September 27, 2023

I give it a three, it is hard to dance to

So, it is with excitement and trepidation I present:

You can buy it here in paperback or Kindle. I priced it as low as possible. 

Look, I have no illusions. But if you do bother to read it, give me five stars. Then give an honest review. Amazon only cares about the stars. Me too. *

It is done, one item on the bucket list complete, even if it only proves that a person can read ten thousand books and completely lack the skill and ability to write one good one.

So it goes.

*I do care about the actual review. I really don’t want it to suck.

Bitten by Bidenomics

Yikes! Have you priced groceries lately? Wow, one or two little plastic bags runs $20. I often buy the generic brand of whole peeled tomatoes to make salsa. Not so long ago they cost about $0.90. A few weeks ago they were $1.19. Yesterday, they were $1.40! That is for Great Value brand. The good stuff was pushing $2. 

I won’t even discuss the rape at the gas pump. Of course the dementia in-chief just closed off more land to drill for oil., so I am not surprised. The laws of supply and demand work even when would-be commies are in charge. 

Biden is so clueless he is pushing for a UAW 40% raise. He even pretended to walk the picket line for a photo op.* Yes, I know it is so he can get the union vote. But that kind of increase will not lower the CEO pay. It will not come out of auto company profits. It will mean more expensive cars, feeding inflation more. 

And by the way, one of the concerns of the UAW is that EVs take fewer workers to assemble a vehicle so Biden’s policies are hurting who— bing, bing, bing — the Union!

But hey, no one is posting mean tweets. 

*He spent 12 whole minutes walking the picket line

Oh, and again, none of his massive motorcade has the EV he demands we all drive, then he jumps on his jet to fly off to the west coast for a fundraiser. But no worries, climate change is for the little people, we know that.

September 25, 2023

cigars were smoked and beer was consumed on Saturday

It was a good weekend. No, I did not get the lawn cut. No yard work was completed. The house went uncleaned. I did not shampoo the living room carpet. Nor did I paint the walls in the family room and kitchen. These are all projects we pondered for the weekend. Instead, went to hang out with friends on Saturday. This is likely one of the last weekends this year we will get to enjoy their pool. On Sunday the wife and I went up to Atlanta (IN) for a big festival. We walked around. She looked at stuff, I listened to music in my ear buds and watched people. After we came home the wife went shopping while I plopped on he couch and watched a recording of the Colts game. Colts won. Cubs won. It was a good day all around. 

I hope you had a great weekend too. 

On a completely unrelated note, here is a cell phone picture of a landmark from my hometown. Not the tent, the big castle-like building in the distance:

This was a school. It closed one year before I could go there.

If you have ever read the oft-posted account of my first date with my now-wife, that dance was held upstairs in that building.

I have no reason to believe you care about this at all. I haven’t even lived in that town for 35 years.

September 24, 2023

what Ned Stark said

The trees in the neighborhood were sitting Friday afternoon wrapping up the week. They looked at the day planner and gave a startled exclamation. “Oh, crap!” They said. “It is fall.”

So today, I notice the leaves are starting to turn to yellow and russet and orange hues. The nights are decidedly cool and the days are pleasantly warm. Yes, friends, fall is upon us. 

We may or may not be okay with that notion. Me, I do not mind. I’m a four seasons kind of guy. But consider this. It is about ninety days until Christmas.

Here is some music to cheer you up:

September 23, 2023


A husband and wife are sitting on the couch watching TV.

The wife looks at the husband and he is staring at the ceiling above her head, she looks up and asks,

“What are you staring at?”

“A spider,” he replies.

“I don’t see anything,” she says.

“Oh, it must have fallen on your head,” he said calmly.

The wife jumps up screaming…

The man says,

“While you’re up, can you get me another beer?”

September 22, 2023

Middle School Blues

I had a morning appointment yesterday to get the oil changed in the company car. As I headed through the neighborhood, the kids of middle-school age were gathered on the corner waiting on the bus. They were typical almost teens, standing nonchalantly, book bags slung on their backs. 

Except one boy. He was standing off to the side, head hanging. He looked like climbing on the bus was the last thing he wanted to do. I could guess, maybe his homework was unfinished, eaten by the dog, as it  were. Perhaps he was tired. Maybe he was the frequent target of bullies. Perchance he failed to study for that history test in first period. I doubt it was any of those scenarios that brought on the air of depression to this young student on the bare edge of young adulthood. 

I’m certain the fact he was waiting at the bus stop with his mother had everything to do with his dejected attitude. 

It is time to let go mom.

September 21, 2023

If you try sometimes, you get what you need

I could bore you with a weather report that has no bearing unless you reside in central Hoosierdom. I could copy and paste a joke. I might offer select bon mots and pearls of wisdom. I am prepared to launch into a political diatribe filled with invective and reasoned punditry. I should fire up the old laptop and get to work. 

Paycheck wins, your daily entertainment loses.

So it goes here at the old blog. 

Okay, okay, I had spaghetti for dinner, then we went to Target...zzzzzzzzz

Yes, my life is that boring.

My wife tells me this frequently.
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