October 25, 2020

‘Cause Little Willie won’t go home

Look, I don’t know what a holla back girl even is. I do know that I put in a full day at the big box retail joint and then spent the evening eating pizza, playing cards, and laughing with our good friends. That makes for a good Saturday. 

Sunday? I have no idea what is in store beyond once again working. I’m slated for a short five hour shift today so I’ll be home early. I suggested to the wife I could make a big pan of lasagna and invite all of the available kids over for dinner. She seemed non-committal. Of course the oldest boy lives in another state and couldn’t obviously come. 

Of course it is fitting that the one Sunday I’m off early the local sports ball team is off. So it goes.

More disturbing is that the rancid MLB commissioner has stated he wants all of the odious covid rules initiated for this season to become permanent. I hate, hate, hate the Little League-like putting a runner on second to start extra innings rule, and I despise the designated hitter. Now he says he wants to outlaw defensive shifts. WTH? Maybe modern players should take the advice of Little Willie Keeler and “hit it where they ain’t”. That strategy was good enough to put Keeler in the Hall of Fame. 

In other news, I’ve received enough election junk mail to last a lifetime. And I cannot imagine the money both women have spent trying to get elected to Congress for my district. Frankly, I hope both lose. They seem unpleasant persons all-around. But then who but a power hungry jerk wants to be a politician anyway? Those same people who want to tell you what to do. I can’t imagine the boot-licking they have to do to raise enough money to get through an election. No wonder every politician from every party comes across as a swarmy, insincere, spineless toad. 

I need to grab some breakfast before I  go do my time. I have leftover biscuits and gravy from supper Friday night. Maybe I’ll heat that up. Enjoy your Sunday, amigos.

October 24, 2020

Toss out that vote

VP Mike Pence made a big show of showing up to vote early in Indianapolis yesterday. 

The problem is he doesn’t live in Indiana. He owns no property in Indiana. His listed address is the governor’s mansion, which he clearly does not occupy.

He is thus not a resident of Indiana and his vote is null and void.

October 23, 2020

Tax the Rich. You are Rich.

I got a flu shot yesterday. My shoulder is a little sore. 

Yesterday was gorgeous. Temps pushed into the low eighties. I raked some leaves, and sat on the patio and enjoyed a cigar before firing up the grill to cook some thin ribeyes to make sandwiches for supper. It is still relatively warm today. I may try to mow one more time, should the rain hold off this morning. 

My wife, who is pretty much non-political, points out just how biased the media has become. After the debate last night the local station did a “fact check” of candidates claims.  They examined something aTrump said and declared it “mostly false”. A statement by Biden was declared to b “half true”. The connotation is obvious. The wife just shook her head and said “They don’t even try to be evenhanded anymore, do they?”. 

As near as I can tell, Biden is trotting out huge old Democrat playbook. Here is pretty much his platform:

Why not? At least it is a righteous tune.

October 22, 2020

King Cnut and the problem with Thorkill Longbeard

Sunny! Warm! A great day! Lots of exclamation points! 

I may even rake some leaves today, providing they are not too wet. Or not. I shall let whim dictate my activities today.

Speaking of doing things on a whim, I have decided to grow a beard. I am sure I’ll stick with it until the beard gets to that itchy, scratchy stage about three days from now. Perhaps I’ll just let it go. I last had a beard back in college, so it will be interesting. That time I went full Amish — beard, no ‘stache. This time I’ll go for the whole thing. Unfortunately, some three decades plus since I last had facial hair,  I’m afraid the beard will be white, not dark and curly. 

There is a debate tonight. So I’ve heard. If you’re not sure which way to vote, then you should watch. If I want to watch stupid arguments I will turn in to Love it or List It.

October 21, 2020

If you’re gonna let me eat cake, I’ll take a slice of lemon

I cooked up some beef and noodles for supper last night. Since that is my favorite meal, I was a happy boy. After dinner it started in raining. It rained hard. We had thunder and lightning. It was a regular April thunderstorm in October that continued throughout the night. I always sleep well when I’m a little cold and when it is raining. Last night was both together, so I slept deeply and long. I sure didn’t want to get up when the wife’s alarm beeped me awake this morning. 

I’m covering the midday shift at the big box today. I’m back to the opening shift again for the weekend and all next week. I’m telling you now, you won’t be getting your morning dose here at the old blog next week. Brace yourself and prepare for withdrawals, unless I find the wherewithal to can a post or two. You will be OK. Take a spin down memory lane in the archives if you need to. They are located over on the right, unless I change the template in the future. Then future you might find the archives on the left. But future you knew that because you are reading this post from the archives, which means you’ve already found them...

My head hurts.

October 20, 2020


Good morning comrades. 

I’m just practicing for when the Commies Democrats take charge.

It is chilly here at the homestead. The furnace fairy still hasn’t made an appearance to put heat into our household. 

I’ve decided o use the day lilys in the flower beds for life inspiration. Two of them in particular should be emulated (one in the front flower bed, one in back). * These hardy plants show up every day, doing their thing, still putting forth their bright yellow flowers despite frost, freezing temperatures, cloud cover, and cold rain. Even still this morning, October 20, each has a little yellow flower pointing at the sky, holding out for one more warm day. The day lily, optimistic to the end. Trees have lost their leaves, the geraniums and begonias have given up. Their neighboring lilys, dormant. Not these guys — they never give up. Heck, Churchill would admire these plants.

I feel inspired.

*The wife loves day  lilys 

October 19, 2020


 It’s cold and damp today. Outside too.

I was going to serve up a political rant, but I’m just not up to it today. You will be OK without my two cents. I’m glad I’m not the on Facebook or twitter. Were I, they would be dumped as my social media like the bags of dirty diapers I haul out of here every day. If that’s where you get the majority of your news, I would look for another source.

This is sure going up late, my internet has been down for a bit.

So it goes. 

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