February 28, 2009

More stuff for the list of things I wish I had written

Guy is always spot on in his analysis, but this post says what a lot of us are thinking.

If you voted for Obama you will be famous. Not only will your Grandkids curse your name for saddling them with a debt of unmanageable proportions, historians will point out your ignorance in electing an avowed Socialist was the beginning of the end for the USA. Obama -- the Nero of our time.

Hey -- you stupid sheep, Citi just got their third bailout in five months. This time the Obamaites tell us we have to give them taxpayer money because "lots of people have checking and savings accounts at Citi, we cannot let them fail". The FDIC guarantees deposits at banks. No one will lose their checking or savings money if Citi fails.

And the Velocigod again writes the words of wisdom, listen to him sheeple.

And finally, one more:
If global warming is caused by human industry, we already solved the problem. We elected a team whose backward economic ideas are going to make industry cease.
-- Tools of Renewal

Go read the whole thing.

In other news, the wife and I saw the new Clint Eastwood flick last night. Go see it. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Weekend Funny

February 27, 2009

Cooking with the Hoosierboy

I cooked up some smoked sausage for lunch. I was going to heat up some 'kraut to go along, but I opted for some Frito goodness instead. Happy Friday to you. How are...that was the doorbell. Did you hear it? It was the FedEx guy bringing a package.

You are nosey. If you must know, it was penis enlarging cream. No, not really, it is a case I ordered from Canon for the Powershot SX110 camera my wife and I bought for ourselves at Christmas. Hold on while I open the box.

It works great.

I baked some chocolate chip cookies last night. The things I do for my family. I do not enjoy baking at all. The cookies taste fine, but they are really flat. This happened last time when the wife baked cookies too. After thinking on it, I bet we need to replace the baking soda. You bakers out there may have other answers.

Happy Friday. Buck up. Spring is coming.

'Splain this, Lucy

I seldom do it either. Click on links that is, I figure if the link was so important the linker would give me the details.

Here is on link you should really open. As Cosby used to tell us, be careful, you just might learn something. Now keep that link in mind the next time you vote.

I sure would like to see my liberal lapdog Sammy 'splain this away.

February 26, 2009

Nice wig asshole

You people in South Bend who keep voting for Pat Bauer are just stupid fucks. You are dumber than a post. You should be sterilized so you cannot reproduce kids as stupid as you. We would all be better off.

February 25, 2009

Details at Eleven

I like pancakes

Happy Hump Day

Good morning Patriots. I feel refreshed this morning after a long travel day yesterday and a good night's sleep. I did not watch the President's speech. Sorry, but as I stated below the President talking about fiscal responsibility after signing the largest spending bill in history is too ludicrous to consider. Too bad partisan Sammy can't see that 90% of the bill is porkety-pork. If anyone can prove to me how creating wetland habitats for the salt water mouse creates jobs I will post a picture of my naked ass.

I travelled with the Big Boss yesterday, escorting him to visit some major customers in Chicagoland. Gloom and doom all around. Those of you not involved in heavy industry may not realize that last summer steel prices surged out of control. This was in the same time period gas and oil prices went crazy (so did aluminum). Anyway, I asked one of my customers for some cost relief. That is a fancy way of saying I want to raise prices. The customer finally agreed yesterday! I also got a contract extension. It all made me look good in front of the Big Boss.

I think there is a skunk in the neighborhood. Several times in the last week or two I have noticed the distinctive skunk odor in the morning when I go outside. Given my luck, it likely lives under one of my shrubs and will dose me when I go out to mow this summer.

February 23, 2009

The irony of it all

According to reports, the President is planning a speech this week outlining his plans to reduce the Federal Deficit, This is little more than a week after pushing for and signing the single largest spending bill in the history of the United States. If it were not so sad, you think this administration is a Saturday Night Live skit.

I hate to say I told you so, but I bet Obama's plan includes letting the Bush tax cuts expire. He has already given 'tax cuts' to people who do not pay taxes. I bet the middle class tax cut he touted while running for office is just no longer in the cards. I predict he will say the economy is too tough right now. He is probably right. Instead, we are going to pay more taxes.

I will be pissed, but I will be able to say I told you so.

Hope and Change indeed.

February 20, 2009

Urgent Update

A chicken pot pie, chocolate pudding and a cold glass of water made for a good lunch on a cold Friday.

What did you have?

Do you have to be measured for a straight straitjacket, or are they one size fits all?

Well it is Friday and I plan on trying hard not to comment on politics on a Friday.

The only problem is I really have nothing interesting to relate to you. It is cold, snow is expected tonight. You just tell me "welcome to the club".

Hey, tell me if I have gone completely crazy. Wait, do not answer yet. I like the view out of my kitchen window. I live on a cul-de-sac. The view out my window is the backyard of the houses on the street behind me. It stretches as a tree-lined grassy avenue for three or four hundred yards. Every day I can see the vagaries of Mother Nature in that narrow corridor. I have this idea that I will take a picture of that view every day and see a photographic history of the change of seasons -- the neighbors apple trees in bloom, the fruit, the change of the leaves. You get the idea. Here is a crappy cell phone picture of the view. I would use my good Canon if I were to do this:

The angle is not quite right, the lane goes probably close to 1/4 of a mile to a copse of trees. I need to step a few steps left. Hey, it was very cold and the Treo is not the best camera. Have I lost it? The only problem is I will have to go outside to take the picture, the window interferes too much with camera (screen etc.).

Maybe I will do the Big Grasses instead:

Is this what I have come to?

February 19, 2009

A few unoriginal thoughts

According to The Obama, the stimulus bill was so important not a minute could be wasted to get it passed. Your Representatives had a scant 16 hours (in the wee hours of the night) to vote on the package. We were told not a minute could be wasted as jobs were at stake. Why did the President wait four days to sign it? I guess making sure he got the right publicity was more important than jobs. I guess The Obama really does care more about himself than he does you. Of course we know why a quick vote had to be done -- the Democrats who wrote the bill wanted to get it passed before the American Public could find out what was in it.

Now the President wants the 93% of Americans who pay their mortgage on time to pay for the balance that cannot, will not, and should never had been given a mortgage. Could Sammy or his liberal friends explain to me again how The Obama has no intentions of punishing the successful or redistributing wealth? Let me understand, the Government forced banks to give mortgages to people unqualified. Now we will force those same banks to reduce interest, forgive penalties and fees and this will make the banking and housing system stronger? Consider this, the stock market has lost nearly 6,000 points since the Dems took over Congress.

Obama has vowed to be our first "green" President. He cares more than most about our environment. He wants to reduce greenhouse gases. Yet he flies to Denver in a 747 with about 20 heavily armored SUVs that get about 5 mpg. Local police drive escorts through Denver and Phoenix so he can sign a bill and announce his solution to the mortgage crisis. If he cared about the environment he could have signed the bill in Washington and given his speech on TV. If he was so interested in speaking to the kids at that Arizona High School it could have been done via closed circuit. To save money we use a web based client for meetings in my company. Maybe he should have tried that. The Obama does not care; after all it is only tax money. Ponder this, it has been estimated it costs $68,000 per hour to operate Airforce One. In addition to the 747, the President's security requires two VC-25As and a C-130 for his limo. One source estimates it costs $85,000 in fuel alone for these three additional planes. How many carbon offsets will that take? How many unemployed to could be provided for? Heck, that amount might just take care of the 14 kids that woman has spawned in California with the help of the taxpayers.

I see the Obama has already extended his deadline for pulling troops out of Iraq and is increasing troops strength in Afghanistan ( I thought surges in troop levels would not work in war against insurgents/terrorists?).

Can we stop with the worst economy since the Depression and the hysteria over banks failing? There were 13 bank failures in the last year. More S&Ls folded in the 1990's. There were 10,000 bank failures in 1932. Inflation was higher in the 1970s. Unemployment was higher in 1982. Maybe if we are so concerned with getting Americans back to work, we should start enforcing the immigration laws and send the illegals packing. That would open about 6 million jobs for Americans who want to work.

Those of you who voted for this empty suit -- is this the Hope and Change you voted for? The good news is if things keep on, we will have some significant change in 2010.

Chapter 10, more strange travel adventures

I arrive back at the airport to return home late yesterday afternoon. I have a late flight, 8:15. There is an earlier flight at 6:30. I go to the gate to see if I can get on that flight. The nice lady from USAIR tells me they no longer have standby for flights. She said they call it taking an earlier flight. I am serious. They have seats available and I can have one for $50.00. I point out the seat is empty. She said it is stupid, she knows, but the airline would rather fly an empty plane than let someone make a change without charging for the effort. I said I will keep my flight. She leaned forward and said she would too. It was a good thing because karma rewarded me for not being an ass and raising a ruckus and for having the cramped flight on the Canadair flight Tuesday. I took my later flight on a big roomy 737 with maybe 30 people on board. I had the entire row to myself. It was like flying back in the early 1990s again. Of course I was reminded that fate was in charge of my life when I looked for my car. Someone had moved it to a completely different location from where my memory said I parked it. I am sure the mistake was not mine. Anyway after wandering around for 20 minutes in the blowing snow I found where it was parked.

I did score a sweet 4-pack of Elvis movies at Target for $7.50.

I know, you wish you could live my life of wild adventure. Men want to be me, chicks want to be with me.

February 18, 2009

Chapter IX, werein the author complains a lot

So I board my tiny little Canadair jet Tuesday afternoon and take my accustomed aisle seat. I look with apprehension as the remaining passengers board the flight saying that little prayer we all do -- "not next to me, not next to me". There she was, three hundred pounds of woman bearing down on seat nine E. Thighs like sides of beef, she gave me the nod. It was not my lucky day. She did not talk to me at least. I feigned sleep as soon as I could anyhow, just to make sure. As soon as we were airborne she pulled out a bag of Chex snack mix and munched away. At first I thought the smell was the snacks, but I realized she was just odoriferous. I bet there were wrinkles and rolls that had not been washed for months. Hell, there was probably a pizza roll or ham sandwich moldering away in there. Her fat may have been hiding the Limburgh Baby or Natalie Holloway. At least the flight was short.

I went to a wing place for dinner. I had a hankering for a few hot pieces of chicken and cold beer. They said the wait was short. They seated two parties that came in after me. As I was heading to the hostess stand to see what was up, they led me to the worst table in the house. Front center of the room, near the door and next to the kitchen. I told the hostess it was crap, they seated people behind me and then give me a shitty table, but she pretty much ignored me. I will not be back soon. Listen, if you are a hostess take note. Quite often men dining alone in mid week at a restaurant near a hotel are probably on business. That means expense accounts. That means we tip big. Do not put us at a table in the middle of the room. We want a booth in the corner. Many dining establishments share tips, you screwed yourself and the waitress, who was not so good at her job either.

I hate my rental car, it is the GM version of the PT Cruiser, whatever they call it (Chevy HHR?). If you own one of these vehicles you are a douchebag. I do not care if you never visit here again. Face facts. In addition, if you drive that boxy-looking Nissan SUV you should immediately hang yourself also. If you drive a Scion of any type you might as well wear a name tag that proclaims to the world you are an asshole with no taste. I drive a Taurus as a company car and it is a shitsucker vehicle too, so there.

February 17, 2009

Monday, again

Look at me. My eyes are swollen and the bags underneath could accommodate a change of clothing. I am mean and and angry. The friggin' coffee pot works too slow on a day like this.

I was up until 2:30 this morning trying to fix my son's computer. It is infect with so many viruses and bugs you would have thought it spent a month or two in the Congo. My repeated warnings of "you need to run the virus scans" went unheeded and now the MoFo is really sick. I beat the boy within an inch of his life. No not really. I told him if I can't fix it he is out of luck, I will not pay to fix his mistakes.

One of the many virulent strains would not even let him log on. I had to do a re-install of windows (repair). The virus scan took all night and I know all are not gone. I know he has a cousin to the malicious one I picked up at Supergurl's she who will be nameless, and he has some Trojan that is sending penis enlargement emails from his computer. I am pretty sure I will not get it fixed before I head south on business later today.

The great living room furniture decision is in day 4. I will keep you posted.

So how is your Tuesday going?

February 16, 2009


If you were forced given the opportunity to choose, would you go for

Ginger or Mary Ann from Gilligan

Jennifer or Bailey from WKRP

Wilma or Betty from Bedrock

We are faced with a similar decision. Well, at least my wife is. You see, our current living room furniture is about a decade old. The fabric is worn through in places, the springs sag where I plop my fat ass. This furniture lived through my kids' teen years, through spills and stains, popcorn and farts and drool. I am loathe to spend the money, but it is time for a replacement.

Thus the dilemma. Looks over comfort. The wife struggles over the decision. Does she want the set that fits into her decor, or the set that makes you go ahhhhh when you sit down? The cost is nearly the same for either choice. Just as you would be proud to escort Mary Ann and Bailey and Betty to the prom, the more comfortable set is still attractive. By the same token, the prettier set is like Ginger and Jennifer and Wilma you could snuggle up with it all night -- but you know that couch is a little more high maintenance, not the set that would go for beer and pizza.

To me the choice is obvious. I wear jeans and a t-shirt whenever possible. It is rare to catch me in shoes inside the house. I am all about the comfort, Baby. I would choose Bailey and Betty and Mary Anne and the more comfortable couch without a seconds hesitation. But in the end, it is all about what makes the wife happy. If she chooses, then she cannot complain for the next decade. As long as I can get a prime spot in front of the wide screen, I will be OK. I am willing bet riding Jennifer or Ginger for a few hours a night would be something I could live with...

February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Reason 137 why you should visit here many times every day

February 13, 2009

Eight Thousand Dollars

$8,000 for you. $8,000 for your spouse. $8,000 for your Mom. your Dad, your Son, your Daughter. $8,000 for each of your friends. We would all have to pay more than $8,000 for every man, woman, child, and those unborn to pay the cost of the Democrat/Obama stimulus package over the next ten years based on costs estimated by the CBO.

Now my math might be off, I have trouble when that many zeros are involved. This is by far the largest spending bill ever considered in the US. We bought the western half of the US and Alaska cheaper. The entire New Deal cost less.

Yet Nancy and Harry and Obama expect our Congressmen and Senators to vote on the 600-page bill without reading it. Would you trust a lawyer or a banker or a politician enough to sign a paper without reading it? Would you sign a contract that ensures every member of your family will have to pay $8,000 without reading the fine print?

I read a lot. I go through an average of two books a week plus newspapers, magazines and blogs. I can easily read a page a minute in a standard hardback novel. Histories and technical prose I read a bit slower. I could not read this bill in the twelve or so hours available before the vote. Yet the Democratic Party leaders expect their colleagues to read, understand a vote on a bill that will affect generations to come with no time to read the fine print.

No matter what party is involved, call your Representative and Senator and urge them to read the bill prior to voting. Will a few days really matter? What secret measures are included? Is there a provision to make Obama king for life? Are we spending millions to protect a fucking mouse habitat in San Franscico? As a matter of fact we are. What jobs does that create? With so much of our money at stake shouldn't we know what we are buying? Is it too much to ask the Congress to put at least as much research and questions as we would if we were buying a car or stove or a damn iPod? What is in there they do not want us to know about?

After all -- it is only your money.

Hope and change indeed.

edit: he says it better

Quote of the Day

I'm not the superstitious type, which is why I don't like superstitious people. They're bad luck.

--Serge Storms in Nuclear Jellyfish by Tim Dorsey (page 3).

Appropriate for a Friday the 13th I think.


The youngest boy started Drivers Education last night, Gosh I feel old.

Have you done your shopping for your sweetie this Hallmark Holiday? When everyone finally realizes my true genius and innate leadership abilities and makes me King of the World, Valentine's Day (what happened to the Saint part anyway?) will be one of the holidays I abolish. Do not fret, Lincoln and Washington will get their days back, and they will be ON their birthday, none of this Monday bullshit.

I just realized I get Monday off, good for me.

I can not say enough how bad it sucks to go from 80 degree weather back to 30 degree weather. They weather quack is calling for snow on Saturday.

I am off I have work to do.

Maybe more later, you better click back often; say every 15 minutes or so. I need the hits, some of you have been slacking off lately.

February 12, 2009

Today's words of wisdom

No woman will ever be truly satisfied, because no man will ever have a chocolate penis that ejaculates money.

New and Improved! Now with more sour flavor!

Good Morning fans. I am back home in the chilly windy Hoosierland. It was reported there were wind gusts pushing 70 mph last night. That is pretty close to hurricane strength gales. As I was walking to my car at the airport, a gust blew so hard it actually pushed me backward! I stepped forward and it was as if the hand of God hit me in the chest.

Did you catch The Obama on TV the other night? His body language suggests a really angry person. It is as if he thinks Congress should have passed this stimulus bill just because He wanted it. I was floored when he admitted there was a large portion of spending in the bill that did not relate to any stimulus. Then why isn't he pushing Pelosi and the gang that could not spend enough to trim out the fat? That would get the Repubs on board and we should not be spending at levels unseen in the history of the nation. If you do not believe me:

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research crunched the inflation adjusted numbers. The bailout has cost more than all of these big budget government expenditures – combined:

• Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion
• Louisiana Purchase: Cost: $15 million, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $217 billion
• Race to the Moon: Cost: $36.4 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $237 billion
• S&L Crisis: Cost: $153 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $256 billion
• Korean War: Cost: $54 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $454 billion
• The New Deal: Cost: $32 billion (Est), Inflation Adjusted Cost: $500 billion (Est)
• Invasion of Iraq: Cost: $551b, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $597 billion
• Vietnam War: Cost: $111 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $698 billion
• NASA: Cost: $416.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $851.2 billion

TOTAL: $3.92 trillion
courtesy of ritholtz.com

Or maybe this will put it in perspective:

The only single American event in history that even comes close to matching the cost of the credit crisis is World War II: Original Cost: $288 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $3.6 trillion

The $4.6165 trillion dollars committed so far is about a trillion dollars ($979 billion dollars) greater than the entire cost of World War II borne by the United States: $3.6 trillion, adjusted for inflation (original cost was $288 billion).

Go figure: WWII was a relative bargain.
Here again

Do you think that is awful? Those numbers were crunched before the current stimulus spending plan touted by our President.

February 10, 2009


So here I am in a sooper sekrit location working at the most boring trade show in America. The only good thing is it is in a warm sunny location (howdy Mickey). I will be returning home tomorrow and the sun and warm breeze has given me a case of spring fever. I did manage to play 54 holes of golf. I walked them all carrying my clubs. Is it important to point out the 54 holes were putt-putt?

Scarier than a zombie

Nearly 30% of people who get a refund on their State and Federal taxes actually believe the Government is giving them money.

These people not only vote, they are allowed to procreate.

February 9, 2009

A musical interlude

Check this out

That is my oldest boy. Listen to the song 'it never happened'. This song like all of the others was written by him and he plays every instrument and does the mixing and recording. What is interesting to me is the violin part(s). He plays them himself as well. He just got that violin for Christmas and could not play it at all. He has made great progress in just over a month. In fact, he taught himself all of the instruments. Beyond learning percussion in Middle School band he has had no music lessons.

Of course, a parent always thinks their kid is talented.

Heavy lifting on a Monday

I have often held the 14th Amendment as a piece of legislation worthy of liberals worldwide. It is filled with good intentions, but the daily application of the language brings us a great deal of illegal immigration problems, Gay Marriage and the virtual death of the 9th and 10th Amendments.

The way this Amendment was ratified is interesting. After the Civil War the radical Republicans, the equivalent to today's flaming liberals, wanted to end the slavery question for ever. Just as now most of these radicals hailed from the Northeast (f-ing Yankees). There were not enough states on board to ratify the 14th Amendment. Benjamin Wade and his cohorts came up with a brilliant plan. As a condition of returning to the Union, the former Confederate States had to ratify the 14th Amendment.

This raises several issues. One, the Civil War was fought under the guise that a State could not leave the Union. How can you rejoin a club you never left? Second, not following the various Reconstruction measures was never a choice. Under the harsh measures of Reconstruction many Southern leaders lost the right to vote amd hold public office, so many of the States' Legislatures were filled with carpetbaggers of questionable residency credentials. Finally, if the various Confederate States were not part of the Union, the ratification of the 14th Amendment before they were readmitted means the ratification was not legal. In other words, were they full-fledged States or not?

Discuss among yourselves.

February 8, 2009

Have a chaw

This post of Og's stirred some memories. In my youth I was fond of chewing tobacco. It started one day when my dad was working in the yard and pulled out a plug. I asked him what it tasted like and he gave me a small chunk with the admonition to never swallow the juice. I am sure his intent was to teach me the evils of tobacco in a real hands-on lesson. I liked the stuff. So on and off from the time I was 8 or 10 I chewed (I could never enjoy Skoal, just leaf) or smoked an occasional cigar. In those days there was no age limit on buying tobacco, or if there was, it was not enforced.

By my late teen years I chewed regularly. In college good old BeechNut red was the tonic that kept me up late studying. I had a very large jar I had rescued from the kitchen trash and for months I spit into that jar, never emptying it. It was a gross science project worthy of the most evil Nazi surgeons. I kept it in the window near my desk so the gamma rays from the sun could work extra magic on the thick smelly fluid. My used cuds also were spit into the jar. Alas one Saturday the jar disappeared while I was in the shower. Either one of my roommates or my girlfriend chucked it out. No one claimed responsibility. The next penicillin, the cure for Aids or Cancer was probably living in that jar.

One evening late in my college career I was sitting in an easy chair reading an assignment. I habitually spit into a plastic coffee cup (then dumped it into my jar). The tome must have been dreary as I was drinking coffee. Not being completely stupid, the coffee was on the left of the chair, the spit cup on the right. You know what is coming. I reached down and took a huge swig of BeechNut spit. It took me a week or two before I could chew again.

My wife is a good soul. The only thing she has ever asked of me is that I quit chewing when we got married. I still smoke an occasional cigar, but I have rarely chewed since. I have to say I do not really miss it, but it did cure the boredom of long road trips.

February 6, 2009

Learn something this Friday

Benjamin Franklin Wade missed out being President of the US by one single vote. Al Gore has nothing to complain about. You see, in the years after the end of the Civil War there was major disagreement on how to bring the recalcitrant Rebel States back into the Union. Lincoln believed that since the States were not allowed to leave in the first place, then there was nothing to 'bring back". Hard-core Republicans like Wade thought the South should be punished.

Benjamin Franklin Wade was as partisan a Senator that ever walked the halls of the Capitol Building. He makes Kennedy and Reid look like mere pikers. Franklin was an ass and hated all who did not agree with him. He rose to become President Pro Tempore of the Senate after Andrew Johnson took over the White House following Lincoln's death.

Johnson took a soft approach to reconstruction and the hard-line of the Republican Party thought he was falling back on his old Democratic Party leanings. They felt he should be impeached. Not for any crime, but because he not following the party line. The Radical Republicans thought impeachment should be like the term of office for the British Prime Minister -- when the President lost the support of Congress he should be let go.

Congress passed a bill saying no appointees to a cabinet position could be fired by the President after they had been confirmed by Congress. Johnson fired Sec of War Seward and that was the excuse Congress needed to begin impeachment. Johnson thought the firing would be challenged in the court system and he would be supported by the Supreme Court, but Congress moved swiftly. The overwhelming majority of the House were Republicans and Articles of Impeachment were voted quickly.

The trial moved to the Senate where our good friend Mister Wade failed to excuse himself, even though he had everything to gain by Johnson's impeachment. There was no Vice President, so Wade was next in line should Johnson be impeached.

Just enough Republicans felt that a real crime should be committed before the President was booted and that using impeachment as a political tool would set a bad precedent. Most importantly, a vote against impeachment was a vote against Wade as President. One newspaper at the time wrote, "Andrew Johnson is innocent because Ben Wade is guilty of being his successor" [Trefousse, Hans L. Benjamin Franklin Wade: Radical Republican From Ohio. New York: Twayne Publishers Inc., 1963. p. 309.]The Senate failed to impeach Johnson by one single vote. Johnson remained in office, and Benjamin Franklin Wade missed out on being President.

February 5, 2009

no title

I have not abandonded you. I am in a supersekrit location and interwebz access is spotty. Even typing this post from the old Treo is a pain.

You should feel good knowing I am taking time to say hola while sitting in a customer's parking lot.

Tell me thanks and how much you love me.

February 3, 2009

And yet another Obama nominee is a tax cheat

read this

Are there any Democrats that pay taxes?

No wonder they think raising taxes is a good idea, they don't pay any. Obama is starting to make the Clinton administration look honest. Of course, most of his appointees are Clinton leftovers, so maybe they are just the ones who did not get caught the first go-around.

February 2, 2009

Tax cheats on parade

I filled out the Federal and State tax forms for my kids yesterday. To the best of my knowledge I filled them in correctly. I guess they will never be picked to serve in the Obama Administration.

read this

Just think, a whole story from the AP, and never once a mention of which party the tax cheater belongs to. Oh, and I guess we will have to suspend the "lobbying" rules for him too, as the White House Spokesman says, it takes a while to implement these rules.

Hope and change, hope and change. Looks like a Clinton rerun to me. Are there no honest Democrats to be found? Wasn't it Biden who claimed it was patriotic to pay your taxes. So when we say Democrats like the Sec of Taxcheats Treasury or Daschle do not love their country aren't we a little correct?

Groundhog Day

It is just too bad someone did not go all Equus on the woodchuck out in Pennsylvania. Then he could not see his bleeding shadow. I am ready for spring.

February 1, 2009

Obama, why are you letting the citizens of Kentucky Die?

It appears more than a million people remain without power in Kentucky. There are numerous deaths, and authorities believe the total will climb as rural homes are finally searched. The Governor has called out the national guard. Shelters are full and one county executive said no more space is available and told citizens that are able to move south.

Through it all FEMA has been nearly non existent. They have managed to send fifty (yes 50) generators to the beleaguered state. FEMA has sent no crews, set no shelters, provided no water or food.

The Presidency of George Bush was roundly criticised when FEMA took three days to respond to Katrina, yet the press is strangely silent when the Federal Government remains a no-show after five days in Kentucky. The press hounded Bush for days and weeks and months after Katrina. Indeed, he was still criticized on his response as he left office.

There was always a strong undercurrent of belief (and some actually stated it) that a white President let Black people die in New Orleans. Is our first black President allowing white people to die in the Bluegrass State? Of course, I do not believe either claim. I use these wild unfounded statements as an example of the utter hypocrisy of the press, the left, and supporters of The One. I bet most of you penned thousands of words disparaging Bush on Katrina, where are you now? Where is the condemnation in the press, the blogs, your conversation? Yet you same leftists tell me there is no media bias, Bush deserved all of the criticism.

Blow me.
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