January 28, 2023

time to make the donuts

 Sorry, I have not forgotten you. My creative energy is still going to my story. I am more than 35,000 words in and I have yet to hit a wall. Certainly even writing that last sentence will engender writer’s block.  My biggest problem is lack of feedback. I have no idea if the story is any good. I’m thinking about creating a blog and putting the thing a chapter at a time. We shall see. I have rewrites first. 

The grandgirls spent the night. As soon as everyone is up the oldest is going to help make fried biscuit donuts. 

I hear someone coming down the stairs. Time to cook.

Have a great Saturday.

January 25, 2023


Weather forecasters hyped a big snow event for today. We were told to expect upwards of a half-foot of the white stuff, and they really meant it this time. We still have many hours before the day is done, but it better get started soon. That 1/8” on the grass and wet pavement is making all those administrators who canceled school look like fools. 

I might be wrong, it may really come down between now and early afternoon. We shall see.

In any case, 45 years ago we were hit with theBlizzard of ‘78, now that was some snow.  My wife’s father died during the blizzard, so she remembers it well. 

January 22, 2023

So What?

There is a light dusting of snow on the ground; less than an inch. A few flakes continue to fall. I am inside where it is warm, what do I care? Why should you? The short answer is you do not. 

I slept in again this morning. That is two days in a row. I have climbed out of bed between six and six-thirty without an alarm, almost without fail, for decades. Now I find myself still in bed at 8:00! I wonder what is going on. 

I almost shaved my beard yesterday. I like having it, but it just isn’t me when I look in the mirror. I trimmed it up. I will certainly be back to my clean-shaven self by spring. 

The wife suggested potato soup and BLTs for dinner. I think beef and noodles sounds good. 

There. You have an entire post filled with trivialities and stuff even  I do not care about. It takes real skill to be this boring. 

Have a great Sunday.

January 21, 2023

Think about that on April 15th

We have given around $150,000,000,000.00 to the Government of Ukraine in the last year or so. There is no accountability for any of that money. For all you and I know, a good chunk of that cash is now in somebody’s Swiss Bank account. 

Most politicians are lamenting we need to increase our federally mandated debt ceiling. “we have spent that money, we need to pay our bills” they tell us. BTW don’t you wish you could spend with impunity and then demand the bank increase. your credit card limit based on the fact that “you have already spent the money”? A more apt description is you spend someone else’s money and then want the bank to increase their credit so you can spend more. 

Anyway, for those politicians worried about “paying our bills”, how many bills would that Ukrainian money cover? 

Finally, one last thought: do you realize we are borrowing the money (and paying interest on that money) we are sending Ukraine? If Ukraine is a good investment, Ukraine should take out their own loans, or at least sign a promissory note to the US taxpayers. 

January 20, 2023

Mr. LePew is in the House.

We went to a local pizza joint last night for dinner. The food was great. The service was wonderful. The price was...fair and competitive. The hostess that led us to our table stunk. Not at her job. Her body. She stunk bad. It was more than one day’s worth of BO. You could smell her when she walked nearby. It almost made one lose an appetite. 

I’m not sure, in today’s world where every possible thing is viewed as an offense, how a manager or coworker addresses a stinky employee?

If she worked for me I would find away, because that kind of odor drives away customers.

January 19, 2023

Another great one is gone

Another great musician has left the building. David Crosby has passed away. I have always enjoyed the Byrds and especially CSN.

No one can claim Crosby did not enjoy himself. His life  was the definition of hedonism.


and here we are

 Sorry about the old blog. I have been consumed with a long, for me, creative period and I have been actually writing. I have resumed work on an old story I started a decade ago. The story is just coming to me. I am even dreaming about what happens next.  I am 20,000 words in and I like where it is going. 

Is it any good? Probably not. Does it need a professional editor? Undoubtedly. I am enjoying living with these characters, even if they will never see the light of day beyond this bare mention in a most obscure blog. 

The old blog is a distant priority behind work and the story for now. Sorry about that. 

January 17, 2023

Tuesday Joke

For Michael’s birthday, his wife wanted to surprise him when he came home from work.

After some careful consideration, she decided to strip naked and wrap herself in saran wrap from her shoulders to her ankles.

Pretty soon Michael enters his house exhausted from a tough day at work.

He walks through the kitchen, places his lunch box down, and hears his wife say,

“Honey! I’m in the living room.”

Rounding the corner, he spots her all wrapped up in plastic.

After a quick peek,

he immediately says,

“Leftovers again!”

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