January 31, 2015

Super Weekend

It is a bright and chilly Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. I am less than excited to see two of my least favorite teams face off in the big game.

The SnowTeam/ScareTeam s in high panic over the prospect we might get a lot of snow, or maybe a little snow, or perhaps just cold rain overnight and Sunday. It could be bad. Or not. They advise that I keep watching as they continue to guess. One thing is certain, we will have weather outside my office window.

The youngest boy has the weekend off from work, primarily because the restaurant where he works was heavily damaged by fire last Sunday. He is coming home later today. I visited with my daughter and granddaughter Thursday. I had lunch with my oldest son yesterday and my youngest will be home today.  Yes, that is a smile on my usually cranky countenance. If I could convince the wife to give up some nookie this morning, the weekend would be complete.

Well you can't have everything.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.

January 30, 2015

Old Habits

Back in the middle years of the 1980's, we traveled up to Merrillville, Indiana to the Holiday Star Theater to see old Hank Jr. in concert. The asshole was wasted. He would start a song, play a little bit then just kind of taper off. Sometimes Bocepheus forgot the lyrics, sometimes he forgot what song he was playing and launched into a different hit. Mayhaps it was on purpose; it came off as amateurish at best.  Towards the end of the show they brought out a stool so Hank could sit down before he fell down. He ended the show stripped to the waist, fat belly bouncing as he jumped around the stage. I think he was playing Kaw-Liga.  It was thirty years ago, I can't remember every detail. I think beer was involved on my part as well. The primary difference was no one coughed up hard earned dollars for ducats to see me.

In all, it was one of the worst performances I ever paid to see.

Still I like this song, and it sums up my feelings to both the Friday Music feature and the old blog in particular. Plus, Freddie, my favorite lurker-in-chief likes country music*.  Perhaps not oldies like this, but it is the effort that counts.  Right?

*so I think. I might be wrong. I don't know.  Just listen to the music, OK?

January 27, 2015

I believe

You "believe" stuff when there is no verifiable proof. I believe in God. I cannot prove he exists, if you are a sceptic you won't believe.

People claim they believe in man-made global warming/climate change. They cannot prove it exists, but they believe fervently.

I suppose I am a climate agnostic. I used to own a book that used weather, or climate if you prefer, as a means of predicting future events. The author used past weather to map human events and offered a view of the future. Not surprisingly, I picked up the tome for either free or next to nothing at a library book sale. The whole theory is crackpot. You have to love the 1970s.

Weather models fail to forecast with much accuracy 24, heck 12 hours, in advance of a storm.  Yet we are supposed to change our way of life, our economy, our behavior based on weather models for ten or twenty years from now? Those same models, ten years ago, predicted a much different reality. In fact they were dead wrong.  Too bad I lost my free book, it may have been more accurate.

Mental snooze button

I need more coffee. I am groggy this morning. I got a good night of sleep. I've been up an hour and ,my brain is still in sleep mode. I'll try this thing later.

January 26, 2015

Let's see

It is Monday, so I outta post something. I had a good if uneventful weekend. It snowed a bit on Sunday.

Yesterday the wife and I went out for brunch at Granite City,  I ate entirely too much. Too much bacon, too much biscuits and gravy, too much prime rib. Too much of everything. Afterward, the wife dropped me off at home while she walked around the mall. I watched the movie "42" and took a well deserved nap.

Now I am off to do some work.

Things to do for this Monday:

1) write a boring blog post.  Check.

Have a great day.

January 24, 2015

Let's Play Two

RIP Ernie. You lived and played with class and gusto.

Say "Hey" to Ronnie when you get to the big game in Heaven.

January 23, 2015

January 22, 2015

But they are tryin' hard

The cool thing about deflategate is that I can republish old stuff. You gotta love the classics.

Look, I will say this, The Colts lost that game.  The Patriots were better. Period. Deflated footballs had nothing to do with the Colts inability to tackle.

But cheating is cheating. Writing that algebra formula on your forearm only helps you get one answer correct, but get caught and you still fail the tst.

I will also say this, NFL players are craftsmen.  They are experts in their field.  A quarterback knows exactly how a ball should feel. I do not buy for a moment Brady did not know the balls were deflated by 15%. Ask any craftsman and he knows intimately the feel of each one of his tools. Eleven out of twelve balls indicates something nefarious.

January 21, 2015

The 1%

So here is the thing, I'm not rich. Not even close. I could best be described as decidedly middle class. I do live in one of the more affluent communities in one of the more affluent counties in the state. Someone has to comprise the bottom half.  That said, I think I am missing that gene that makes me angry at the rich folk that surround me.

Sure, I like money. I would gladly take more of it. The fact that there are houses worth two or three times the value of mine just a few blocks away does not bother me a whit. There are millionaires and multi-million dollar houses down the street. Literally just down the street. So what?

Those people have their money. They earned it, inherited it or borrowed it. None of that concerns me.  You see, wealth is not static, there is not a defined amount of cash available in the world and every dollar you earn means there is one less dollar available for me. We all can gain wealth.

Most of us would be counted as fantastically rich in many parts of the world, even if you are eating hot dogs and pancakes as part of your regular diet.

I don't think we should be envious of the one percent. I think we should aspire to be one of the club. When I read how the richest pay most of the taxes I don't think for a minute they do not pay their fair share. I wonder why some want to punish success.

January 20, 2015

State of the Union

I predict* The Obama will trot out the worn pages from the Democrat playbook, namely tax the rich, banks are evil, global warming, but racists, wealth redistribution, amnesty, blah blah. I could just slap up a recording of the Ten Years After classic "I Want To Change The World", but I have done that so many times in the past it is redundant, but this line sure is indicative of Obama's policies:

"I want to change the world, but I don't know what to do"


* at the risk of pissing off EOB, who is obsessed with my predictions and spends significant time, words, and angst over my righteousness.

January 19, 2015

The Art of Packing

if you have read this piece o'crap blog for very long you likely know that I am a salesman. The kind that travels to my customers. I have been doing this for more than twenty years. By my best gestimation I have flown more than 900 flights and driven more than a million miles. I have been to nearly every state and ten foreign countries. I have mastered the art of packing a suitcase. It takes me about ten minutes to pack for a four or five day trip and much of that time is spent choosing what to wear. I rarely over pack, but I do plan for contingencies: usually an extra shirt, and small clothes.

I always laugh when we get ready to pack for a vacation. My wife insists on packing the suitcases. She is confident only she can fold and arrange the stuff in a proper manner. I explained I don't show up at my customers rumpled and wrinkled, but I might as well explain the the Federal assault at Cold Harbor, she has no interest In what I have to say. She over packs, wastes space and still does not get that shoes are bulky and heavy, and it is not necessary to have a different pair for every outfit.

Oh well, I gave up that fight a long time ago. I'm off to get ready for a business trip.

Edit: it just took me 4 minutes to pack enough for four days.

I melt with you

There was a picture here

January 18, 2015

It is about time

Look, I'm not one to complain...

OK, even I laughed at that beginning.

...but it is past time to stop burning the Christmas lights. I get it-- it I s cold.  No one wants to hazard the cold and ice, ripping down strands of lights from rooftops and shrubbery. I'm not suggesting you have to take them down, but it is possible to unplug the damn things. Enough already.

January 17, 2015

No wonder they sat out the Big One

As is my wont, I study various periods in history. On my drive back from Missouri this week I was listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. He mentioned a fact that blew me away.  I have not done the verification research, but Carlin is usually pretty good. Ponder this; in the first 3-1/2 years of WWI, the French had more casualties than the combined American losses in all of our wars.

According to Wikipedia, France lost about 1.35 million out of a population of  39.6 million.  If you add civilian casualties that total increases to more than 4% of the population. If those numbers were applied to America's population today that would be losses of more than 10 million in four years.

Man is capable of creating true horror.

January 16, 2015

Another Kumbaya moment

How about another crazy idea. I say the folks who decide what movies are nominated for "best" picture or whatever base their decision on the quality of the content rather than the color of the actor's skin. I think that is particularly an apt policy when the movie in question deals with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

I know, "But racist" is the theme of the times.

January 15, 2015

F you Oxford Press. F you silly people

Pork pork pork pork pork pork

Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig

Sausage sausage sausage sausage

Bacon bacon bacon bacon

Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig


January 14, 2015

on the road again

Hotel life, passing time on America's interstate highway system. Stopping at a random McDonalds to ensure the chain continues to function as America's urinal. Not to eat, though. Even salesmen have standards.  It is good to be working, doing what I do well.  A whole new industry, new products, new customers bring exciting challenges. I already miss my family though. Being home six straight months has been nice. But the slight case of homesickness is offset by new places to see, new roads to drive. In the meantime I am readjusting to living out of a suitcase and trying hard not to think about what bacteria is lurking on the tv remote.

Hope you readers are having a great Wednesday.

January 13, 2015

Progressive hypocracy volume 3,411

All of the Obamapologists are defending the Administration's failure to send anyone of note to the Paris rally against Islamic terrorism, citing such events are symbolic and do not accomplish anything but make one feel better. While I agree,  where were these folks deriding the Occupy protests (just what were they protesting anyway?), or even the multitude of marches in Ferguson?

Funny, the top law enforcement officer had time to protest against a cop who defended himself against a rampaging thug, but skipped out of gay Paree before he had to take a stand against real murderers.

Say, would the same folks who think the March in Paris was a waste of time offer the same opinion after viewing the movie about the civil rights march in Selma?  Will Bob Beckel offer a review that says "good movie, but a mere symbolic gesture".

January 12, 2015

Monday Review

I'm trying to remember what I did all weekend, I was busy but no activities come to mind.

We did babysit Saturday for a bit. Played some cards with some friends Saturday night.

On Sunday I watched football.

Yep that about covers it.

January 11, 2015

Lemme see if I understand

Our  erstwhile politicians in Washington have passed rules and regulations that mandate higher gas mileage standards for cars and trucks.  Now vehicles use less gas. Since cars use less gas then the gas taxes collected are lower.

Well, duh!

Now the politicians from both parties are trying to blame the lower gas prices as an excuse to raise the federal gas tax. The only problem is that tax is a flat rate per gallon (about 18 cents) and bears no relation to the rising or falling cost of crude or refined gasoline. The government is not collecting less tax because of oil prices but rather because of their own short-sided stupidity. (Quick aside -  if high prices were an indication that Big Oil was greedy, what do lower prices mean?).

This is not the first instance of lawmakers inability to see consequences for their laws. When the raised cigarette taxes to encourage smokers to quit, the politicos were shocked when cigarette tax revenue fell. When Congress mandated employers must pay health insurance for anyone who works 30 hours a week employers cut hours .

Here is a plan, instead of raising gas taxes, how about we cut the automatic funding increases in government programs. Better yet, how about actual funding cuts if we need money for infrastructure. Fund it that way. I know, use the money Obama has planned for free college.  BTW, what happened to the billion dollars in Obama's Stimulus that was supposed to rebuild the bridges and roads?

January 9, 2015

Naive at best

Ok, here is my "I'd like to buy the world a Coke/hands across America/Imagine/ give peace a chance/flower power post you have been waiting for

 I am very secure  and confident in my religious beliefs. I like to think my faith is unshakable. But they are my religious beliefs. Yours may vary and that is OK. I do not feel the need to proselytize. And frankly I don't want you showing up in my porch to try and convince me your way is better.

As long as your worship does not hurt others or affect me, go for it. I don't care if my neighbors are Jews or Muslim or Buddhists. Handle all of the snakes you want. Pray 17 times a day facing Xenia, Ohio for all I care. I expect the same tolerance from you.

I have no issue with prayer in school. Participate, meditate, pick your nose or daydream for a minute each day. A little quiet time never hurt anyone. Forced recitation of the Lord's Prayer or bowing towards Mecca is a different animal altogether. A menorah in the park, a crèche on the courthouse lawn  makes little difference to me. Contrary to popular belief, the Constitution does not ban religion in public, but rather guarantees the freedom to worship as you choose..

So if you want to worship a 12 armed elephant, a cross, a camel jockey, a fat guy with pithy sayings, a burning bush, the moon, or an empty can of Red Gold tomatoes, go ahead. But if I choose to worship a bundle of holly, the sun, a volcano, Jesus, or a '57 Chevy, it should not matter to you. So what if I make fun of your God? Is your belief in Zeus or Odin, or a Doritos shaped like Elvis shaken or diminished by my failure to adhere to your beliefs? Is your atheism imbued with uncertainty because I choose to drop to my knees and offer a prayer of thanks before I climb into bed? If I write that Mohamed liked to screw goats and little girls does that change your beliefs in The Prophet? If I think Jesus married a prostitute does that mean he did not die for your sins? If so,I guess your religious foundation is a little weak.

I know my God. He gave me free will to choose Him, otherwise I am just a slave. Worship as you please, just leave me and Charlie out of it.

January 8, 2015

Boy oh boy

That first cup of coffee sure went down fast this morning and it has nothing to do with the subzero temps outside my office window. I suspect the Keurig is going to get a workout today.

The early morning sky is just the right shade of dark that makes the porch lights on the snow covered houses across the cul-de-sac look like a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Have a great Thursday. Stay warm!

January 7, 2015

True confessions

I like watching old reruns. I am certain Sam is hot, but I am not too fond of the "new" Darrin. Larry is just a douchebag. Endora kind of creeps me out.

The Bitch is back

Boehner was re-elected to Speaker. Conservatives sent a message that they are tired of the lead Republican's RINO tendencies and more importantly, The People who voted Republican are tired of Boehner being Obama's bitch. The message will be ignored.

The early slate of Republican presidential hopefuls looks disappointing at best. Seriously, Huckabee? Bush? Romney? No,no,no and an extra no just for the heck of it.

Funny, every new seat the Stupid Party gains in Congress is from a conservative candidate, but the national party seems to think they should move to the middle. How did that work out in the past two general elections?

January 6, 2015

Cold as ice

It was a tough drive in to the office this morning. Idiots were out in force on the slick and snow covered roads.

We are looking at a high of 3 tomorrow with wind chills in the -20 range. That is cold no matter where you live, but as I wrote the other day, it is January. This happens every year.

I am off to start a pot of chili for supper.

Stay warm my friends.

January 5, 2015

Bad Moon Rising

There was a full moon this morning shining a soft white light through the frigid winter air. I don't think the temperature climbed out of the teens today.  The weatherman is calling for a half foot of snow overnight before some real Arctic air comes calling. It is winter. Mother Nature gives us this every January.

I will spend a few more days at the main office before settling into working on my own.  My training is finally complete. I am excited and ready to hit the road doing my Willie Loman thing.

I have to go take the trash out.  That is not a metaphor, Tuesday is trash pickup in our neighborhood. 

Have a good evening. Be safe if there is inclement weather at your house.

January 4, 2015

The wind in the willow

The wind is moaning around the eaves of the house and whipping the willow branches like a cat o'nine tails. There is a half-formed analogy floating in my brain about Mother Nature's angry bosun, but I am quite certain it is not worth pursuing.

It looks like winter will pay a visit this week starting with a dusting of snow this afternoon and Arctic temperatures later in the week. I think I will work from my home office those days.

Last week a liberal blogger called me out for some economic predictions I made in a post I wrote back in 2008. It seems that I was right in my predictions. I was going to chastise her with ridicule and scorn but why bother? Progressives are never wrong, even when they are, and their smug arrogance prevents them from recognizing when they are making fools of themselves. Instead of wasting any more of our time arguing with howler monkeys, I will do a Monty Python and fart in her general direction. Of course, no matter how odoriferous my flatulence, it will be masked by the stink of greater Cleveland.

The neighbor's porch light is winking across the cul-de-sac as the shrubs bend to the will of the wind, occasionally blocking the soft white glow of the energy saving bulb.  The dim winking in the distance does not call to me like Daisy's green light across the bay, but rather encourages me to get off the old iPad and turn on an old movie as I wait for Sunday football to start.

I hope you have a great Day.

January 3, 2015

Tales from Tatooine

This is not the post you are looking for.

January 2, 2015

The long winter

The Christmas decorations are down and boxed until next Thanksgiving. The house looks stark and bare. The January cold replaces warm holiday feelings. I really don't mind the cold so much. It is the overcast that depresses me. Gray days and early sunsets bring me down. Bright sun coupled with temperatures in the 'teens does not faze me, even if there is snow on the ground. Sure I will complain about it.  That's what I do best. What will today bring? The sky is a mottled blue gray through the branches of the big maple outside my window. The sun has yet to pop up over the neighbor's house across the street. Clouds, cold, sun or snow, life is still good. The Lord has blessed me and I am thankful.

I hope you have a great Friday.

January 1, 2015

Good F-ing riddance

2014 was a Dickinsonian kind of year here at the old homestead. It was the best of times as we took a dream vacation to Oahu and this month when my daughter gave birth to our first grandchild. It was also the worst of times when I lost my job and was without meaningful (read well-paying) work for five months. That sucked. But the wife went to work full time and I got a sales gig at the big yellow price tag and we made it through the dark times. I worked 7 days a week and am proud to say we never took a dime of government assistance. No unemployment, no food stamps. We ate a lot of pancakes. We got by.

Life is like that, highs and lows and a whole lot of living in between. 2014 was not my most productive blog year in terms of quantity nor quality. That you bother to show up and read the nonsense I spew is a wonder to me. I am thankful beyond words. I hope your 2015 is filled with joy and prosperity.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year
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