July 31, 2011

The best cookie I ever ate

I had a blistering post half-written blasting the Democrats and The Obama for failure to react on the debt ceiling. I decided not to bother. If you follow the pitiful saga you know what is what. Nothing I write will change any one's mind.

I am sick of venting. It looks like a nice day outside. I think I will peruse some blogs while I drink my coffee and then go for a walk.

Enjoy your Sunday.

July 30, 2011

Me and Elvis

I think I told you before how I have been having weird dreams. In the time before I wake, I replay the same dream over and over, kind of like my brain is editing and rewriting things.

This morning this paragraph played out repeatedly with varying changes:

The King and I walked into the room.  The bar was dim and smoky, but the woman immediately drew our attention.  She was dressed in a tight white dress that showed all of her curves. Each was in just the right place. The dress was low cut and shimmered an icy blue when it reflected the light. She only had eyes for Elvis, but he had no intention of being sunk by that iceberg. Me, I was changing my name to 'Titanic'

Weird stuff, I know. I never hung out with Elvis Presley. But the scene was not played out in my dream, the words were. I was writing this. Still an hour or so later I cannot get it out of my head. Do you know what bugs me the most? It is not even good writing.

I hope you have a good Saturday. Keep cool out there, it is summer, you know.

July 29, 2011

Friday Covers

I am up and at it early this morning. I am going to breakfast later with my daughter. She and I have not hung out for longer than I can remember. I see her a lot, and we talk, but I cannot remember the last one-on-one conversation. It will be fun.

It is finally Friday, this has been a long week. I am not sure why. Each work day seems to last about 10 hours. Probably because I have been waking early and sitting at the desk.  I start in on Emails around 6:30, then break to do this blogging bullshit, and then back to work.  When 4:30 or 5:00 rolls around I have been at the computer for ten hours! It is just that some of the time is spent screwing around the interwebz.

Here is some music for you on a Friday morning. This song has been stuck in my skull for a couple of weeks now. It is not a particular favorite (I don't hate it either). It was part of the setlist the performer did at one of the joints the wife and I visited on vacation. The band at last weekend's wine tasting also played it. I heard it on the radio last night. I just cannot seem to escape the tune. Maybe sharing it with you will get it out of my head?:

This is the Dobie Gray version most of old farts remember.

Here is a version by Uncle Kracker:

And finally, here is a cover of the song done by The Rolling Stones I never knew existed. One can learn something every day:

July 28, 2011

Reason 2,937 getting old sucks

I made myself a nice lunch today. A sandwich of hard salami, pepper jack cheese and colby jack cheese was accompanied by some Cheetos and apple turnover yogurt (Lite!). A diet Dr. Pepper washed it all down.

About halfway through the sandwich I got a nasty bite of salami. It was chewy and I spit it out into my napkin. I took another bite and could not even chew it. That bite too went into my napkin. I decided to pick the salami off the bread and just eat cheese. I figured I should not get the Store-brand lunch meat next time.

As I pulled apart the meat I noticed the paper that separated the slices of cheese was on the sandwich. A nice half moon of a bite was gone from the waxy paper. It was not gristle and bone in the hard salami -- it was the cheese paper.

After picking out the paper, my lunch was pretty good. In addition, I answered an age-old philosophical question. I still don't know if a tree makes a noise when it falls in the forest if no one hears it, but I do know you can be embarrassed when no one else is in the room.

Why I guess we are all wrong, Hanoi Jane

Poor Jane Fonda. History has done her a bad turn. According to her, she went to Hanoi during the Vietnam war because she supported the US Military! She went to make sure the POWs were treated well, to take them letters. Jane was not a traitor after all. I guess posing with our enemies is not traitorous. Apparently actively supporting our enemy is not treason. I suppose giving aid and comfort to the enemy is not treason. 

WTF? The knuckleheads who comment on how great  Hanoi American Hero Jane is, are the same fools who believe The Obama is doing a good job.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are about 2,000 proving Jane Fonda is damn traitor and should have been tried and executed upon return to American soil:

July 27, 2011

With Joe at the beach

I am sure you guys are more than sick of politics and the debt ceiling. Here is a picture of happier times -- mainly my happier times. But then I am sure you agree that as long as I am in a good mood, we should all be in a good mood. I was not happy yesterday. I had to put new brakes on the wife's SUV. That may explain your sudden mini-depression bout yesterday afternoon.

Today I offer you a glimpse of the author last week while in deep Southern climes, enjoying the sand, surf and sun:

See how relaxed and happy I am? Look, stare, live vicariously!

July 26, 2011

The left's new mantra...

...the debt crisis is just manufactured agitprop by the Right to make the Democrats look bad or something. The Obama is falling into the trap. The Lefties believe we do not have a debt problem, all would be right if we just had more Government spending. If we could just raise taxes on those billionaires making $200,000 a year. But mostly we just need to spend more. Because in magic Progressive land money grows on trees and unicorn turds are collateral for debt. In Progressive Land you never have to pay for anything, you just have to buy more.

When my son was about eight he wanted a new toy. I told him I did not have any money.  He told me to just "write a check". At eight he would have made a good Democrat. The difference was he understood when I explained you have to have money in the bank to write a check. Democrats do not get that concept.

Why do we need to cut spending? I cannot show you this graph from Doug Ross often enough:

Since Lefties/Progressives/Democrats do not seem to understand, any bar UNDER the line means the Government is writing checks without money in the bank. You cannot do it at WalMart Whole Foods, and your friendly Government can't continue to do it either.

Sadly, as our Community-Organiser-in-Chief is learning, spending other people's money is easy.  Paying it back is difficult.

Dear President Obama

You spent the money. You spent more than all of your predecessors combined. Your party refused to pass a budget. You refuse to offer a firm written plan, instead you say the Republicans will not compromise? They passed a new debt limit ceiling. It is the Senate Democrats who will not.

The Republican Party has heard the voters. They want true cuts and a balanced budget amendment, they know you politicians will never stop spending our money.

How about you try something new, Mr. President -- lead! Tell us your plan -- specifics, not talking points. What will you cut and when? We are all more than aware you do not have the experience to handle this crisis, Mr, Obama. Life as a community organizer and working on foundations spending other people's money does not prepare you take hard decisions. You have to step up and learn how to be a real decision-maker. I understand the American people we delusional when they elected you. Mr. Obama. You wanted the job, now you have to learn to do it on the fly.

What say we skip the golf course today and spend some time in the office?

July 25, 2011

Dear Republicans


This is a spine. Use yours. Hold fast. Do what is right for America. Polls show the public is with you. A cave-in now and you will pay the price. The Democrats want to punt the debt ceiling argument until after next year's election because they know the public does not support their position and the last thing the Democrats want is a constant reminder next year they have spent us into insolvency.

We both know tax increases are now and cuts are fantasy.  There can be no bargain, no trade-off.  Cut Cap, Balance is the ONLY answer.  Be tough.

Random Ramblings

It is hot. It is summer. Usually the two go hand in hand.

The Cubs finally have a three game win streak. It is nearly August. That says every thing about this lost season.

It appears we may be close to a deal that will end the NFL labor strife. Are you ready for some Football?

 I had to think about what we did over the weekend. That is a sad state of affairs. We went to a wine tasting at a local winery Saturday.  There was a live band. Had some wine, listened to some 1980's type music. Enjoyed the company of some friends. I probably drank more wine than was prudent, but the wife drove us home. Oh, and we saw a movie Friday night. Yesterday...I put salt in the softener, does that count? I cooked my favorite meal in the whole world for supper Sunday -- beef and noodles with mashed spuds.

After 20 years of wheedling and whining, I may have the wife convinced to let me buy a motorcycle. Unfortunately, I do not think I can find a decent one for the budget she had tentatively set. two years ago when the economy was in dire (more dire?) straights you could pick up a good used bike really cheap. Now gas prices have driven up the cost of used motor bikes.

I thought I was off on an airplane trip mid-week.  That now looks cancelled.  A busy week just turned to an open week. It is too late to scramble for alternative appointments. Grrrrrr.

July 23, 2011

Give me the beat, Boys

I have had the strangest dreams for about four days in a row. They are bizarre and make no sense and there is no point going into the details. What is weird is how the dreams repeat.  It is like my mind is worrying over the details. Something happens that is just not right, so the whole scene replays only slightly different. Then again. It is like a writer rewriting and editing a manuscript, only it is my brain and the dreams are so damn weird anyway.

I had a good week at work as I continue my "Piss of the customers price increase tour". So far no one wants the T-Shirt.

Surprise! It is hot. This often occurs in summer. Now that the heat wave has reached the East Cost and New England it will be an issue in the press. Let the South and Midwest swelter, it is no biggee, but we cannot let the Big Apple be too warm. At ten last night it was still 89 and the heat index was 96. My glasses steamed instantly went I went out to pick up the paper this morning. The good news it is so hot and dry the grass has quit growing so I will not have to mow this week!

As far as I know we have no big plans for the day.  After the wife gets up I am sure she has something in mind. Until then I am off to see what wisdom I can glean in the blogosphere.

July 22, 2011

Since you may not be paying attention

The Republican controlled House of Representatives HAS voted to raise the Debt Ceiling Limit.

It is the Democrats in the Senate forcing the country to the brink of default.

If anyone says otherwise they are lying. If you believe otherwise you are an idiot.

I am not the first to point this out

It is interesting the only governmental program The Obama has cut is NASA's manned space program.

The very epitome of America's triumph, the symbol of our scientific might, our zeal for discovery, the realization of our can-do spirit, NASA defined America's greatness. It gave us the Space Shuttle, countless scientific advances we use every day and TANG!

JFK offered the challenge. We went from nothing to the moon in a decade. Kennedy believed we were a special people. Obama thinks we are just one nation among many.

Yesterday's final space flight was a sad day indeed.

July 21, 2011

Negotiating with a cartoon character

The budget proposal offered up by the so-called "Gang of Six" in the Senate reminds me of the bad deal offered up by Wimpy of the Popeye cartoon fame. "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". Senate RINOs and Democrats are promising budget cuts in the future for a debt limit increase today.

Conservatives have been suckered on this too many times in the past. Deems pulled this one on Reagan. Bush I really took it in the shorts over Dem promises to traduce spending for a tax increase.

It is time to put the cards on the table -- show me the cuts. These Senate Dems are mere partisan hacks They will lie to get their way. This debate is about politics and the Presidential elections to them. If a Democrat claimed he wants to cut spending I would sooner believe the check is in the mail, he won't cum in my mouth and I am getting $6,000,000 from that frozen bank account in Nigeria.

I say make the bastards vote. Put every Senator and then The Obama on the record for more spending. Put their position down to history. Should the US Government live within a budget just like you and I? If you are against balancing the budget and cutting spending own up to it! Then explain your position to the voters.

What I did on my summer vacation

So last week the wife and I took our first mid-summer vacation since 1985. That was also the last time we took a vacation without kids, until now. Don't get me wrong, we have done the Spring Break vacation several times, but this is our first vacation -- just the two of us -- since my daughter was born. A glimpse of life in an empty nest.

My youngest went with one of his friends to California. I took some of my accumulated hotel points and booked the wife and I a short stay at a beach side hotel on the Emerald Coast, the Redneck Riviera. We drove down on Wednesday, with plans to head back home on Monday. I figured four days at the beach would be enough for me. I am not into sand.

Thursday and Friday we cloudy, but we hit the stunningly white beaches anyway. Saturday was a complete rainout, and Sunday was not much better. We had a good time anyway. Both of us were with our favorite person in the world --- me! (that is a joke). Monday dawned bright and sunny.  We decided to check out of the hotel and went the beach. We stayed until late afternoon, jumped in the hotel pool to rinse off the sand and sunscreen, and changed in the hotel lobby restrooms before climbing into the car for the 12 hour drive home on Monday.

We were cruising along and I was thinking about the Battles of Franklin and Nashville. Cities and places always stir my brain on road trips. Suddenly the wife started messing with the A/C.  I noticed it was getting hot at the same time. The %*&#$ air conditioner quit! You have probably seen the news, it is summer and hotter than Hades these days. There was no place to stop at 11:00 PM in Nashville, plus I had to work Tuesday, so we just toughed it out; the windows down as much as we could stand. Today's cars are not made to drive with the windows down at 80 mph.  The wind noise is incredible. Perhaps I have forgotten what it was like to have a car with no A/C?

So, I smoked a few cigars on the Hotel porch, enjoyed a few days at the beach, shopped with the wife at some boutique stores, had some nice dinners, and a lot of laughs. Sunday night, the only evening it did not rain, the wife and I spent a nice hour or more more walking on the beach under a cloud shrouded moon. Most of the time we did not even talk. More than thirty years together as a couple will allow you to do that.

It was like every vacation I ever had, I was ready to be home, and hated to leave. I guess that made it just right.

July 20, 2011

Random Ramblings


Drivers in Alabama are precluded by law from using the cruise control feature on their automobile.

The store "Claire's" sells crack for prepubescent girls.

Loft and Eddie Bauer do the same for forty-something women.

If I go to the beach, it rains.

I can live without this blog.

The President is more committed to perpetuating his notion that we must do more to redistribute wealth than he is to fixing the economic and budgetary woes of the nation. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

The Democrats are just fine with gas prices. We still have no movement to begin drilling  our own oil reserves.

The Cubs still suck

The Repubs will roll over on the debt ceiling. Politicians just want to be re-elected, and doing what we need to fix the debt problem is going to be painful to many Americans. Doing the right thing does not get you re-elected...example number 1,037 why we need term limits.

Ohio drivers are trained to drive 5 mph below the average speed on the highway -- in the left lane.

I did not embarrass myself too much attending a concert with a bunch of twenty-somethings last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed Styx/Yes.

A short, midsummer vacation does not bring me back to work energized and refreshed.

After more than a week away, I have nothing of significance to offer you.

July 14, 2011

Quick, buy some stock in Kleenex

I have been doing this for more than six years. I have written more than 3,180 posts of varying quality.

Hobbies should never become habits.

I need a break. I am taking some time off from this place. I will probably be back some time next week.


July 13, 2011

July 12, 2011

Peas suck and real men do not need BandAids.

After listening to The Obama address me in the most condescending tones imaginable yesterday, I can only come to the conclusion he is slowly morphing into a bad version of Jimmah Carter. Since Billy's brother was the worst President in my lifetime (if not ever), that is not  praiseworthy.

There is not much difference in discussing the 'malaise' that infects our nation and the talk of having to eat our peas and pulling off BandAids.

Obama pretends to be the smartest guy in the room, but in reality has the management experience of fresh out of college intern. It shows every day. Apparently he can not read the tea leaves in the bottom of the November elections cup. Likewise The Obama ignores the polls that show more than 60%  of Americans do not want the debt ceiling raised, they want spending cut. Leadership is doing what is best for the country. Demagoguery and partisan posturing in the face of clear, hard facts is another matter altogether.

Tax and spend Democrat is not a stereotype, it is the epitome of the current Spender in Chief. Obama is tone deaf, economically challenged, and the living embodiment of the partisan hack, a politician without grace, a hypocrite of the first order. He is a failure.

I read a piece some time ago that portrayed Obama as the captain of the Titanic. That comparison is far from the truth.  Obama is more akin to that drunk fucker that crashed the Exxon Valdez on the rocks of the Alaskan coast.. The wreck of the economy is not an accident, but like Captain Hazelwood, Obama's actions are malicious, negligent, and a disaster.

July 11, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

This is why we need to CUT SPENDING not raise the debt ceiling. When your family spends more than it takes in you cut out the movies, the vacations, the cigarettes, the beer. You eat hot dogs instead of steak. You take your lunch instead of eating out. We have a spending problem, not a tax revenue problem.

An "inside baseball" post

Most of us do not care to see how the sausage is made. But a since we have been together here for a long time, long enough that I can now consider myself one of the old-time bloggers, it may be time to share how things are done around here.

I would guess, on the average, I spend about fifteen minutes writing a post. Yesterday, for example, I cranked out the whole thing in one continuous flow. I often have no idea what I am going to write about when I open the blogging post platform.

I stare at the cursor and begin typing. Sometimes I have to do a bit of research, sometimes reading the various news of the day internet posts gets me an idea. On occasion, I actually have an idea that percolates in my brain for a day or two. But usually I just sit down and start writing. The short story I published a month or so ago is an example of the "it just comes to me" method. In all honesty, I think the story became much weaker when I tried to write the conclusion. I should have left it after the first installment or two. Such is the reason I have a whole notebook filled with the beginning of my first great novel. There are about twenty different stories.

I know what you are saying, perhaps I should take a little more time and my stuff would be better. Yeah, you are likely correct, but that just isn't going to happen.

I wrote term papers in college the same way. I did the research, made notes, and thought about what I wanted to write. I usually sat down and scratched away on paper until I was done. I rarely edited the final work beyond minor phrase changes and moving a paragraph here and there. On more than one occasion, when facing a due date deadline, I wrote out longhand as my girlfriend typed the final version. I could usually keep ahead of her, and she was a good typist. A research paper on the Julio-Claudian women of some 15 or 20 pages comes to mind as an example of the write-it-while-she-types-it method. And yes, I got an 'A' on the paper. Thank goodness she could fix my spelling errors and more importantly, read my writing!

I sometimes do the same on a blog post.  You may read one published version and I will make some minor changes as the day goes by. But usually I just crank it out, check the spelling, read it once and send the words to the ethernet. This has been my writing method my whole life and this old dog is not likely to learn new tricks. Even if it would make the content better around here.

We all just have to live with it.  The sausage making machinery at Fat in Indiana is reliable and efficient. Some days I think we offer a decent product; just the right mixture of acid and spice. But in the end, what you find here is free, and sometimes you get what you pay for.

July 10, 2011

A post where the author rambles a bit then offers up some real good stuff for the youth of America

I am a lazy bastard. I did not get the yard done yesterday. I am not sure what I did, but I ran out of time.  I guess I know what is on tap for today. It is a good thing I waited. The humidity is much higher today. You know it is going to be sweltering when the windows are steamed at 6:30 AM. Why spend big money for a sauna when you can just walk outside and sweat off a few pounds?

We went to dinner and a movie with some friends last night. They live in our old neighborhood. They were pretty much the first people we met when my family moved here in 1989. We have kids the same age. I had a nice time. We saw Horrible Bosses. The movie was funny as heck. The film does not have a deeper meaning, it has no relevant social message. It is not artistic nor a modern example of the deep themes of man's inhumanity to man, or man vs. nature, or man's insignificance to nature, but rather an entertaining funny two hour diversion. In other words, my kind of movie.

By the way, I have some advice for you young scholars preparing to enter an institution of higher learning or perhaps even an advanced course in English lit at you local high school. Those themes I mentioned above (man v. man, man v. nature/god, and man's insignificance to nature/god) will cover about 95% of all books ever written. If the Professor or teacher asks the theme of the book you can safely choose the one that best fits the work and sound like you know what you are talking about.

I made this discovery early in my sophomore year of college when called upon by Dr. H (who mispronounced my name on purpose for four years) to explain to the class what was the theme. Thinking to be a smartass, I made up one of the above (I cannot remember which) and was lauded for having true insight. I paid attention and found the three themes covered nearly every situation that came up in English Lit class -- with many different professors! It was a real AHAH! moment for me.

I spent four years and a veritable fortune at a small, private, all male, semi-prestigious liberal arts college learning the same lesson I just tossed to the blog world for free. What a giver I am. Try it. Name any great work of literature and see if one of the three great themes I mentioned does not fit. The same goes for film, since film is just a visual work of literature. Hey, There is a bonus gift from me.  "Film as Literature: A study of Common Themes" . I just gave you the topic and title for you final research paper in English 101. All you have to do is name some great works of literature -- preferably some of the ones you studied in class -- and find some great works of film and compare how they explored common themes.

Right there is a research paper that almost writes itself. All you have to do is fill in the details and cite examples and a few quotations. I could knock off ten to fifteen pages typed double spaced (with footnotes) in about two days given the kind of head start I just offered. Unless you are a complete dolt you just earned yourself a B+.

As a second bonus I will share a secret entrusted me by my first faculty advisor. If you can work a colon or semicolon into the title of a paper it will increase your grade by one third -- ie.; from a B to a B+.

You better bookmark this post for the young scholar in your life. I cannot believe I am giving out success tips like this for free.

July 9, 2011

Saturday, in the park

Are you politicked out? I am. Too bad the forces of Government do not take a break. Every day we see the news filled with further examples. I am starting to believe some in Washington think it is their job to regulate and legislate every action in our lives.  The Government is like an anaconda, squeezing the lifeblood from our economy, the very freedom from our lives.

In recent days we have seen reports the President intends to ignore the Debt Ceiling and borrow more money without Congress' approval. There are reports he intends to try to initiate gun control through Executive Order. We did not elect a king. The President has only executive power.  For those of you who slept through high school civics, this means he carries out the laws passed by Congress.

There is not much going on around here.  The weather has been nice. I need to mow the grass this weekend.  I finally got the big old bushes trimmed on the back and side yards, now it is time to trim the ones in front of the house again. It is always something. Sometime this summer I want to wax the cars.

I am off to refill my red spotted coffee mug and peruse the blog world.  Have a great weekend.

PS  -- finish the story Freddie. (Insert smileyface thingy here)

July 8, 2011

Maybe a picture will help you Democrats understand.

This is Government Spending.

Democrats think we just need to feed him more and more healthy food. As much healthy food as he wants to eat. Democrats would argue that you and I should give up more of our food for this Tub O'Lard.

I think a diet is in order.

I guess that makes me an extremist.

Dear Democrats

If you are firm in your conviction we have a revenue problem, not a spending problem, why are you not proposing a tax increase upon the more than 40% of Americans who pay NO Federal income taxes? Shouldn't we all share the burden? Should we at least stop giving tax "refunds" on taxes that were not paid?

Is it about "spreading the wealth" or increasing tax revenues? Are you more interested in perpetuating class warfare or fixing the problem? Those who are howling for more taxes, how do you account for tax revenues running at around 18% of GDP, the historical average? Do we really have a revenue problem?

Some of you Democrats are always invoking the great Clinton Era, how about we just go back to Clinton-Era spending?  I could live with that.

July 7, 2011

'Splain this, Lucy

Let me see if I have this correct, President says the military action in Libya is not subject to the War Powers Act because we are only using airstrikes and bombing runs. The action is not an act of war, but a kinetic something.

Japan must be asking a big 'What the Fuck?" After all, the kinetic strikes on Pearl Harbor in 1941 were mere aerial attacks and bombing runs.

So, initiating attacks against a dictatorial leader who killed huge numbers of his own people, started two large regional wars, threatened to create weapons of mass destruction, sponsored terrorism,and defied at least 12 UN Resolutions like Saddam Hussein, is evil and wrong and warmongering, even though CONGRESS APPROVED the action.

Initiating attacks against a dictator who has illed his own people (far fewer), and many years ago sponsored terrorism,and is a jerk all around, is OK? Where are you Congressional Democrats? Where are you Democrat Senators? Cindy Sheehan please call your office.  Code Pink why aren't you baring your sagging breasties outside the White House?

If I am not mistaken, wasn't The Obama one of GW Bush's biggest bashers over the War in Iraq? Do you Democrats have no shame?

Leading from behind, indeed.

July 6, 2011

New Music For You

One of my favorite bands released their new album into iTunes yesterday. You can find it here.

This band has self-produced a couple of other recordings previously, but this is the first time they recorded in a studio with professional engineers and producers. The album is rock. The band is comprised of young men from the Hoosier State.  They met in college and have developed a following in the Muncie, Indiana area.

I personally know the lead guitarist/vocalist.  He wrote most of the songs on the album. He is a good kid and music is his life. So give it a listen, and if you like it, buy a song or two. I could make some recommendations, but listen to the previews and judge for yourself.

No, I do not know what the title of the album means -- Zeta Reticuli --beyond it is a star constellation.

Yes, there is a real Bradley Thomas. Bradley Thomas is his first and middle names. He is the lead guitarist discussed previously. He was named after General Omar Bradley and General George H. Thomas.  I know these things, I named him myself.

He is my oldest son.

Obama's Economic Policy

“The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”
     -- Ronald Reagan

Reagan, he knew his Democrats.

July 5, 2011

When Tuesday morphs into a Monday

I hope you all had a great long Holiday weekend. I also hoped you took a moment to reflect on the men and women who do the work that has, and continues, to make us free.

I threw some pork chops on the grill last night.  I hit them with some fine BBQ sauce at the end. The chops were accompanied by some corn on the cob and cheesy potatoes. It was as good a meal as I have had in a while. The only thing missing was some fresh sliced 'maters. Maybe in a few weeks.

We motored off to watch the community fireworks display. We picked a spot at the lower end of a parking lot near the soccer fields at the park (wow that is some sentence -- prepositionalphraseaooza!). We had a terrific view.  The show was a little off.  It is like the shooters just grabbed fireworks at random.  What appeared to be the finale was followed by about ten minutes more of sporadic explosions of color. Perhaps they fired off the big finish and someone said "Hey, here is another tray".  Sky rockets shot off at regular intervals, then there was a huge flurry of explosions marking what appeared to be the big finale. Then there was about ten minutes more of sporadic colors exploding above the fog forming beside the majestic Little Blue River. Then the fireworks just sorta ended.

The traffic leaving the area was thick and heavy. The two lane streets and roads in the area around the park and fairgrounds were choked with autos. Remarkably, a system was formed where every other car let someone into the main street from the various parking areas. Decent people acting like responsible citizens. All flowed evenly and nicely and we all got out in rapid time. It was nice to see.

We came back to the Average Hovel and ate some popcorn while bottle rockets, firecrackers and Roman Candles provided a perfect Fourth of July soundtrack in the neighborhood.

A good Fourth weekend in the books, a mere calendar page in my memories.

July 4, 2011

July 3, 2011

Crack, Boom, Bang

The Fourth of July Holiday lets me share my favorite scene from my favorite movie.


None of the YouTube versions will allow embedding, but do yourself a favor and hit the link for some quality entertainment.  Trust me on this.

July 2, 2011

By The Rocket's Red Glare

It is time to once again celebrate my favorite US Holiday -- Independence Day! Most of you probably know the Declaration of Independence was actually approved on July 2, 1776, but it was not published until the Fourth.  Hancock signed on the Fourth. I love the flags, the fireworks, the patriotism and the day off work.  This year's Fourth is double good because it gives us a long weekend.

It was back on the 4th of July in 1976 when I had my first sorta-date with a girl. A buddy arranged for me to meet up with his girlfriend and her best friend to watch the fireworks. We all lay* on our backs on the golf course and watched the night time explosions that marked our Bicentennial. The girl cradled her head on my shoulder and the 14 year-old me wanted to sneak a kiss but I was too terrified. I chalk it up to another of life's missed opportunities. I think the girl was beyond disappointed. She mistook my shyness for dislike. My failure to call or ask her out again deepened the issue. The idea of rejection left me paralyzed to inaction.

I would not return to my teen years for the wealth of King Midas.

We are off today to our friend's where we will swim, enjoy a couple of adult beverages and probably smoke a fine hand- rolled cigar.  After dark we will likely play some Euchre and have a great time in general.

Tomorrow we have been invited to a cookout. Monday marks the local fireworks display and the great Midwest monument to white trash, fat chicks in tube tops, tattoos, fried food, and farm animals -- The County Fair -- opens for business.

It looks to be a great weekend.  I hope yours is too.

*lay/lie, I never could conjugate that verb correctly and I am too lazy to look it up.

July 1, 2011

Raising the stakes

I see your Sophia Loren and raise you a Kansas City Bomber...

A dose of Red, White and Blue to take you into the Holiday Weekend
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