July 10, 2020

I cannot believe how boring this blog is

It is Friday. That means nothing to me these days. It is but another day. We won’t crack 90 today, according to the weather babe, the first time in a while. It appears the promised rain failed to materialize last night. I wish now I had watered the flowers. There is still a chance for precipitation this morning. We shall see.

The grandgirls are staying overnight for a sleepover this evening. The oldest already has the evening planned: pizza, popcorn and a movie. The one year-old sister will just go with the flow. Since she started walking, she has been a handful. In a good way. She is very busy. I’ll put it that way.

I through some chicken breasts on the grill last night, hitting them with a nice rub about 20 minutes before grilling and finishing with BBQ sauce at the end. I sliced some potatoes thin and wrapped them in foil with onion and chunks of cheddar cheese and grilled that too. Some canned baked beans rounded out a simple and delicious supper.

In other news I have nothing.

Have a great Friday.

July 8, 2020

washing away yesterday’s sweat

I’ve got the early shift at the Big Box this morning. That is no excuse for why I was awake at 4:30. That is on me. And no, I’m not happy about it. So it goes. It’s not like I can blame anyone but my own brain for my issues. I like to call this concept “taking responsibility “. Many Americans should investigate this new idea.

Four years ago this month I had the first of five eye procedures to fix my failing eye sight. I still need glasses, but I can see much better these days. I thank the Lord for this blessing. I am also thankful to the anonymous donors who are me their corneas. If you are not a registered organ donor, you should consider it.

In spite of my best efforts, I am unable to muster any light and fluffy content today. I am likewise determined not to delve into politics. Thus you get this drivel.

I would like to promise better going forward, but you have 15 years of history proving otherwise over there in the archives.

July 7, 2020

Watermelon Dreams

It will be another hot one today. It is summer, the heat seems to arrive around this time every year. The heat and humidity might combine to spur a quick rain shower in the afternoon.

The wife scored a little blow-up pool extra cheap a few weeks ago. I filled the pool with air and then water yesterday. The girls splashed around and had a great time. The little girl who lives next door came over and played in the water. A great time was had by all.

My neighbor imposed on a buddy who is sales manager at a car dealership to give me an interview yesterday. As I looked around I saw at least a dozen salesmen standing around waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting prospect. It was clear staffing was not a problem. Tbe dude in charge pretty much told me so during the interview. I expect nothing to come of it.

In other news, police in Washington have decided it is a bad idea to let protesters out onto the interstate highways to protest. Duh. I knew by the time I was five not to play in the street.

After reading Kaepernick’s hate-filled July 4th screed, two thoughts come to mind. If he really thinks the USA is so damn horrible, why doesn’t he go somewhere he thinks is better? He seems to admire Castro. Maybe life in Cuba would suit him? Second, why would Disney just hire him? Walt is spinning headless turns in his grave. The people running the Disney empire better hope science delays finding how to reanimate the dead, because a reborn Walt Disney would be kicking ass and taking names if he knew what they have done to his company.

July 6, 2020

RIP Charlie

Not PC, but a great tune nonetheless.

Another favorite:

What a sense of humor

We will miss you Mr.Daniels.

Speaking words of wisdom

July 5, 2020

Small town in the city

As dusk neared the neighbors began to gather in the cul-de-sac. Three separate games of corn hole were ongoing. Lawn chairs appeared curbside. An Icee truck parked nearby. Folks from down the street and neighbors’ relatives and friends joined the crowd. Neighbor B’s firework stash was piled under a tent. He had outdone himself this year. He spends thousands of dollars from his own pocket to put on a community fireworks spectacular, asking no more than a donation in the tip jar. The community pot luck was cancelled this year, but the celebration was not. By the time the sun set probably 75-100 people had joined under the few clouds in the warm, humid night sky.

The evening started with THE National Anthem as rockets and bombs exploded in the warm clear evening sky. Whoops, yells, and occasional chants of USA erupted from the college kids and their cohorts across the street. Around us other amateur pyrotechnic masters lit the sky in an explosive competition.The show went on for a good hour or more, ending with a finale that lasted a full two minutes.

Not bad for “just a dude across the street”.

There was no politics. No protest. Just a celebration of all that is good in America.

After the show was over, the neighbors grabbed brooms, shovels and garbage cans and joined together to clean the copious mess. That too speaks of the community.

I hope you had a blessed Independence Day.

July 4, 2020

Go ‘Murica

I thought I’d throw a couple of nice ribeyes on the grill this evening, being Independence Day and all.

I went to the freezer and grabbed a package we have been saving.

Coincidence? Look at the price:

That was the only package of ribeyes in the freezer.

Do dee doo doo....


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