July 22, 2024

Same as the old Boss

So Biden is out. Freedom lovers all across the land should have wished the senile old coot stayed in the race. Now the election will not be about the economy, open borders, or disastrous foreign policy, but rather it will be about the wymens and the raysists, and the LBGQRSTers and killin’ babies. Suburban women and blacks will flood to the polls. 

And for those of you concerned about soon-to be-forgotten Biden and his ability to communicate, you can have this to look forward to:

This woman polls lower than whale shit. Yet somehow people will vote for her — the same people who thought she was absolutely the worst choice for President when she tried to run four years ago. If she somehow beats Trump, she will be the first Affirmative Action President. 

The wife said she wasn’t going to cast a vote for president, but she will now “so she can vote against that idiot.”  I love my wife. 

July 21, 2024

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

The Amazon spy speaker is giving me issues this morning. I can’t get it to play the music I want. I finally gave upon the new playlist and fell back on my old standby - 60’s rock. On the scale of things this is pretty minor. 

I spent the morning yesterday watching old movies. I caught Butterfield 8 followed by To Sir, With Love. Let me state for the record, before the Hollywood excess, before age caught up, LizTaylor was drop-dead gorgeous. I’m talking the 1955-1965 version. I might watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof today just see her walk around in a slip. 

See what I mean? This is an image from Butterfield 8.

After I wasted the morning I spent the rest of the afternoon doing yard work, so Saturday wasn’t completely wasted. 

Since I’m rambling here today, For What it’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield is playing. That song always reminds me of my youngest. I usually gave him his bath when he was very young, and I always sang that song to him in the bathtub. He knew all of the words! 

The two oldest often got Civil War songs as their bath tunes. Both could belt the chorus to Marching Through Georgia. Yeah, it was a phase. I’d say the youngest benefited from the five year age difference. 

That’s far more detail than you want or need to know.

Have a great Sunday. 

July 20, 2024

I see so many dumb people

 It looks to be a perfect sunny summer day today. I suppose I will have to venture out later to do some yard work. I am in a lazy mood these days. I find little motivation to do anything. When I say anything I mean work, both the paying kind and the stuff that needs done around the house. 

I did install a new shower head last evening, but let’s be honest, that is just about the simplest thing you can do around the house.

I’m blogging from a new iPad this morning. It is not really “new” since it used to belong to the wife. I switched out her girly cover for a plain black one I got at Amazon for $9. I have been using the old gen 1 iPad since March, when my old iPad Air died. I say “using” in the loosest possible terms. It would not access about half the websites I normally visit. I could not even sign into blogger from that old relic. 

Blogging from my phone sucked. I wish I could blame the crappy content around here on that fact, but it was only partially to blame. 

We got the wife a new iPad, so I got her hand me down. It was an upgrade for each, and yes, I am happy with how it worked out for both of us. 

I intended to go politics free today. We all know how that goes. Let me say unequivocally, if you believe Trump staged that almost assassination, you are beyond dumb. I really do not want your stupidity to spread. Don’t breed. Have yourself surgically sterilized. 

In fact, do us all a favor, don’t even come by here any more. You absolutely have the right to believe and say anything you want, no matter how incredibly stupid and ill-informed it may be.

Just not on my blog.

July 19, 2024

I got ketchup on my blue jeans, I just burnt my hand

I have not written anything for my new novel in months. I am about 1/3 done. I have the last 1/3 written in my head. It is the middle stuff I’m struggling with. 

I opened the file this week and am re-reading what I’ve written so far, editing a little as I go. Most of it I like. Some sections  I think are above average, certainly better than my first book. It is more action, less navel gazing. 

I’m no closer to writing the next third than I was two or three months ago. Maybe I’ll write the WWII section and fill in other chapters later. I don’t know. I wanted to finish the thing by the end of June. That was my goal when I started writing. Now I don’t know if it will be done by the end of the year. Maybe never. 

But it is Friday. That is the good news. 

You know what we need? Some Friday music. 

July 18, 2024

Strange Encounters

My maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother’s brother (my dad’s uncle) were in the same platoon at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in WWII. 

Did they know each other before? They were from the same town. Who knows?

In any case one generation later the two families came together when dad married mom.  Of course my grandmother and her entire large family hated my mother, so maybe the enmity came from those days at Great Lakes?

July 17, 2024

More than smoke on the water

 I always dig unexpected covers. Check out this version of  Help! From Deep Purple.

July 16, 2024

Nary a word about the weather

Are you kidding me? Is really only Tuesday? I swear I thought it was Thursday already. But then if it was Thursday, I would have to sit through a two hour on line monthly sales meeting this afternoon, so I do get to escape that torture for a couple of more days. 

There was lots of Trump talk throughout interwebz the past few days. Many expressed opinions far better than I ever could. I will say this, if you think the whole thing was staged you are an idiot. I’m surprised you don’t need written instructions telling you to breathe in and out. 

Am I the only one who sees the coverage change slightly. Sunday there was a lot of questions on “how could this happen?” Now you are seeing less condemnation of the Secret Service already. I don’t care. I’m no gunnan. I never served in the military. Not covering the most obvious shooting site is incompetence at best. 

Yes, back in the day I could put all of my shots into a two inch circle at 150 yards. But I never took a shot under duress and my target wasn’t moving. I bet yours wasn’t either. Trump is a lucky man. Trump is alive only through a turn of his head, a gust of wind, the hand of God. Maybe all three. 

When Democrats and the press spend eight years saying Trump is evil, a danger to democracy, and must be stopped, then no one should be surprised when some nut takes the message seriously. How did this happen? Look in the mirror.

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