September 24, 2022

Like the proverbial beaver

We are heading off late this afternoon for a cruise. No, not on giant ship see the Caribbean kind, a boat cruise and concert on Lake a Freeman in north central Indiana.  This evening we will see venerable Hoosier rocker from the 70s and 80s Henry Lee Summer. You might remember we saw old Henry Lee last summer at a free concert in downtown Fishers, IN. I’m sure I posted about it. 

We have seen Henry Lee more times than we can count. He had a hit record in 1988 with I Wish I Had a Girl. Summer is probably one of the best entertainers I have ever seen on stage. Humor, energy, talent — he brings it all, even as he pushes 70. I expect a good time.

Tomorrow, I promised the wife I would go with her to the Atlanta Earth Festival. I always have a semi-good time walking around the booths and stalls. It is interesting when several thousand suburbanites decent on a small town of a few hundred. The vendors will far outnumber the residents. 

Have a great weekend. I plan on it.

September 23, 2022

no muskrats were harmed in creating this post

I had a strange dream about my great grandmother and my dad. I won’t relate it here, other people’s dreams are non-sensical. I have had weird dreams all week. That is unusual in itself as I usually do not dream or at least remember them if I do. Shrug. 

I’m up early this morning. Whatever. You don’t care about that either. In fact, based on my page views, you don’t care about much that I post these days. I suppose the blame falls upon me. Content is my purview. It certainly isn’t your problem. 

It is that life has become monotonous. Not in a boring way. I work, I read I watch TV. The small variety is blurred by the utter sameness. Sure, every day is different, but not individually distinctive. I’m not bored. It is just that so little of my current life is remarkable. 

I like my job. It has changed, post-pandemic. There are lots of on-line meetings, far less windshield time. Sometimes I miss the nights in new cities, different hotels, the sights along the highways. Then I think there is a lot to be said for being home every night. I have driven over a million miles. I have flown about one thousand flights. I’ve been to a hundred different airports. I’ve spent more nights than I can count in various hotels. 

Even that volume became monotonous over time. 

Frankly, I am boring. I am not bored, just boring. No wonder my blog is too. 

Actually, I have plenty I could rant about. The world has become such a corrupt, messed up place. I have become  the quintessential out of step “boomer”. Raging against the idiocy and head scratching millennial world is like Don Quixote and his windmills. For instance, if you fail to see why giving kids puberty-blockers while they still eagerly anticipate Santa on Christmas is wrong, then there is really no conversation possible between us. There is no point in preaching to the choir every day.

Maybe I should tell you about this dream I had about my great grandmother...

September 22, 2022

Hello Fall

Temps were in the low nineties yesterday. Today we are going to have highs in the sixties. Hello fall. Glancing across the cul-de-sac, the neighbors’ maple tree is suddenly showing signs of color in the upper foliage. 

I’m OK with it. 

It doesn’t matter if I am or not, Mother Nature does what she wants. Kind of like my wife does. 

The big question before me today is lunch. We have white bread. We have Kraft American slices. I have the ingredients for the only real grilled cheese. Maybe. I might do with PBJ. Decisions, decisions. 

Once I get lunch figured out, I will have to think about supper..

September 21, 2022

If wishes were horses we would all ride

 I’ve been to Mexico. I’m talking real Mexico, not just the tourist beaches. I’m talking of Reynosa, Monterrey, Puebla, Mexico City. I’ve seen how poor some people are, how difficult their lives. I’ve seen how people live in some parts of China. I’m told by people who have been there that’s parts of South America, India, and the Middle East are worse. I imagine life in parts of Africa is hard and miserable. 

I get it. I wish we could help them all. If I lived in those conditions I would do everything in my power to improve the lot of my family. 

It doesn’t make it right. 

The fact they are looking for a better life doesn’t mean we should open our borders. Before you tell me what a jerk I am, let me know how many homeless people you let move into your spare bedroom? How many immigrants have you housed in your garage? 

What is the difference? 

Immigration proponents argue that migrants actually commit fewer crimes than American Citizens. I posit that is false on the surface. Every single one committed a crime when they illegally crossed the border. That is 100%. 

I’ve said it before, crack down on the employers of illegal workers. Fine them out of business. Tax bank and wire transactions to Mexico. If any “migrant”  is caught committing a SECOND crime, even a traffic ticket, immediate deportation upon conviction. 

Anyone caught using a stolen SSN should be charged with fraud, just as an American citizen would be. The IRS could do this easily enough. Maybe some of those new 80000 new agents could get on creating that database.

September 20, 2022

Learn something today

 I know you don’t read links. 

You should read this one. READ THIS

I cannot argue a single point. 

I doubt you can either.

September 19, 2022

Easy fruit salad

 Happy Monday. I was up mucho early for a meeting with the Euros and Asians. Since things were arranged for their convenience, that meant the alarm was chirping at 3:30 am so I could blink awake and sip a bit of coffee prior to the 4:00 start. I will knock off early this afternoon in compensation this afternoon. 

The weekend was good, I hope yours was too. Friday night we watched the grandgirls while the daughter had a grown-up birthday dinner. Saturday we hung out at the pool, laughing and enjoying the company of great friends. Then came Sunday. I mowed the yard early. I put stuff in the attic and dragged down the fall/Halloween decorations as directed by the wife. Then I watched the absolutely horrid, pathetic, putrid, embarrassing performance by the Colts. I could have switched over and watched the Cubs, but they are pretty much just as awful. Did I say just how awful the Colts were? 

We went out for a quick dinner then I helped the wife put out decorations on the porch as dusk started to settle. 

But hey, I read this morning President Biden says inflation is under control, the border is secure and the check is in the mail. I want some of whatever his speech writer is smoking. 

I am fighting off the yawns. Maybe I need some more coffee. 

Have a great Monday.

September 18, 2022

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