July 31, 2010

One last thought

I have watched the Sherrod video in its entirety. She is one boring speaker.

So, if I understand her position, and the progressive media position, it is acceptable to be racist, as long as you later realize you did it and try to make things OK?


July 30, 2010

Music for a Friday Afternoon

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies , starring two of my favorite actors.

Happy Friday


I took the afternoon off yesterday. Not to have fun or relax. I did some of the long put-off yard work. I cleaned out the flower beds. I pulled and cut down some weeds. I went around a couple of mulberry bushes and then cut them down. The wife did not think that was funny either. I trimmed some trees and bushes.  I mowed the yard. The past few times I have used the weed eater it has not run well.  This time I could get it started but when I went to take off the choke it just died. I tried adjusting the intake screws, but it just will not run. Whenever i give it the "gas" it just dies. I wish I knew something about engines.  I am sure it is simple, but I will have to pay someone to fix it, or buy a new one, I guess. It was a cheap one I bought about 4 or 5 years ago.

By the time an absolutely gorgeous evening rolled around, I was a tired boy. The temperature was in the low 80s and the humidity was low. The wife wanted me to go with her on a walk.  I made it a few blocks around the neighborhood, but cut my exercise short.  She went on and I came home and listened to music on the deck before the mosquitoes began to bite.

Given the above, you would have thought I would sleep well. Humph. I woke around 4:30 to hit the head (not unusual). I could not go back to sleep. I watched some of a documentary on the Tsars of Russia before finally dozing off and on until around 7:30.

And there you have another post filled with boring crap.

You are welcome.

July 29, 2010

More head scratching

The President of the United States, Honorary Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, did not have time to address the Boy Scout National Jamboree today.

He was too busy appearing on "The View".

I am glad his priorities are straight.

The Obama is going to make people think I have dandruff, or lice, or something...

Where the author scratches his head in confusion

I am not a lawyer. I never even played one on TV, but I can read English. As I understand the Judge's ruling in the Arizona 1070 case, the time it takes to check an ID to see if a person is a legal citizen infringes on basic freedom and is an unreasonable requirement.

So the next time I am pulled over for speeding can I refuse to give my ID as the time it will take to run my registration and drivers licence is an unreasonable imposition on my basic freedoms and an automatic assumption of guilt?

Is the Judge saying it is acceptable to determine the accuracy of a person's identification is acceptable except when determining legal immigration status?

Am I alone in thinking this is an idiotic position?

July 28, 2010

An open letter to Progressives

George W Bush is rated as one of the worst Presidents in history. He left much to be desired from my point of view.

I am challenging liberals/progressives/Democrats to tell me what policies of "The Shrub" you found most egregious, what did he do to make you hate him with such passion? Was it his policy in Iraq or Afghanistan? Was it the detainees at Guantanamo? Perhaps it was the wiretaps on foreign nationals. Was it his tax cuts, TARP?

I am calling you out. Don't make me list you by name. Here is your chance to educate me.

And by the way, I am going to next ask you why you support the current President? If he is continuing the policies of President Bush you found so horrible, you have some explaining to do.

For you betting types, the over / under on progressive comments is zero. Hypocrites never can defend their position.

You have been promoted

Nothing much to report. The Obama Government continues to leave me outraged. The drive to destroy our economy continues. Do you liberal idiots have any idea how many solar panels and windmills it will take to power our country?

Those of you who complained about GW taking too many vacations should be indignant that The Obamas are taking not one, not two, but three vacations in August.

They are taking a planeload of friends and family with them to Spain. The Obamas and friends have reserve thirty hotel rooms in five-star hotels. I wonder who is picking up that tab. Air force jets are not cheap. The British PM flew commercial when he came over here a few weeks ago. The taxpayers will cover the cost since the First Lady will spend about ten minutes with the King of Spain.

Don't feel bad -- you are rich. Everyone's taxes are going up in January when the Bush Tax cuts expire. remember the lie promise only the rich will see an increase in taxes? I guess we are all now part of the wealthy class. Dou you feel rich?

July 27, 2010

How not to fix the road to economic prosperity

It is Tuesday. You already know that.

I am just stalling here, trying to come up with a post.

I have plenty to say, but no desire to spend the time getting it down on electronic paper, as it were. I am pretty much preaching to the choir most of the time. Most of you understand that taxing a business results in higher prices for the end user. Higher prices result in fewer jobs and a slower growth of the economy.

For any of you who disagree with the above paragraph, I offer a challenge. Name one single instance where socialism/communism created a society where the average person's lot in life improved. Name a single time where the result was not rationing, long lines and a reduced standard of living. What communist paradise provides a standard of living even equal to that suffered by the poorest Americans?

Sure, when you are poor it sounds great to take the hard-earned wages of more successful Americans. What happens when your lot in life improves and they come for your money?

Leveling the socio-economic playing field does not mean filling in the low spots. It means grading off the top so we are all at a lower level. That is how Obama and his ilk want to fix the road to prosperity -- grading of the top. He does not believe in building up, He wants to fill the potholes by knocking down the highest points in the roadway.

July 26, 2010

Monday Grab Bag

I heard that my 30th High School reunion was Saturday. I did not go. I am sure no one noticed. If there was a vote for "Most Forgettable" I would win, only no one would remember to vote for me. I see on a regular basis the one guy from my high school class I care about. The other 250 or so -- yawn. To be honest I did not like most of them when I went to school and I could not care less about their lives thirty years later. If you think my feelings are wrong, consider that in 30 years not one of my classmates has tried to get in touch with me. But Hooierboy, you say, you have moved and they have lost track of you. Bleh, my parents still live in the same house and not one of my old "friends" has called them up to find out my contact information. Thank Goodness.

The Cubs took two of three from the Cardinals this weekend. They have dug such a hole they must win every division game.

I was flipping channels Sunday and noticed the Brickyard 400 was on. The cavernous Indianapolis Motor Speedway looked to be about 50% full. NASCAR, like a lot of folks in the entertainment industry is having troubles filling seats. The difference, the Hulman-George family has not backed up to the public taxpayer's trough demanding money from the City/State/County/Surrounding counties. The Pacers and Colts should look west of downtown Indy and see how an entertainment venue should be run.

I was at the airport last week, suffering the lines at security. A lady a bit further back in the cattle shoots was yelling to the TSA guy checking IDs. "Sir" she said, "Can I get up there, I have a plane leaving in 30 minutes."

He ignored her. She asked again. He ignored her. Finally, after her third plea he looked up and in the kindest tone told her "Lady, if any of those people in line in front of you want to let you go ahead, I have no issue with that. But if you want my opinion, the fact you cannot manage to get to the airport on time is not really any of the rest of these people's problem."

The whole line burst out laughing.

July 23, 2010

Another really easy quiz

Should local law enforcement arrest suspected bank robbers?

Bank Robbery is a Federal Offense.

If a cop in a given State (for the sake of argument how about Arizona?) stops a car and believes the driver meets the description of a suspect who just robbed the local 23rd Federal Bank and Trust should the officer detain that suspect for the FBI?

What is it about the Arizona Immigration Law that upsets you so much?

'Nuff said.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) ridiculed on Thursday an effort pushed by Republicans to allow lawmakers more time to read legislation. Hoyer dismissed a proposal by House GOP Leader John Boehner (Ohio) and other Republicans to require 72 hours to read legislation before a final vote on it is scheduled. Boehner launched a ‘read the bill’ effort on Thursday to promote the GOP's proposed reform, which the minority leader has said would be a key reform he'd make should he become speaker of the House.

‘His hypothetical is so unreasonable ... that it doesn’t bear commenting on,’ Hoyer said, mocking Republicans' chances of taking back the House in this fall's elections, a development which would make Boehner speaker. ‘This is beating a drum that's not relevant,’ the second-ranking House Democrat said.

--The Hill

Today's Earworm

July 22, 2010

A very hard quiz for your enjoyment

Here is a question I heard asked on the radio the other day. For those of you who believe the Tea Party is racist answer this:

If president Obama was a conservative, small-government President would there be a Tea Party?

Answer that honestly and you will know the truth.

July 21, 2010

Dear Dave,

Did you ever try to teach a stray cat you brought in anything? It is frustrating. You hope and pray that someday it will learn to use the litter box instead of crapping on the living room carpet. Every day you hope for a breakthrough.

That is how I feel about you. Most of my readers will wonder why I bother, but I cannot help myself. You are like the son I am glad I never had. Somehow I feel it necessary to try and help you overcome your angry bitter outlook on life. I don't want you to always be the relative at family get-togethers no one wants to sit beside. It has to hurt for you to hear relatives murmur, "Dave, I love him, but I really do not like him".

You see condescension and an I am always right attitude gets old. Fast. I am here to help you make friends and be a more pleasant guy to be around.

I have read a great deal of you blog posts and comments. It is clear you hate those who make predetermined judgements about a person based on his sexual orientation or race. Yet you are guilty of the very same. You automatically assume anyone who may have a different viewpoint is automatically stupid.

You're just a middle-class salesman in a shitty state who's never risen above low-level management who votes against his own self interests.

You're pathetic. And what's even sadder is that you're happy being pathetic because you're too stupid to know that the GOP is fucking you.

Where do I even start? Some of us are capable of thinking. I can read the news and draw my own conclusions. I have a very good education. I graduated from a top 50 university. I would put my education against yours any day. I have read some of the greatest political thinkers and philosophers of the ages, including Plato, Marx, Smith, Descartes, Hume, Lock, Bacon, Paine, Jefferson, Madison and others. I understand the political science and historical aspects of economic thought.

You can believe it or not, but I rarely listen to Limbaugh, I find him a pompous ass. I have been to Breitbart's site exactly twice in my life (last year in the Acorn scandal and this week). I read the blogs over there on the left. I do not watch Fox News except during election times. Under what basis do you think independent people of similar political beliefs cannot come up with the same thoughts? I guess you get all of your ideas from MSNBC and Kos. Do you not have any original ideas? Does Ed Schultz do your thinking?

As far as my professional life, you know nothing about me. You have no idea of my title, work experience or managerial capabilities. I am willing to bet my managerial background is significantly more broad than yours. I have been a plant superintendent responsible for three shifts of production and more than 500 workers. I have been a global sales manager with the travel record to prove it. You make assumptions with the basis not in evidence.

As far as where i live, Indiana has factories and farms, and museums, and plays, and opera and the symphony. There are far worse places to raise a family and to denigrate the State shows further bias.

AS far as my politics. I am not Republican, I am Conservative. Two minutes of research and understanding of basic English would show you that.

Of course like most of your ideological ilk, you are angry and bitter that 60% of Americans reject your progressive worldview. History is replete with examples of the success of small government and laissez-faire economics. You can not point to a single successful socialist economy. Europe is trying to move away from big government as fast as it can. The State controlled economy destroyed the USSR. In the history of the world there has never been a society so productive, so successful as the United States.

I could debate you on the the success for minorities under the Great Society, or the ramifications of Government control of private industry.

My kids all operated under the idea that I was old and stupid when the ywere teenagers. Thankfully they grew up and realized I had a valid points of view.

I guess some people just mature a little more slowly.

Dog days of Summer

Tuesday, Ellison posted a story about air conditioning, or the lack thereof. Like most people my age we did not have air conditioning when I was a kid. I remember the sweltering nights lying on sweat-damp sheets trying to sleep. My bedroom was on the northeast corner of the house. I had a window facing each direction. Those of you who live in the Midwest know that the wind never blows from the East or North in the summer.

For some reason my Mom had an aversion to electric fans. It never occurred to me to question it, that was the way things were (I have to ask her about that). Since it was so hot in the house Otter and I usually put up a tent in the backyard and slept in it. The tent usually went up the first days after school let out in May and we took it down around September. I guess we averaged sleeping out three or four times a week from the time we were seven or eight until we were twelve or thirteen, maybe older. It was not exactly roughing it. Mom usually had some Kool-Aid Popsicles in the freezer (in those Tupperware gizmos).

Some kids might have used the opportunity of sleeping in the backyard to run around the neighborhood after everyone had gone to sleep. Maybe I was "some kids". I will admit, some forty years later, that I did participate in the streaking craze of the day. Was it brave for a kid of eight or ten to strip off his clothes and run around the block buck-naked? Is it less an achievement if he did it at three in the morning?

Look out Ethel...

Stuff you don't care about

Last night I barbecued some chicken on the grill. We had some Indiana sweet corn and some fresh tomatoes the wife picked up a t the farmer's market. I made some potato salad and deviled eggs to round out the meal.

Just as I was bringing in the chicken, it started to rain. We had some hard rainfall and some tornado warnings, but nothing severe hit the old homestead.

One final thought, if the woman in the video below is so sure she did nothing wrong, she should not have resigned. She should have let the Ag Secretary fired her and then had her day in court.

The Cubs made a miraculous comeback last night. Down 7-1 they ended winning 14-7! I had just bitched to the wife that the number three and four hitters boasted the lowest batting averages on the team. They combined for 10 RBIs. That's why Pinella manages the team.

July 20, 2010


This guy has his head on straight. His letter to the left sums up the problems with the progressive way of life.

The progressive/socialist/communist/fascist ideology has failed everywhere it has been tried. What makes you think it should be tried here?

July 19, 2010

No commentary needed

I bet Josh and Dave will be all over this one. They are quick to point out racism in the rest of us...

h/t Big Dick

UPDATE Racist asshole resigned. They should have refused her resignation and fired her.

Beaches or mountains or forest or lakes

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you were anywhere but here?

What I would give for a week or two where I did not have to worry about money and bills or work or problems or politics. I need a vacation in the worst way.

A real vacation.

A vacation from my life.

Monday Mumblings

Good morning blog world. I have been up since around 4:45 this morning. No I do not know why. I wish I did. I did make some coffee, read the paper and take out the trash. Now I am spending a few minutes with you. Do you feel special? The boy was just going to bed as I got up. Ahhh to be a teenager again. In my youth I was up all night in the summer reading and watching old movies. He is up playing video games.

I switched plans mid-stream yesterday. I was on my way to the store to get the fixins to make BBQ chicken on the grill. When I entered the venerable Marsh Supermarket I decided to make a lasagna instead. It was good. L luckily I have the recipe in my brain, although I almost forgot the ricotta.

I did get the yard mowed yesterday afternoon. The bushes still are untrimmed. Oh well. I hope you had a great weekend.

Fing Cubs have won three of four since the All-Star break. I fear it is too late.

Here is a fine "Monday" song for your listening pleasure:

One of my all-time favorite songs.

July 18, 2010

Digging Holes

Yesterday I finally got to work putting in my new mailbox. I have been putting it off for three or four weeks. It was damn hot, tiring work. Of course I started around noon, the hottest time of the day.

I keep forgetting I am no longer 25. Work that was easy in my youth just drains me now. The hard Indiana clay about did me in. I lifted and slammed those post hole diggers until my arms ached and I could barely lift the torturous tool. Lift and slam the blades down into the earth. Turn a half turn and repeat. After about ten lift/slams I scooped out maybe a half inch of clay soil. One half hour of work got me a six inch hole, and my shirt and short soaked in sweat. By then my legs, back, shoulders and arms were quivering.

I got the boy out of bed.

When we were finally done, the mailbox set and screwed onto the post, we were cleaning up the tools. As I hefted the post hole diggers the boy said "Put those somewhere we will never find them again".

My plans for trimming bushes and mowing the lawn were cancelled due to exhaustion. I took a shower and a nap. the boy showered and went off with his friends, seemingly tired but a few minutes. The wife went off last evening to the wedding of a co-worker. I watched an old Errol Flynn movie and then smoked a cigar out on the deck as the sun sank in the distant West.

I am still tired and sore this morning. This loss of power and strength is the hardest part of growing older. I used to be strong. I could work all day. I could move and lift. It is clear I have to start exercising more. It sucks to get old.

Weekend Funny

July 17, 2010

I have a dream

It is not an original idea.

I was thinking we should take Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, those parts of Illinois that are not Chicago or Springfield and form a new nation. Heck, we could take the whole of the country between the right and left coasts, minus New England, Michigan and Chicagostan, Wisconsin and Minnesota and form a new country. You know, the Red States. We could call it Red State Indiana The United States of America. We could just use the Constitution as it is written. The rest of the old States can find their right to Abortion, to Government mandated health care and windmills in any old document they choose to create from "living" words. Everyone would be happy.

Those in the new Progressivestan will have the theaters and cultural centers they love so much. We will have the farms and factories and coal mines and oil wells. They will have the beaches, granted. But we will have the guns. I can live without sand. They will have their Priuses and little bity clown cars. We will have trucks.

The best part of it all is that while Progressivestan becomes a giant Detroit/Gary/Cleveland/Toledo/Newark/Camden we can watch it all implode. After a few decades the blue staters will eat their own and the US of A (revised) can step in and claim our old territory! We likely can pick up the shebang at a Sheriff's sale for pennies on the dollar.

July 16, 2010

This about sums it up

This songs says how I feel about things these days: politics, weather, this blog.

I don't care anymore.

You people elected that empty suit. Congress ignores the will of the people. Hold tight, the shit is going to hit the fan. I suggest you grab some safety goggles and keep your mouth closed.

July 15, 2010

Quick Thought Thursday

Believe it or not, I am all for paying reparations. I say we give $100,000,000 tax free to each and every former slave who was alive when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed. To collect these funds the individual will have to appear in person before Congress.

When I turned on the lights in the office this morning two of the four bulbs in the overhead light were burned out. I am working in the semi-darkness.

Coming back from Cheeseheadistan yesterday evening I hit both Milwaukee and Chicago during the evening rush. Some days it is good to be me.

Why is it that some people do not use their cruise control? They pass me, slow down, drive in my blind spot, pass me, slow down... routine gets old after thirty or forty miles.

If you are driving in the left lane, and everyone on the highway is forced to pass you on the right, you are a douchebag asshole ignorant driver. You are also likely from Ohio. I have ranted about this before, and I know how you feel about this Dan-o. I am especially calling out the jerk in the blue minivan puttering along at 55 in the left lane holding up a mile of traffic.

The MLB all-star game is a joke. Just name the players to the game and forget playing it. The same can be said for the NFL ProBowl -- why bother? NBA -- I don't care, I don't watch. I can guess it is a waste of time and oxygen too. Does the NHL have a meaningless game too? If so, ditto above, other than I care even less.

Is there anything so refreshing as fresh pineapple?

Maybe watermelon.

I do not know what I am having for supper tonight, but it is going to include sweet corn and tomatoes -- hopefully I can find some yellow and red ones at the farmers market.

I think the Union workers are trying to set a record. How long does it take to rebuild the interchange at I-65/I80. They have literally been working there for 4 or five years, with no end in sight.

Let me get this straight. Arizona must be sued because it "interferes" with Federal Immigration policy. Sanctuary cities do not? I swear some days I am living in Alice's Wonderland. Is it opposite day?

Does anyone else find it ironic the NAACP, an organization founded to support members of a single race (ie not for advancing whites or Asians) is calling out another group for racism? Isn't that like the Klan calling out La Raza?

I saved 1.6 trillion new jobs. Last week. That is about as believable as the Administration's claims.

The near-constant race-baiting may backfire and a real race war might break out. Anjin, over at Yabu's place has called it. Perhaps that is on the President's agenda? A crisis cannot be wasted, you know. It was just through such civil unrest that Dictators have taken control of government throughout history -- Caesar, Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro to name but a few.

I know, maybe I need some Midol.

July 13, 2010

Just get me to the church on time

Proud Papa dancing with the Bride

July 12, 2010

How much do you make a year?

$47,000. I am not sure what you make, and I do not care. I am confident you do not have this amount of extra cash sitting in the old sock drawer. You owe that amount in debt. That is the current burden for each and every American to cover our Government's ever increasing debt.

$47,000.00. That is a lot of money. I have a family of four still living at home. At $47,000 our burden is $188,000. That computes to a whopping $515.07 per day and growing. That is our share here at the Hoosierboy homestead for the National Debt.

You can read all about it here.

Does that sound like a lot of cash? Just think, Obamacare has not been figured in.

Hope and Change in large doses. Sorry about your vote yet?

Heigh Ho

Hello Monday. I am back after a terrific weekend. If you read back a few posts you will know my Daughter was married Saturday. It was a great day. I felt no urge to cry at any time, she was happy and I was happy. My daughter looked gorgeous in her dress. My wife was beautiful. We had a good time at the reception. All in all great weekend. I will try to get up some pictures soon.

Now I have three days of emails to read and phone calls to return. Mondays always suck, but this one looks to be a regular sump pump kind of day.

July 10, 2010

Green Energy

Over the next few years, the development of wind energy could cost Indiana households more than $40 million per year, adding at least $2 per month on average to the typical bill for the state's 1.5 million homes.

The Obama promised he was going to make our electric bills skyrocket. We will not be able to power down the coal plants, they are the backup for when the wind does not blow.

But, Hey, we will all feel good that we are going green!

Obama and his liberalbraindead progressive minions want to eliminate coal, oil and natural gas a energy sources. They have no actual alternative to replace them. We can't build nuclear plants, we cannot build dams to generate hydroelectric power. Solar and wind energy cannot be relied upon. We sure cannot go back to wood or whale oil. There is a lot of hot air coming from the administration, but not enough to heat our homes this winter.

Can we burn Hope and Change?

July 9, 2010

Another ode to my baby girl

I wrote this post back in 2005 just before my little girl headed off to college. It may not be well written, but I am proud of it anyway. Go ahead and click the link, I will wait.

On Saturday that same little girl will get married. As you can guess she is no longer a little girl. She is a fine woman, a teacher. But little girls are special to their Daddies. She was my first child. I had never held a baby before she was born. I had never fed a baby a bottle, never changed a diaper. She did not come with an instruction manual.

Oh God, did I make mistakes. To me she was perfect. As she grew older I expected perfection. I tried to be a good father. I have never worked at anything so hard in my life.

Now there is another man in her life. In all honesty, if I had searched the world over I could not have found a better husband for her. He loves her completely. He is her friend. He is caring and supportive. He is a good man. I wish them the greatest joy and happiness possible.

When she was three all my daughter wanted in the world was for me to walk her to Dorner's Park so I could push her in the swings. Saturday I will walk her down the aisle. The new love of her life will be waiting at the end of that walk. I am sure several times in the next days the intervening two decades will play themselves in my mind, a sad and wonderful movie. I will remember birthdays and dance recitals. Christmases past and school plays, band concerts and bike rides will swirl in my brain. A few tears may fog my vision for a moment or two.

Saturday will be a joyous day. My heart will be bursting with pride. Doesn't every parent wish for their kids to be happy? I am told I am expected to say a few words at the reception. I do not know what to say. How do you sum up your thoughts about your daughter and her new husband in a minute or so? How do you tell a room of family, friends and strangers what your daughter means to you? How do you express your happiness when tears are streaming down your cheeks?

Someday she will have kids of her own. I can only hope she remembers her Mom and me and acknowledges we did our best. If the way she turned out is any indication, we did OK. Then she will gaze at her little baby and ask, "Where is the owners manual".

Godspeed and happiness Baby.

July 8, 2010

A quiz for you

Read this story from yesterday's Indianapolis Star.

Do you see anything out of line? Does any aspect of the story bother you? Do find it outrageous and unfair?

Let me help you:
The officer asked for the identification of all people in the vehicle, after which the passengers "became uncooperative, belligerent and verbally abusive to the officers," Towle said.

Asking for ID off all the people involved in a lawful stop by law enforcement is not unusual, it is common practice. Was this action by the Greenfield police racist? The player in question is white.

The controversial Arizona immigration law says that law enforcement will ask for Identification of everyone at a routine stop. If anyone is found to be illegal the individual will be charged.

You liberals can control your vapors. Arizona law codifies what already happens. get over it. If you have issues, how about you ask your President to seal the border and this will not have to happen.

Ypou liberals, those that have your panties in a wad about the Arizona immigration law, do a littl eresearch. Google Muehler v. Mena. Learn something today.

Will the nickle and dime crap never end?

My daughter has been informed that she will be charged $80 by the reception hall because she will have a table of 6 instead of 8 at her reception. I guess she should have tried harder to make sure her guest list was divisible by 8.

Damn those two people that were unable to attend her wedding. Maybe she should have just revoked the invitation of 6 people?

Seriously, I am starting to hate everyone in this world.

July 7, 2010

Spread the wealth

h/t GOC Like he urged, this should go viral.

Customer Service is Dead or Why we all hate the bank

Let me start this tale by stating outright my son was at fault, at least in the outset. No, actually I am sort of at fault. OB (oldest Boy) called and said he was not getting as many hours at the restaurant where he works and could we deposit some money. The kid has to eat. I put a small amount of cash into his former National City now PNC BANK account (PNC took over National City last week). I did not know he switched long ago to another bank because there are no branches of said PNC BANK in his college town. He said this was no problem, he could use his debit for that account. He took out some money. National City did not charge for using another bank's ATM. PNC does -- policy change! And yes, I am sure in some of the fine print of the terms and conditions booklet they sent him it stated this change. I am equally sure he tossed the book in the trash as soon as he got it, just like 70% of the account holders of the new PNC.

My oldest boy is a college student. Like most of his generation he conducts every consumer transaction with his debit card. Because of the ATM fees and his own incompetence he overdrew the account by $10.53. PNC charged him $72 in overdraft fees. I do not have an issue with this. There were two charges of $5+ each that overdrew the account. He should have paid attention.

OB checked his balance on the computer because he knew it was low. He did not realize some charges go through as a credit (gas) and take a day or two to appear. He called and said he had overdrawn the account and could I cover it. Lecture etc. on how to keep a register and responsibility blah blah followed (cue adult whah wahah from Charley Brown).

I put more in the account, thinking he had overdrawn the account $5 and there would be a $36 fee, again leaving some money to buy groceries and gas. He used around $16 of additional charges -- $1.04 at Burger King, $4 at the convenience store, etc. Not knowing another charge hit his account as he did not account for the other $5 that had not gone through. He was hit the other (legitimate) $36.

PNC Charged him another $144 in charges. Those charges over drew his account, and since he had used it some more -- again the amount spent was less than $17.00, another $108.00 in charges have accrued. Keep in mind the bank continued to let him use the card.

PNC has a different policy on charges too. The bank does not accrue the charges on an NSF until 3:00 the next day. If you overdraw your account today, the charges are not applied until tomorrow afternoon. This is not a grace period in case you discover your error. No, as soon as you go negative you will be charged, but the fees will not be added until the next afternoon.

OB got caught in this time lapse twice. He discovered he was overdrawn, money was deposited, but no charges were accrued yet so he used the card again, causing more charges. Basically he was charged $252 in charges because of NSF fees.

To shorten and already too long tale, the wife went to talk to the bank yesterday. She was told pretty much too bad, the new policies went into effect last week and he should have read the booklet they sent him. The banker agreed the charges were all incurred because of bank fees. She did not have the authority to waive any fees, that is made at "corporate". In any case my wife was told they would not waive more than 2 fees. Oh, and since his account is now overdrawn four days, additional fees will be charged. Since there is not funds to cover that charge another NSF will accrue.

By next Monday, OB will have been charged over $300 in fees for overdrawing his account $27.00. PNC sure has a nice racket going. Way to welcome your new customers.

BTW, that account can sit overdrawn until hell freezes over. I paid the over draft and the two NSFs. I will not pay fees accrued because of fees.

Obama sues Arizona over a law that has not even gone into effect

Amendment 9 - Construction of Constitution. Ratified 12/15/1791.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment 10 - Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people

I don't know, the words in those two Amendments seem pretty straightforward to me. The Constitution grants limited power to the Federal Government. The rest go to the States or the people. The rights listed is not a list of every right, just some. The balance belong to the States or the People too.

Arizona says we agree with the Federal Law regarding immigration. We also make the Federal Law a State law. If you are here illegally we are going to turn you over to the Feds. The People of Arizona agree.

On what grounds are the Feds suing Arizona?

It is a crime to murder someone, yet somehow the Feds say it is a Federal Crime if discrimination was involved. The Feds are saying it is a State and Fed issue, we agree and we can both charge you. Arizona is saying it is a State and Fed issue, we agree and we will both charge you.

What is the difference?

Obama does not want to enforce the laws and seal the border. Arizona does. Arizona Governor Brewer is making The Obama look bad for not doing his job. Obama will not stand for that.

Intimidating people at the polls -- OK. Enforcing existing laws not so much.

July 6, 2010

News Flash

It is hot. It is humid.

It is July. It seems to do this every year around this time.

This parenting stuff is hard

The boy has been planning for months to attend the Warped Tour Concert in Capital City today. We agreed on one condition -- he had to get a ride. He could not drive. His Mom has been bugging him for about a month --"How are you going to get there"?

"I have a ride", he said.

Friday he assured us his friend Josh was driving. We went and bought the ticket. He paid the $42 from his own money. Last night my wife asked him what time Josh was picking him up. He replied, " Uh, I am driving now".

Uh oh. Big Problem. In our house one asks permission, you do not just inform the parents on big decisions. Two, the whole condition was that he NOT drive. He has not had his driver's licence even a year. His experience is driving around our little town. The concert venue is located in the most congested area of the big city. He does not have a clue on how to get there. If I asked him which direction to drive from our house he could only give a general wave to the Northwest. He has no experience driving in heavy traffic. Yes, Houston, we have a major problem here.

In fairness, he thought he had two different rides. The kids agreed he could go with them. The kids just did not ask their parents if they could drive. The other parents are like us. They allowed the kid could go listen to the concerts, as long as they caught a ride.

We have three options. tell him to stay home. Let him drive, armed with written directions and my GPS. Drive him myself (this is the most humiliating option, but punishes me also).

What would you do?

July 5, 2010

F-ing Cubs

I have heard the Cubs are petitioning the league to just skip the seventh inning for the remainder of the season.

Monday Music

One of Bob's most beautiful songs.

July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth

Just to help get you in the mood, here is a video of Fred Astaire doing his 4th of July dance from one of my all-time favorite movies -- Holiday Inn:

There are two ways of looking at problems. A buddy of mine might think he has had a run of bad luck. He could also claim God is looking out for him. It is truly a glass half full/empty perspective.

About five years ago his appendix ruptured. Being a stubborn male he waited until he could no longer take the pain to go to the hospital. He almost died. Two years ago he had his right knee replaced. he fell into that 1% that had complications. He got an infection. They had to go in and surgically force the metal joints to bend a few months later. It took months and months before his new knee was better than the old damaged one.

Last year was a doozy. Long-time perusers here might remember me writing of my best friend of over 35 years. He felt chest pains. he went to the hospital (luckily only a few blocks from his house). He suffered a heart attack in the emergency room. Only the quick action of the doctors and nurses and the shock paddles kept him alive. He was flown to Indy by helicopter. A few weeks later, while at a follow-up visit to the doctor, he had another heart attack. He now sports a defibrillator and pacemaker under his skin.

Friday, he wrecked his motorcycle. Luckily he is not too badly hurt this time. A car slammed on its brakes right in front of him to avoid some fucking geese in the road. he lost control on some gravel and had to lay the bike down. His helmet is cracked. So is a rib. Road rash coats the left side of his body. His hip is swollen he says, but luckily not broken.

Dude has more lives than a cat, I swear.

Have a great weekend.

Independence day

Remember, It is not all about the fireworks.

July 2, 2010

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

The Constitution as a living document

Do you believe the Constitution is a living document? take a gander at this article and see if it changes your mind:

Let's say you needed to hire a football referee. If he said that he was a "pragmatic" referee, who viewed the rule book as "living" and thus would interpret the rules to suit the "times," would he be your man?

Since it's the job of the rule-makers to craft the rules, and the referee's role is only to determine if they've been broken, I think you'd be aghast. It would be obvious that you were dealing with someone who didn't know what his job was or was unwilling to perform it. And you certainly wouldn't want to hire a referee who was giving himself the latitude to say, "This fellow here violated a rule, but since I don't like that rule, I'm going to let his action stand" or "That guy over there has gone by the book, but I don't like something he did, so I'll penalize him anyway."

A judge's job is analogous to a referee's. It is the legislature's (rule-makers') place to make the rules, and the judge's only role is to determine if they've been broken. How he feels about a given law is irrelevant. He is but a gatekeeper.

Read the whole article

I was asked to leave a liberal blog and never come back during the Obamacare debate when I pointed out the Constitution (and the Founders own words as outlined in the Federalist papers) created a Federal Government with limited powers. I opined that like it or not, that was our Government. I was told that the Constitution was outdated. I really pissed them off when I stated the way to change the nature of the Government was not by Legislative or Judicial fiat, but through the Amendment process. They asked me to leave. Some people cannot handle the truth.

I have been kicked out of better places.

Why you should vote Democrat volume II

h/t Blackiswhite

Why you should vote Democrat

July 1, 2010

Voter ID

Yesterday the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the State's voter ID law. The statute says one must present a form of identification before casting a vote. ID are offered free from the BMV.

Can someone, anyone, offer a case against this apparently reasonable requirement? The League of Women voters argues against the measure by stating that the State has failed to show that voter fraud exists. I guess once we have a fraudulent election it is Ok to fix the problem?

We have to show or ID to board a plane, cash a check, buy plates for our car, collect welfare and food stamps. In Indiana you have to show ID to buy beer, no matter your age. Why should we not aspire to the highest integrity when exercising one of our most precious rights -- the franchise?

Kagan is not fit to be a judge at a dog show, forget the Supreme Court

We all know the process for confirming a nominee to the Supreme Court is a pain. We all expect the nominees to claim they can not comment upon cases they have not heard, or ones they might in the future. But Kagan's obfuscation goes beyond a claim of neutrality. She cannot comment on why she banned the military from recruiting at Harvard Law school in violation of Federal Statutes. She will not admit to writing memos in her own handwriting (It looks to be my handwriting, but maybe I did or did not write it). It is not too much to expect a potential member of the Supreme Court to comment upon Constitutional matters.

She apparently has no opinion on anything. She cannot answer a simple straightforward question. She cannot take a decision when offered a choice. Either she is Forrest Gump in a dress or she will not state her views as they are so far left of the mainstream that she will not be confirmed.

Those of you on the left, would you support the nomination of a Republican President who has never been a judge -- even for a parking ticket case. Who has never argued a case in front of a jury? Who has never written n opinion? I have been on a Federal grand Jury. I also served on petit jury (drug case). I might have spent mroe time in a courtroom that Kagan! She is without doubt one of the least qualified nominees ever.

Do the Repubs have the balls to refuse to vote her out of committee? The rules state at least one member of the opposition has to agree to move to a full Senate vote. Or do they have the courage to filibuster this unfit candidate?

They likely cannot stop her from getting affirmed, but this is worth a Clarence Thomas type fight.

November is coming. Have you changed your ways, members of the Stupid Party?
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