June 29, 2016

Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a barista

It is a cool morning here at the old homestead.  When I scrambled out of the loft I had to break a skim of ice from the water bucket. The fire in the stove was a welcome relief from the chill. I leaned against the cow as I milked her, absorbing her body heat. Nonsense abounds. The closest I ever came to milking a cow was an evening I spent with this chunky gal in he back of a station wagon during a football game at Western Boone High School back in 1977 or '78. I didn't even know her name.

I'm on vacation today. We were supposed to be using up some of those hard-earned Hilton points at a lovely resort in Florida for the next couple of days. Alas, the wife did not feel comfortable driving that far by herself. Me, I could do the 12 hours each way easily, that is a routine business trip for me. But she is all scared to let a blind person drive her across country, particularly at night. Every time the lecture starts with "Joe, you can't...", I just tune it out. It starts to sound just like a teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon: whaaah, whaaaah. So, we are having a staycation. That is a fancy word that translates as wasting good vacation days doing nothing fun. 

There is a park bench overlooking the retention pond on the other side of he housing addition. Maybe I will walk over there. I bet staring at that water will be just like watching the ocean. Only different. No sharks. There is that. 

I think I saw tne Go Gos back in '82. That story is in the archives somewhere. I could look it up, but I'm on vacation.

The Cubs have a day game today.  That will eat up a few hours.

June 28, 2016

Nose removed. Take that face

Trump isn't conservative. Neither was Romney, nor McCain. Both Bush Presidents had some squishy moments.

I have some issues with Trump's positions, especially a Muslim ban. But anyone who says they will vote for Hillary because Trump isn't conservative has some explaining to do. Just what will Trump do that is worse than Hillary? Hate the direction of the Supreme Court? Just wait.

You are smarter than I, George Will. You are a Cubs fan. You are great writer. But apparently you are just an emotional, petulant child. Go ahead, take your ball and go home. And yes, I am figuratively throwing dirt clods at your back as you run crying to your mommy.

June 27, 2016

And that is how I spent my Sunday.

I gave away my treadmill yesterday. I should be using it but I don't. It was a big space waster. It was a nice one too. It didn't go far. I gave it to my daughter on the condition that I didn't have to help carry it down the stairs. Suddenly, the blog room looks much larger.

After we did the treadmillandectomy, the wife and I headed out to do some work. I mowed while she trimmed the bushes. I helped her clean up the mess between frequent breaks. That woman works me too hard. I was too exhausted to complain when she reported that she had cut the electric cord with the hedge trimmers. I have done it myself. It happens. I came in for a much needed shower while she washed off the porch. I wanted to weed the garden, but I was just too worn out.

My oldest son and his sweet girlfriend came for supper. It was great to see them. After they left I plopped on the couch. The wife started doing laundry. WTH? Doesn't she ever get tired?

I need a couple of days off to recover from my weekend. I hope yours was good too.

June 26, 2016

it has been lonely in the saddle since my horse died

I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and tapping away one-fingered on the old iPad. Saturday was great; hot and sunny. We went to our friends and spent the day in and around their pool. Beer, cigars, snacks, and laughter were on the menu. We ate some pizza for supper and played some euchre as the evening turned to darkness. Relax, the wife drove us home.

Friday night the wife decided she was going to bake a batch of sugar cookies to take on Saturday. It was after 9:00 at night when she decided. She mixed the dough, let it cool in the fridge and finally started the first sheet around 10:30. A bit later I asked if any were ready. I needed to taste one to make sure they were eatable. I'm the official sugar cookie taste tester. She said I had to wait two minutes.

The timer dinged, the oven opened and my wife swore. That does not happen often. That is why I try to take up the cursing slack. But she did in this case. It seems she forgot to turn on the oven.  I only teased her a little. "I'm senile and you are blind, what a pair", she laughed.

We are a pretty good pair. Next week will mark thirty-two years of marriage. Damn, that is a long time.

June 25, 2016

I gotta go buy some beer

It looks to be a gorgeous summer day here at the old homestead. Skies are blue, trees are green. Sentence fragments are in the air. I'm awake and breathing. There is indeed plenty to be thankful for. Proper syntax aside.

I know you are sick of my political rants. I'm sick of them too. I have more disgust bubbling inside but I will refrain from venting on this delightful Saturday, about politics anyway.

I'm surprisingly upbeat about the prospect of some dude slicing open my eyeball. I'm a little weirded out about getting some other person's body parts stitched in. I'm really depressed that my kids have a 50% chance of developing the same issues. That sucks.

So Joe, you ask, how bad is your vision? OK, you didn't ask. But it is my blog and I can ramble on at my heart's content. I haven't spent a lot of time and words whining about diabetes or pains in my foot or other stuff. Well, I do complain a lot, but let's leave that aside. But you digress. Anyway , I have gone from "can't see shit" to can't see at all. We are talking big E on the eye chart capabilities. With my glasses on. Forget reading line four, I can't even see that there is a line four. I'll be driving through your state next week BTW. Feel better?

If I can't see I can't drive. If I can't drive I can't work. Yeah, that's why I am scheduled for eyeball replacement in weeks, not months. Yes, I know it ain't the eyeball. Just give me my drama queen moment already. The doctor wanted to space the surgeries a month apart. I suggested we do both at once. We compromised on a two week interlude.

I won't be able to pick up or hold my granddaughter for at least six weeks. I'll be restricted from bending over too. I'll have to have my wife tie my shoes. That's just a bit humiliating, but just a little less than having her read a menu to me. That is where we are now. Which is worse: I can't tie my shoes or I can't read? Both make me feel like a damn three year old. At least I'm not wetting and crapping my pants.


That is two posts in a row crying about poor me. I doubt there will be many more. That is not how we like to roll around here. At least I hope not.

What time does my surprise pity party start anyway? Will there be a piƱata?

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to enjoy mine.

June 24, 2016

Part of a theme

Why, no. I can't.

I have struggled with some vision issues for years. I have what is called Fuch's Dystrophy. You can look it up. I will wait.

I've told you for years that I'm exceptional and once again I can prove it. Usually, Fuch's afflicts women. Almost always older people. I was diagnosed in my mid-forties. Hooyah. Anyway, in recent months my vision has deteriorated severely. When I went last month for new glasses the eye doc said he cannot help me and sent me to a surgeon.

Yesterday, it was confirmed. In a couple of weeks I go in for the first of my cornea transplants. The second one will follow two weeks after that. I'm assured it is not a big deal and fairly routine. I'm getting my minor cataracts removed while they are in there. Unfortunately, new lenses can't correct severe astigmatism, so when I'm done I will still have to wear my damn bifocals. But at least I will be able to see. There is that.

So, you will continue to read my rants and nonsense for a few more weeks. Then I will not be posting for a while; maybe for six or eight weeks - until the transplants start to work and I can get my new, far weaker glasses prescription. You will survive.

Me too.

I will keep you posted.

June 23, 2016

nothing political in this one

Is there anything better than a fresh, ripe peach on a summer day?

King George is alive and well and running the Democrat Party.

Democrats claim they do not want to take away anyone's Second Amendment rights. I suppose we can take them at their word.

It is obvious they have every intention of revoking your Fifth Amendment rights.

Welcome to the era of the "living document" Constitution.

call me skeptical

House Democrats staged a sit in* yesterday. It was all over the news.

Do you know what didn't get covered as a consequence? Hillary's IT guy taking the 5th a hundred and twenty-five times in depositions or Trumps speech denouncing Clinton's character issues.

I'm sure it is a mere coincidence.

* is this first ever anti-civil rights sit-in?

June 22, 2016

Trust but verify, I don't think so.

Celebrities, politicians, bloggers, Democrats, and gun grabbers in general want to prohibit those whose names appear on a "watch list" from purchasing a gun. Let's skip for a moment that the most recent mass killers were not on that list and such legislation is a knee jerk "we have to do something" measure.

Do you really trust your government to only put legitimate national security threats on that list? Be honest. After all, the current administration used the IRS to target organizations with differing political beliefs. So did the Clinton administration. Nixon tried to use the IRS in a like manner. All of these Presidents and the second Bush had a so-called "enmities list" of political opposition. How hard would it be to merge the two lists?

For you liberals who seem to have no problem with Obama using the IRS as an attack dog, what are your fears about a President Trump controlling the list of those who get Constitutional Rights? How big a leap is it to claim First Amendment Rights are a national security threat too? We have already seen attempts to limit free speech on the college campus.

I have seen little in my lifetime that leads me to trust the government from Watergate to the present. We have seen countless examples of the bureaucracy abusing its power. Perhaps even for good. But abuse is abuse.

I have not even discussed the anti-American idea that we do not deprive people of their rights without due process. The same people who find it incomprehensible to provide identification to vote have no qualms about depriving a citizen his right to bear arms based on whim, suspicion, last name, religion, race, or national heritage. 

So I am left with this argument for my progressive friends: do you liberals really trust future administrations to do the right thing? Do you think the Koch Brothers or Trump, or Big Oil will not attempt put those they disagree with on a "watch list". Do you trust future administrations not to deprive you of your rights once we say it is OK to do it once? Me neither.

I'm not a black helicopters tin foil hat kind of guy. I have studied enough to know history is replete with examples of how power corrupts. Once most people taste power, influence, and money they want more and will do anything to keep it. They will even abuse a list of names. 

Freedom is messy. We have to take the good with the bad. But we don't have to make it easy for those with misguided intent to take those freedoms away.

I would welcome and encourage counterpoints in the comments.

June 21, 2016

stuff you won't see on the news

Apparently, Democrats in the Senate are far mor interested in having a campaign issue than passing incremental gun laws. I guess it was all or nothing, or else just a reluctance to pass legislation put forth by the a Republicans.

Isn't that what they blamed the GOP of when they were the minority?

Boy, I hate politicians.

Not that the laws would have prevented any mass shooting in the past forty years, but that is beside the point.

redacted title

I had to go see a (redacted) this morning about buying some (redacted). It was an early (redacted).

I'm kind of tired (redacted). The wife scored some (redacted) at the farmer's market (redacted) and I did not get around to planting them until yesterday (redacted). She had a couple of other plants that needed put into the (redacted) also. I spent the evening digging holes with a (redacted) and post hole (redacted). About eight to be exact.

This morning I am sore and I have (redacted) on my hands, mostly from the post hole (redacted). Just as I finished digging in gone rock hard clay and planting the last plant, the sky darkened and we began to hear rumbles of (redacted) and shortly began to rain.

(redacted) ( redacted) (redacted) you.


I have an early morning meeting today. I have to jump in the shower soon.  That means I can either blog or have a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. It is all about clock management.

When did crunch berries become blue and green and purple?

June 20, 2016

Lame but real.

It looks like a gorgeous day outside my window; hot and humid,  as is normal for the season. I had a good weekend, nothing extraordinary to report. I wnt to see my dad yesterday. I took an apple tree sapling I dug up from my yard and replanted it at their house.

I have to prepare for a meeting later today. I should have done it Friday. I really should have worked on it over the weekend. I must do it now. Yet here I sit blogging. Bad Joe.

There you have it, a legitimate excuse for a lack of meaningful content.

June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

to all you dads out there

June 17, 2016

It could never happen...

The Government has a list. It has several actually. If you are on that list, your Constitutional rights are suspended. You have no way of knowing if you are on the list. You don't know how you got on he list. You do not have recourse to get your name stricken.

Perhaps you made the list because you wrote a blog post criticizing the government. Maybe you made the list based on your name, or your heritage.

We would never do that, right? Not in America.

The Democrats did it before. Just ask the people of Japanese decent what happened during WWII.

It always begins with a list for progressives. Just study the Reign of Terror, the Soviet Gulags, the so-called Cultural Revolution, or the killing fields of Pol Pot. They all had lists. They were all leftists.

Oh, they also started by rounding up all the weapons.

June 16, 2016

Let's see

We need to lighten things up around here.

I'm reading the Jungle Book. I'm skipping the poetry parts.  Sorry Jean.

I spent the night in a Hampton Inn. It was right next to a Holiday Inn Express, does that count?

I will be a mile or so from my old boss's office. I don't think I will stop by.

It is Thursday.

The wife had a colonoscopy Tuesday.  All was good.

Three customer visits and five hours or so in the car and I will be home.

I need a vacation.

June 15, 2016

A parable based on a true story

Last summer my son-in-law had a section of his fence fall. We put in new posts and stringers and started to hang he picket boards back on. I was using a square to get the proper spacing between the boards. At some point I slipped and the board was nailed crooked. That means the next was crooked and the next. It was only after nailing a half dozen boards or so we discovered the mistake. I immediately identified the problem. It was my old square. It had to go. I threw it in the trash and vowed I would never allow a square of any type to be in my toolbox again. Not only had that adjustable square failed to do the job, it was metal and sharp and old. I vowed "never again". as we redid our efforts.

That is what reasonable people do; blame the tool when things go wrong. If only I had instituted some common sense rules and proceedures before using the square, I would not have messed up the fence. We could have avoided the tragic waste of wood, time, and effort.

Makes perfect sense.

The More Things Change...

About a century and a half ago newspaper editor/owner Horace Greeley opined that "not all rascals are Democrats, but all Democrats are rascals".

You may take exception to this characterization, but any party that would nominate a liar and incompetent boob like Hillary Clinton is indeed filled with rascals.

June 14, 2016

Can we be done with this?

The gun did not kill anyone in Orlando. A hate-filled religious fanatic did. He had all of he background checks, there was no "loophole". Just like Sandy Hook or Va Tech, or San Bernadino there is not a single "common sense" gun law that would have prevented the murders. The brand of gun had nothing to do with it, the type of gun had nothing to do with it. A semi automatic rifle comes in many calibres and various amounts of plastic. The scariness of the gun had nothing to do with the attacks. Any gun short of a muzzle loader could have accomplished the evil task. The only gun laws Hillary wants is total confiscation. Then you too are a potential victim.

Read some history. The Mongols managed to wipe out entire towns and cities without guns. Man has always had a vast capacity for killing his fellows. The only remedy is self defense.

Best value for breakfast

My bathroom scale is such a liar it could easily be considered as a competent running mate for Hillary Clinton.

One continually lies about my weight, the other about pretty much everything else. Between them they have all the bases covered.

June 13, 2016

Imagine a world different from John Lennon's

What if there was one or two or three people inside that nightclub in Orlando packing heat? Instead of a gun free zone target rich environment, the shooter was facing a barrage of counter-fire? Maybe somewhat less than 100 people would have been shot.

But who could Hillary and Barack blame then? Citizens stopping crazed gunman does not fit the we have to ban guns narrative, does it?

Dear President Obama

You can say it. The words themselves have no power. It is not like muttering Rumplestiltskin three times and he shows up to get you. Likewise, refusing to identify the evil does not make it go away.

You can do it. I know you can. Say it with me:


Do you need help? Say it: iz lawm ek terror.

Everyone in the world knows it exists. It is long past time you admitted it. You cannot begin to solve a problem until you recognize it. Oh well, I am sure there is an obscure movie or book or website you can blame.

edit. BTW, All Florida bars and nightclubs are gun-free zones. How did an Islamic Terrorist have a gun? Clearly, we need more gun llaws and gun free zones.

Is the sarcasm font turned on?

June 12, 2016


Do not doubt me, I could create a post from thin air. Too bad I'm just a few hundred feet above sea level and the air is heavy and humid. If I worked in the mountains I bet you would get some real quality stuff.  Alas..

We had a good day yesterday. We went up to our friend's house and spent the day in and around their pool. It was hot and the water was nice. It is important to pick friends with cool stuff. I did the dumbest thing though. I will tell you so that you can make fun of me in the comments. It is so stupid you will think I made it up.

I was smoking a nice cigar --Oliva Series G -- and had laid it down on the edge of the table, probably to grab a cold beer. I picked up the cigar, put it in my mouth, and drew hard. I spit it right out. I had put the lit end in my mouth. I burned the hack out of my tongue! It still is sore today. Everyone got a good laugh at my expense, especially my wife. I picked the stogie up from the patio, put the right end into my mouth a puffed it back to life. I'm a trooper like that.

But boy was that a dumbass thing to do.

June 11, 2016

Stupid crap with a bonus at the end

Let us see, yesterday I typed up visit reports from my last couple of weeks travels. I watered the lawn and flowers and garden. I played with my granddaughter.  Now it is Saturday. I got up early because I can never sleep when I have the opportunity to sleep in. I suppose since I tend to be obstinate and perverse about most things in life, I should not be surprised when my brain does that shit to me personally.

Left Brain: Woot, it is the weekend! We get to sleep in!
Right Brain: Fuck you. You are getting up an hour earlier than usual.
Left Brain: No, we're are sleeping.
Right Brain: Now you have to pee. Sleep through that jerkwad.
Left Brain: Don't tell me what to do.
Right Brain: Let's solve quadratic equations
Left Brain: I don't even know what that is, leave me alone
Right Brain: We could finish the book we have been reading
Left Brain: I was having a great dream
Right Brain: I'll make coffee
Left Brain: I hate you

June 10, 2016

My 'maters are blooming

Friday! Hoo-freaking-ray, I say.  It looks to be hot and humid weekend. Currently the clouds are heavy and dark and it looks like it will rain at any second. We need it, so I won't complain any more than usual. After rain chances this morning, it is supposed to be sunny through Sunday.

I don't know why so many of my entries start with a weather report. You don't care. Your weather is likely different if you live more than a few dozen miles from my blog room window. Unfortunately, the useless weather report has been a staple of my blogging for at least five decades. In fact, I told AlGore back in junior high he should invent some kind of platform where people could share their local weather.  That Al, he was always dreaming stuff up.

 Here I was, typing up a morning weather observation on my manual Underwood, and then just filing the paper in the round file. Old Al, he says I should expand my observations on the climate and throw in some music, politics, cat pictures, and maybe mundane recitations of travels and daily life. Al said other people -- maybe even a half dozen -- would get a kick out reading that kind o'crap. He said he was going to create a way to connect everyone's typewriters so we could share cat pictures and recipes and nekkid pictures and movies of old songs and weather reports. That Al, he always had a great imagination. He also told me my obsession with weather gave him a great idea to scam some people for some real serious money...

June 9, 2016

Does antimatter really matter to the Mad Hatter?

These words are arranged in a certain order that makes a modicum of sense to those who understand English, or at least my Hoosier version of that language. I could continue to type letters into words, but at a point not so far into the future they will cease to be arranged into semi-coherent sentences. They will be naught but random words. Shortly after that, this post would become random letters. Not only would that chaos be a literary example of the third law of thermodynamics, but a clear indication that I really, truly have nothing of consequence to offer today. Now that state of things is in no way unusual, but I have even less inspiration than normal today. Tree secretary steak and cupcake right wing beer ashkutrvbm, km .


June 8, 2016

The Eighth of June

Today is my fair and lovely wife's birthday. She is as old as she is today.

What? you think I am a complete idiot?

I made a lightning trip to the greater St. Louis area this week. I got back yesterday evening. Most of the trip was uneventful. At one point a guy in an older Chevy was following a truck out of a rest stop. I moved over to the left lane. Suddenly the guy in the Chevy cut over into my lane to get around the slowly accelerating truck. I guess he didn't see me, because I only averted a major accident by a foot or so. I laid on the horn pretty heavy since he just kept on coming. Finally, I had to swerve onto the shoulder to keep from doing a NASCAR spin 'em move on his left real quarter panel, while applying the brakes hard. Certainly it all happened in a split second. When he finally moved back to the right lane he flipped me off. I hate to sound like the get off my lawn guy, but I really think people used to drive better. Maybe we really do need self-driving cars.

It is hump day. The weekend is coming. It just cannot get here soon enough.

June 7, 2016


I guess we can say all of the Presidential candidates suck. Trump is a buffoon who needs a filter on his mouth. Hillary is a lying, despicable power hungry crook, and Johnson just ended any hope of getting my throw away vote with his comments last week that he agrees with Sanders more than 70% of the time and that he agrees with Obama's amnesty for illegals. The latter comment is a deal breaker for me.

Yesterday while cruising, the talking heads on the sports station were discussing Ali. That lead to a discussion of the sports "Mt Rushmore".  They thought Jordan, Ruth, and Gretzky were sure things and I cannot argue. The discussion came on the fourth head.

One could argue the real Mt Rushmore faced the same problem. I'm not sure TR really belongs. Similarly I'm not sure who the fourth sports head would be. I lean toward Jim Thorpe. One caller suggested Secretariat, but come on. I suppose we could consider Bruce Jenner. He could be a man and a woman and a whatever. Maybe Hank Aaron? Usain Bolt?

We could never build such a monument today. The progressives would argue that Ruth played in the white era. We would have to include every subgroup imaginable because calling anyone the best leaves out others. I'm not sure there is a mountain big enough to satisfy the SJW. Then the environmentalists would freak about carving the mountain. Then the perennial offended would complain that only sports figures were included. Perhaps it best remains a topic of imagination and something to discuss over a beer.

Who would you put on the sports Mt Rushmore?

June 6, 2016

June 6, 1944


These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war." -- President Ronald Reagan

Fuzzy reminds us that today is also the anniversary of the Battle of Midway. That naval encounter was at least as important to winning the war in the Pacific as the invasion of Normandy was to defeating Hitler. In fact, Midway was almost a larger gamble. The Navy went in all or nothing and a defeat at Midway likely would have set the war effort back years against the Japanese.

June 4, 2016

Float like a butterfly

It is raining. It is a steady rain, the kind we need after a pretty dry spring. My yard already looks better for it. I'm sure the farmers are delighted as the corn pokes through the rich black dirt. I doubt my neighbor is so thrilled. His daughter graduates from high school today. They have spent the past several weeks preparing. I know they have fixed up their backyard in anticipation of an open house. And it is going to rain all day long. My daughter and SIL are going to a wedding. A rainy wedding day sucks too.

Mohammed Ali has passed. The brash young man turned into a sage old one. He was a great fighter. The best of his generation. Perhaps the best of all time. Of course the "who is the best" conversation is always a matter of perspective, time, and loyalty, no matter if you are arguing boxing, quarterbacks, pitchers, or bass players.

Have a great Saturday.

June 3, 2016

Friday Frappe

I spent a couple of days this week working my way through western Michigan. There was nothing extraordinary to report, just routine work, driving, hotels. After my last visit yesterday in Three Rivers, I cut straight down US 131 which turned into Indiana 13. I took 13 through Amish country. I saw several dudes on bikes, hat clamped firmly on their head as their beards waved in the breeze of passing cars. Several of he horse-drawn vehicles were work wagons, not the enclosed black buggies we usually associate with the Amish sect. One large wagon going the opposite direction was pulled by big draft horses pulling four abreast: that one really had traffic backed up on the highway.

I passed through Syracuse and the lake country and down through Wabash and in Marion I switched to highway 37, which took me to within a quarter mile or so from my garage. The whole trip was as boring as this account. The only bright spot was while surfing he static-filled airwaves I found the Cubs game on the radio. I have to admit I found the sounds of he ballpark far more entertaining than another afternoon of talk radio or British History podcasts.

It looks to be a beautiful day today, but rainy this weekend.  I suspect that will not keep the wife from dreaming up a project or two for me to tackle.

My coffee cup is empty and work becons. have a great weekend.

June 2, 2016

Please don't eat the salad

Yesterday I stopped at a Big Boy for lunch. I sat down and ordered. After the nice waitress brought my diet Pepsi, I went to the restroom. When I went in someone was in the stall groaning. As I started to do my business at the urinal he flushed. The man walked straight out of the restroom, not bothering to wash his hands.  I zipped, washed and using a paper towel, opened the door. I saw the dirty old man. He was up at the salad bar. 

That is why I don't buy the salad bar. 

June 1, 2016

There is a reason I don't often tune on that side of he dial

How is it that so-called experts can be so ignorant? I was switching through the radio today while cruising to customer visits. I landed on PBS to hear a discussion of Fascism. The members of the panel all were gravely concerned of the neo-fascists in Europe and their "right wing extremism". Then they got on Trump. One "expert" said that Trump had the same facial expressions as a classic Fascist like Mussolini or Hitler. First, can you really determine political tendencies based on facial expression? What a crock. Worse, with every syllable these miserable jerkwad political hacks showed their complete lack of historical and political understanding.

Mussolini was a Fascist. Hitler was a National Socialist. Neither was right wing. Both sought big-government solutions. "Right wing" and fascism and socialism are diametrically opposed. Mussolini and his Fascist Party rose to power opposing the conservatives! This panel of experts and the old hag hosting the show clicked their tongues in consternation over the coming fascist wave that was overtaking he EU and America. How damn ignorant can you be? Worse, people listen to this auditory bag o'crap and believe the batshit ignorance, thinking they are intellectually superior to us hayseed right-wing nut jobs. Thank goodness I could change the station before further misinformation and ignorance wasted any more of my precious brain cells.  Is the left completely made up of nasal talking, smug, self-righteous, ignorant, poorly educated, politically and historically moronic blowhards? I don't know, but there was a whole herd of them spouting their nonsense on PBS today.

On gorillas

Let me get this out of the way. I love animals. In any choice of saving an animal or a human, the human wins. Sorry, EOS.

Shooting that gorilla sucks, but if the zoo keepers, the folks that probably love animals more than you or I, thought the little kid's life was in danger, then they did the right thing. It does not matter how the child got in the pen. It was either/or.

Those twitter idiots proclaiming an animal is equal to a human are pathetic. Show me an animal that has built a car. Show me an animal that can set a broken leg. Show me an animal that invented antibiotics or band aids. What animal cultivates to grow his food source or has domesticated other animals. When the "Planet of the Apes" starts and the chimps have guns, we will will talk.

Until then, I say a four year old is more important than even the last gorilla on Earth. Yes, your dog or cat may be more precious than some of the human scum that walks the planet. I don't doubt it. That changes nothing. A human life is far more important than any animal.
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