuse, or Erie or the Rockies; places that get serious snowfall. I do also understand that 4-5 inches of snow is not a big deal. I am all for keeping the kids safe, but shouldn't we wait until there is danger before we panic?

Besides, I am not prepared for any significant snow. I did not run to the store and buy eggs, milk and bread in large quantities. Everyone knows you must make French Toast when it snows...

Update 9:45 AM it looks like the weatherman just might be right, Snowing very hard, cannot even see across the street.

January 6, 2010

Things I learned from the Mens room wall at a Marathon gas station today

Someone wants to consume illicit or illegal narcotics with me since they wrote "Lets get high". They did not leave a number.

Danny Iller is a cockgobler. A picture of a penis was included so I would know what the author meant by "cock".

It is essential that we "Free Phil". On further reflection, perhaps the sentiment is a nickname rather than an appeal to the authorities.

What did you learn today?

January 5, 2010

January 4, 2010

I hate my life

I have been shopping for insurance the past week or so.

I would rather be kicked in the 'nads for eight hours a day.

I told the wife she is in charge the next time.

Thank God the Government has not tried to take over the auto insurance industry (yet).

This week only gets better -- I will be travelling to Detroit later in the week.

Don't you wish you were me?

NFL News

I can only hope that the Curtis Painter era of the Indianapolis Colts has drawn to a close.

January 2, 2010

The hypocrites sink another three pointer

We're a nation of laws, and not men and women. So, you know -- and my -- that's a precedent I don't mind living with as president of the United States.
Barack Obama

This issue has been eating away at me a few days. The Obama has decreed that enemy combatants captured on the battlefield should be accorded the rights and privileges of the US Constitution. He has arranged trials for the mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on the US, with full protections of the US Constitution, for a terrorist and non-US Citizen.

Congressional Democrats ad Liberal pundits and bloggers (and some Conservative ones too) cried out over the provisions of the Patriot Act. The letters and keyboard strokes spewed into the Ethernet regarding the wire tapping of foreign phone calls to known terrorist suspects was so voluminous that I am sure the associated heat and anger generated contributed to global warming.

Yet last week with a stoke of a pen the President of the United States gave permission through an Executive Order to allow a foreign police force to operate with impunity on American soil. INTERPOL will be allowed to operate without regard to the provisions set forth in the United States Constitution. They will not be held accountable for their interrogations, their methods, their records and files.

The freedom of the individual was so important to the founders of this country that four of the first ten Amendments deal with your rights vis a vis the police and court system. It is no secret these protections hamper the police of the US, and on occasion cause the guilty to escape punishment. Most police agree it is better one guilty man go free than one innocent man end up in jail.

President Obama has taken those rights and freedoms away. There may be a good reason, but none I can think of. So far the President and his spokesperson have declined comment. Why? How can this administration give away your Rights, when they covet them for people who are not even Americans? Why?

I ask the question I posed a few days ago -- do you feel more or less freedom today?

January 1, 2010

Friday Five

There is no better way to start the year than reviving a feature no one enjoys. Here are five Rock and Roll chicks:

No one sings like Grace Slick. Check out her range,

Ann and Nancy Wilson --'nuff said.

Do you remember this 1980's band?

Somewhere way back in the archives is my story of seeing the Go Gos in concert. Clearly, I was not always an old fart.

whey oh whey oh...

I know I left off some great ones -- Fleetwood Mac, the Motels, Pat Benetar, Blondie, The Pretenders, the B52's...It gives something to look forward to doesn't it?
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