April 21, 2021


 We got a few inches of snow last night. We should be contemplating cold beer and nice cigars on the patio, not freezing temps and fluffy snow. So it goes.

Filled up the car yesterday. Nearly ten bucks more than pre-Biden. Thanks Joe, you lying socialist mofo.

I’m off to work. I would say I hate this opening shift, but I dislike it no more than the closing shift or the mid-day shift. 

On the other hand I had a bowl of Froot Loops for breakfast, so there is that.

Edit:  If you are so inclined, prayers for my friend Tony and his family would be appreciated. He passed away last night after complications from surgery.  He will be missed by a lot of people.

April 19, 2021

But I would walk five hundred miles

Actually, it was 45 miles I walked this week at work, Wednesday through Sunday. I have no idea how much weight I lifted. I need today off. Thankfully, the schedule says I have it. 

In light of the coming unrest and race riots in (your city here), I thought I would share some interesting facts.  

in 2020, police shot and killed 457 black suspects as compared to 241 white and 169 Hispanic suspects. That’s literally more than both of those minority categories combined. In 2017 the difference was even more stark. 457 black suspects were shot and killed, compared to 223 white and 179 Hispanic suspects. Source

Ok, I edited the quote. I switched “black” and “white” everywhere the words appear. In truth, police killed white suspects at nearly twice the rate of black suspects and more than black and Hispanic suspects combined. That is for sure not the narrative you see in today’s “everyone is racist” media. 

April 18, 2021

And so it began

Despite quotes to the contrary, history does not repeat. Yet we can learn valuable lessons from it. On this date*** 246 years ago this country was born in the midst of pain and blood as Americans stood up against all odds to the most powerful government on Earth in an act of defiance and yearning for freedom. 

We learned in school and by reciting that Paul Revere poem about the British marching on Lexington and Concord. What many don’t know was the Redcoats were going to confiscate guns. That is a history lesson the current administration refuses to recognize. *

So today marks the true birthday of the United States, not the one we celebrate that occurred a year later.

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
   Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
   And fired the shot heard round the world. Emerson

*not a threat, a statement of fact for any of you police state types. I don’t even own a gun, mine were lost hunting bears along the Blue River**

*** in the name of historical accuracy I should note the Battles of Lexington and Concord were on April 19th. Paul Revere and others launched forth with their warnings and to call out to the Minute Men on April 18th. When I started typing I was going to discuss this but my brain got sidetracked.

April 16, 2021

So exciting you will want to read it twice

Me and the doughboy fixed some orange rolls for breakfast this morning. I needed the sugar rush, my blood sugars were a low 78 when I got up. 

I close the store the next few nights. That is not my favorite shift at all. That is how things go in the wonderful world of retail. 

I got my second Covid shot yesterday. I am now set, the government tracking device is implanted and ready to transmit. Sarcasm aside, the vaccine may help, it may not. I get the flu shot every year too.  Now I just have to wait until next month and I can get my second shingles shot. Now that is a malady I hope to never suffer again. Have you ever taken a nasty punch or bat to the ribs?  I have, and that is exactly what my shingles felt like.

How about a deep cut from Indiana’s own this morning? He may be an ass, but I like this song. 

If you read this Freddie, I know you hate his music. This may be the first Mellencamp I have posted. Maybe. I don’t know. 

Have a great Friday, amigos.

April 14, 2021


 Billy-Bob and Bubba were sitting in the back of a trailer, drinking a beer and talking about life.

Billy-Bob said, “If I snuck over to your house while you were out fishing and had sex with your wife, and she got pregnant, would that make us kin?”

Bubba scratched his head for a bit and said, “I don’t think so…but it sure would make us even.”

April 13, 2021

Topical Tuesday

 It is a new day. Not a different day, just a new one. The birds are chirping with enthusiasm in the backyard. I can hear the heavier sounds of traffic on the nearby “numbered” street that fronts my backyard. There are many, many more cars and trucks than normal since traffic is detoured along this stretch due to a construction closure of the main artery. Getting in, and particularly getting out, of the neighborhood has become difficult. So it goes, I chose to move to the ‘burbs. 

The Cubs offensive woes continue. I’m pretty sure a group of random minor leaguers could likely match the anemic .147 batting average the team has posted. They won’t win many games with four hits and 10 strikeouts. When you average about one run a game, a bad inning by a starter or reliever spells certain doom. 

The team will be broken up soon anyway. The Rickets have discovered what Wrigley and the Tribune knew; there is no need to put a good product on the field, fans will watch and attend and buy the merchandise win or lose, so why spend the big bucks on star players?

I’m off work today. The lawn is finally dried out from the weekend rain. It is time to drag out the mower. After the lawn is done I need to spray some weed killer to knock down the dandelions that spread from the neighbors on either side. 

I have a long list of landscaping projects from the wife. Bushes need to be removed in front and replaced by something not overgrown and half dead. New mulch laid. She wants me to remove a couple of lilacs from near the patio. It seems my random days off work are going to be filled with work. 

No politicians were attacked or harmed in this Post.

Have a great Tuesday. 

April 12, 2021

Rounding up rowdy raccoons

Monday, Monday, as the Mamas and Pappas sang, it was all I hoped it would be. It is with promise we greet the new week. Then I look at the news and see this week is just another crappy page on the calendar. 

The *administration still has no clue on the border. 

What part of “shall not be infringed” is ambiguous? 

We are all racists. Except for that BLM exec who has leveraged her million dollar plus salary into some prime real estate a long way from those crime ridden neighborhoods she wants to “fix”. 

Indiana health officials are blaming our modest spike in Wuhan flu cases on anything and everything except inviting tens of thousands of basketball fans from around the country for the NCAA Men’s Tourney. 

I don’t look for racism under every rock,  but is there any doubt that Army Officer in Virginia was pulled over and pepper sprayed solely for driving while black? And for the record coppers, the dude cannot undue his seat belt nor open the door while holding his hands out of the car. And no, it is not unreasonable to ask why you are being pulled over without a gun being stuck in your face. This is not about officer safety, rather power. While I’m on that soapbox, the swat team isn’t needed to keep a restaurant closed in Burbank, either. 

I have the day off. I need it. I’m sore all over today. 

Charlie was installing a new door and found that one of the hinges was missing. He asked his wife Mary if she would go to Home Depot and pick up a hinge. Mary agreed to go. While she was waiting for the manager to finish serving a customer, her eye caught a beautiful bathroom faucet.

When the manager was finished, Mary asked him, “How much is that faucet?” The manager replied, “That’s a gold plated faucet and the price is $500.00. Mary exclaimed, “My goodness, that is a very expensive faucet. It’s certainly out of my price bracket.”

She then proceeded to describe the hinge that Charlie had sent her to buy. The manager said that he had them in stock and went into the storeroom to get one. From the storeroom the manager yelled. “Ma’am, do you wanna screw for the hinge. Mary paused for a moment and then shouted back,

No, but I will for the faucet.”

That is why you read the whole post, my friends.

Have a great Monday, Monday

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