May 31, 2012

Ant Farm Diaries

What is with the ants this year.  I thought we had them eradicated a week ago, but last night we found some more. I guess it is the heat plus the dry weather. We have a crop of fucking ants we cannot seem to kill. I cannot find where they are coming from.  There is no trail or run, they are just there on the cabinet or on the wall.  Where we keep finding them is by a cabinet that stores dishes, there is no food nearby.

These bastards are hard to kill.  They swim in bug spray then build sand castles in the sevin dust.  They strap on bibs and feast on ant bait. If you wash them down the sink, they come back up the drain arms held high like they just completed some made-for-TV obstacle course..  These ants do the backstroke and frolic in the toilet as if it were a municipal pool. I pee and drop a turd in on occasion, just to give the place that public pool feel. They do expire when they are flushed.

There is never a whole herd of ants like you see often. It is always just a one or two, usually just standing there on the counter or the side of the cabinet.  It is my theory these we find are the lookout ants, watching for "The Man" while their evil cohorts do drug deals and sugar buys with the spiders and pill bugs in hidden nooks and crannies. They may even be involved in a secret lady bug fight club.

I do not know where they are coming in. They don't seem to be going after the food.  They won't die under ordinary means. I don't know what they are after.  I am starting to get a little afraid. I had an ant farm as a kid.  Sometimes I would shake it up like an Etch a Sketch and destroy their tunnels.  I think they are coming for revenge.

May 30, 2012


My monthly report is due.
I am so far behind on expenses you would not believe it.
I have to prepare for next week's customer visits.

A guy is coming to clean the carpets today, so my office is full of furniture.
I have to power wash the deck.
The yard needs mowed.
The garage needs a final sweeping and cleaning so I can set up tables for Saturday's graduation Open House.

I am off work Thursday and Friday to try and get some of this done.

This may be it for a few days. You will have to revel in the genius that is me through re-reading the archives.

May 29, 2012

Mentally Tebowing my way through this Tuesday

I hope you had a great weekend. I did, even though I worked my behind off. Graduation is Saturday and the wife is all in a panic to make sure the house is perfect. There is plenty yet to do though. So I am told.

A brief thunderstorm rolled through just a bit ago. We need the rain. I am spending 30-40 minutes every morning watering flowers. Let Mother Nature take a turn I say.

I am off to the Doctor this morning for my regular visit. He wants to make sure the corn syrup flowing in my veins continues to kill me slowly, not rapidly.

May 28, 2012

May 27, 2012

Bang Bang

Beyond Awesome.

You are welcome.

May 26, 2012

In lieu of Tweeting

Since I do not have a Twitter account, and do not want one, I am offering this slice of my life to pique your flagging interest in this piece o'crap blog. All the cool people are keeping the public abreast of their momentary actions and this:is is my anti-twitter attempt jump on the poularity bandwagon. As an aside, is there nothing in this world more pathetic than a 50 year-old guy trying to be cool? What next sports cars and a trophy wife?


Listening to Yours is no Disgrace from the live Yes album Yessongs

Music awesomeness on a Saturday morning. I think I will back up the iPod when it is done and start it again.


Have a great weekend.

Here, now you can agree with me. Dig the "jam" at the beginning: And listen to the guitar solo in the middle sections. This is all the evidence you need to prove just how much Justin Bieber and modern music sucks.

Weekend Funny

I gotta get an iPad...

h/t my big brother

May 25, 2012

Hoo-ray for our side

Time for some Friday hippie music. 

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

Have a great long weekend.  Stop by Sunday for a special treat.  Trust me on this...Well stop by every day, several times a day, but I already canned Sunday's post and you are going to thank me after you see it. I fully expect eleventy-four comments describing my awesomeness.

May 24, 2012

Dear Diary: a Republican memoir


I think the libs are on to us. I was pretending to debate at this liberal website when it became clear they know our agenda.  Make a note to send an Internet virus all liberal blogs in the future. Check on automatic spam generation system.

At the school board meeting we made arrangements to ban all evolution classes and institute a strict Creationist curriculum..  We threw out all the textbooks, only the Bible is necessary. Students will pray three times a day, but only to a Christian God. Also mandated a strict high fructose corn syrup and meat lunch followed by a no-exercise period. OK'd selling Cokes and Fritos during lunch period. Got rid of the free lunch program, not interested in hungry kids' sob stories.

Took the Hummer down to the shop to have the new fuel using device installed.  Now I will get 50% less on gas mileage. The CO2 levels in the exhaust are supposed to triple!


Went by the plant. Ordered benefits cut. Laid off a dozen older workers. Instructed the Personnel Manager to make sure our benefits we no longer cover any item related to women's health. Told him to try harder to find some kids to work the line. Instructed the foreman to remove the guards from the presses. I hope to see some fingers missing by Monday. Made secret plans to ship all of the jobs overseas. Accounting informed me of a scheme to not only avoid taxes, but to steal from the workers paychecks. Called up some thugs to bust the Union Vote.

Threw some trash out my car window. Laughed at a crying Indian.


Went out to Jim's farm to help him spread chemicals on his produce so the consumers all get sick.  We plowed up some topsoil so it will blow away in the forecasted storms this weekend. We shot an endangered bear and I even bagged a spotted owl! We cut down some really old trees for no reason.  I arranged with Jim to tear down some historic buildings in town next week. Bought lunch for a Army veteran.

Refused to recycle yet again.


After church we made improvements to the concentration re-education camp we are constructing for the queers. I splurged and used a five dollar bill to light my cigar, instead of the usual Washington. I made arrangements to fly the private jet to the One Percenter conference next week. Killed a kitten for sport.


Installed a lawn jockey at the foot of the drive. .That reminds me, I have to pick up the KKK robe down at the dry cleaners. Once again, I lament that I cannot legally own slaves So I did the next best thing,  I called up Sheriff McCoy and told him to roust up a few illegals down at the Home Depot.  I suggested a good beating for the men and gave him permission to rape the women. I told the hospital not to treat anyone without insurance. Painted a women gold just to send a message to a British spy.


Had the bank foreclose on everybody.   Had my Senator arrange for fracking in the park. Asked again on the status of my strip mining permit. Kicked a homeless man. Paid some thugs to steal all of the canned goods from the food pantry. Burned some books and had sex with a hooker. Heard a report my yard man changed the oil in the mower and dumped the used oil it in the river. Sent him a bonus.


Encouraged the President to start a war. Waterboarded a teenager. Bought a new flag pin for my Church Suit. Protested down at the abortion clinic.  Handled snakes at Church. Mowed over the neighbors flower beds. Got my new monocle -- looks great with my gold headed cane. Sent over some of the boys to rough up Patrick Swayzee behind the bar. Went shooting with Ted Nugent and Dick Cheney. Told Dick to keep that tube pointed down range, ha ha. Texted a racist joke to Sarah P.  She thought it was funny. Almost missed my monthly Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Meeting. Completed the sale of some weapons to a third world dictator. Burnt a black church. Listened to Rush for the secret code words.

Another week as a typical Republican has reached its satisfying end.

Another skirmish in the War on Women

I bet the NOW gang and liberals in general will be protesting and posting like crazy in indignation over this

 We should all be angry over the degradation of women.

Oh wait, NOW is only interested in the rights of LIBERAL women. There is no degradation too great for a conservative. Since Cupp appears on evil Fox News she deserves the treatment and we should pass it off as a joke,  I guess.

My side hurts from laughing so hard.

edit.  Wednesday afternoon both Planned Parenthood Action Fund (the self-described political arm of Planned Parenthood) and contraception activist Sandra Fluke tweeted in support of Cupp.*

edit.  Then there is THIS.  *

Even the democrats in the Senate are waging war on women.  I be tthere will be all kinds of outrage about this inequality...

chirpity chirp chirp.

I forgot, only Righties hate women.

* via Hot Air

May 23, 2012

The Government says...

The Framers deliberately designed the Constitution as a limiting document. They were wary of the a strong Federal Government infringing on States Rights and individual liberty. Several States demanded, as a condition of Constitutional ratification, additional guarantees of individual Rights and an acknowledgement that those Right did not emanate from the Government, but were rather natural Rights of Man. This guarantee is known as the Bill of Rights. The first Eight Amendments of the Bill of Rights refer to individual Rights, while numbers Nine and Ten refer to States Rights.

One of the dangers of a strong federal Government is that it imposes its will upon the People.  In the past century or so, a strong Federal Government has moved our nation in a "progressive" direction. The people interested in a strong Federal Government are in favor of more social programs, more Federal laws, etc. The stronger Federal Government fits and advances their political political philosophy. Those of us who are of a more conservative bent decry the intrusiveness of the Nanny State.

Despite the vitriol of some, I have enjoyed the discussions on this post and over at EOB's site. I find the whole concept fascinating.

Let us suppose for the sake of argument that a wave of social conservationism and fiscal conservatism takes over the nation.  The years of over spending and borrowing drives the voters to elect a preponderance of cost cutters to our Nation's Capital. For a decade the tide of Congress and the courts turns sharply Right on the political spectrum. What if there is a law passed that any woman on welfare who becomes pregnant while on the dole is subject to forced sterilization and the father is to be castrated? Would a doctor have the moral right to refuse such a law? Perhaps all females on food stamps are directed to take Plan B after every sexual encounter, subject to routine pelvic exams.. Would a pharmacist have the right to refuse to fill the prescription? Would we then argue that if he is unwilling to fill a legal prescription for a legal product he should not be a pharmacist?

What if the NTSA determined that smaller lighter cars are the cause of increased highway fatalities and the Feds mandated we driver larger heavier cars?  Perhaps the Energy Department decides spending tax dollars on risky green energy products is unsound financially and we would get more energy by opening up all corners of the nation to drilling and fracking and mining.   Is an intrusive EPA then so welcome? What if the Federal Government encouraged massive strip mining to reduce electric power costs? How about that strong Federal Government?

If the Government can force you to buy insurance for your physical health, haw far away is forcing you to buy a Bible or Koran for your metaphysical and spiritual health?

What if a strong Federal Government decided to round up anyone who did not toe the political line? What if a strong Federal Government decided to devise a "final solution" for the Jews, for homosexuals or Communists?

You see, a strong Federal Government can be a danger to us all. Only through trying to follow original intent are our freedoms protected.

May 22, 2012

My road rage is building and I have not even left the driveway

No time for this nonsense today, I am off to the city with big shoulders to do my job thing. I am planning on a one day round tripper.  I suspect  I will be in the foulest of moods when I return. As an added bonus my boss will be there! Hooray for me! Hooray for the road construction! Three cheers for the asshole truckers and Prius drivers from Ohio who block up the left lane on the interstate making me leave 45 minutes earlier than necessary to make up for their idiotic driving techniques!

Day four without coffee and I am more irritable than ever.  I think this experiment needs to end soon.

May 21, 2012

The Right wants to bring back the scarlet letter

Politics are funny.

The left is so much better at spinning the narrative than the conservative side. Could it be that Truth and honesty are occasionally more important than the political ideal?

One thing I find amazing.  The liberal left always portrays themselves as the party of freedom. And free stuff, but that is another post. Here is an example of the progressive attack.  Liberals have managed to frame the abortion debate as "Pro Choice".  Heck, on the surface we all want more choice.  But doctors and pharmacists who have moral issues with abortion are not permitted that same "pro choice" stand.  When Kansas passed a law allowing pharmacists to opt out of filling abortion on demand pills, the lefties go crazy. As usual, with the progressive agenda you agree with their position or else.  They will compel you through law, through force or through intimidation. In this case, allowing pharmacists to not do something, equates to  heading towards a ban on contraception altogether.

Just as with the Georgetown student a few months ago, when the narrative magically became a "war on women" and that "conservatives want to ban contraception" instead of "Hey, why should I pay for your contraception".  Again, let us not let Truth interrupt the narrative.

Look, the Kansas law may make life a little more difficult for some women.  A little planning may be in order. If you local druggist does not choose to overcome his morals, then the lady in question will have to get her prescription on-line or in the next town. Sometimes life is difficult.  Improvise, adapt and overcome. Indiana does not allow carry-out alcohol sales on a Sunday.  This is an inconvenience, but with a little pre-planning it is a problem that can be overcome. Either I buy my beer in advance, or I don't drink. If you don't have your contraception on hand, don't diddle.  It all seems kind of simple to me.

There are many, many conservatives who are not Catholic.  In fact, I suspect Catholics make up a small percentage of conservatives. The Church has long been a bastion of liberalism. Many of us have used contraception. Our wives and daughters are on the pill. I have yet to see a single lawmaker or candidate who has called for a ban on contraception. NOT ONE. Even the Catholic Bishops have not advocated for a ban on contraception for us non-Catholics.  I do not mind debate. I have real issues when the debate is formed by outright lies and misdirection.

Finally, before you lefties go nuts, you should understand my personal position. I am against abortion for me. I am against abortion for my wife or daughter, but it is really not my call.  I think abortion is the deliberate killing of a baby. I also think abortion is a personal dilemma. In the end, I think the decision to have an abortion is between a woman and her Maker. I am really for personal choice here. Have one or don't. 

By the same token, a pharmacist or doctor should not be forced to participate. Who is taking the real Pro Choice stance in the end? Once again our friends on the left prove that liberal 'tolerance' is really just code for intolerance of any other position.

The only thing missing was a tired reference to Fox News

Yesterday morning I caught a few minutes of one of the Sunday news talk shows. The host was grilling the guests, one republican, one a Democrat.The Democrat droned on about "going back to the disastrous policies of George Bush that got us into this mess".It has been four years, perhaps Obama should run on his own accomplishments instead of the past.

For the sake of argument let us look at the Democrat's position as stated on the show. When Bush left office, unemployment was just a shade over 5%. Gas was around $1.30 at the pump. Inflation was non-existent. We were involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leftists were outraged about the war in Iraq, claiming their were no American interests involved. terrorist prisoners were held at Gitmo waiting trial. The value of the dollar was falling. National debt was around $10 trillion. . Today, unemployment is steady above 8%. gas is almost $4.00/gallon. Food and durable good prices are on the rise. The first whiffs of stagflation are on the horizon. We are still in Afghanistan, Iraq has ended but we also engaged in a war in Libya. Prisoners are still in Gitmo.

What we have seen is massive Government spending. The Obama administration has run up higher deficits than all the previous Presidents combined. The workforce participation -- the number of jobs available -- is the lowest since 1981. The true unemployment rate is much higher.  EPA and other bureaucracies have driven energy rices sky high, just like the President promised.  fewer drilling permits have been issued, driving up the cost of oil.  We have given corporate welfare totalling hundreds of million dollars to failed green energy companies. The unpopular ObamaCare is driving up the costs of healthcare while increasing deficits. For the first time in history Americans will be compelled by the Federal Government to buy a product.

George Bush was not a good president. I would take him in a minute over the current occupant of the White House.

May 19, 2012

Wood retires

I don't know if I saw his first game or not. I know I saw the fifth game he pitched in the Majors; a 20 strike out masterpiece. That effort remains the most dominating pitching performance I have ever watched. I sat riveted to my television, Harry Caray and Steve Stone calling the pitches in awe.

I sat riveted again yesterday afternoon as Wood took the mound for the final time. He delivered a three pitch strikeout, a fitting bookend to a career marred by injury and over use.

I watched him take a tip of the cap to a roaring crowd. He walked to the dugout,, head held high. He was met by his young son at the top of the dugout steps. After a final curtain call Kerry Wood disappeared into the dugout and fond memory. I felt like crying.

May 18, 2012

Rapidly changing topics -- try to keep up

I rarely dream, if I do I don't remember what happened in the dark recesses of my brain. Last night was different. I had rich detailed dreams. Don't worry, I am not going to relate them here.  Dreams are confusing and make no sense in the light of day. Besides, who would believe a story about a middle aged white guy with a funny sounding semi-German last name as a member of the Cosa Nostra?

We are all products of our environment. How then is this possible? My Mom has no accent at all, her tone and pronunciation is the flat Midwestern Johnny Carson American adopted by newscaster across the nation. My dad sounds like your typical Central Indiana Hoosier, with a dash of Pittsburgh thrown in. My brother has the Northern Indiana accent heard in da Region, yet not full-on Chicago intonation.  If you live in that part of Indiana, you know what I am talking about. I speak with that unique cross-bred Kentucky/ Midwest twang heard "south of 70" throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Linguists and sociologist maintain we learn our language as much from peers and school as our families.  I guess my family is living proof of that theory. I suppose I did hang out with a lot of white trash during my formative years in north central Indiana.


That is what the signs should have read. earlier this week, Union members protested at a Wellpoint stockholder's meeting in downtown Indianapolis. The reason they were picketing the health care Insurance giant? because Wellpoint had the audacity to donate money to politicians. Imagine, Unions, who donate by the millions to politicians, complaining someone else follows suit! One brave radio reporter had the audacity to point out to the Union speaker that the Union gave more money in the last cycle to Hoosier politicians than did Wellpoint. Of course to the Union goon, that was completely different; the Union was looking to 'protect their interests'. I guess Wellpoint just gives away money 'cause they don't like the coppery smell of pennies and think the picture of Lincoln on a five-spot is creepy?

May 17, 2012

The end of an era

For twenty years It has been my duty to get the kids up for school while the wife got ready for work. It started when my daughter began kindergarten back in 1992 and continued with my oldest son when he entered the education system two years later.  My youngest followed a few years after that. At one point I had one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school.

Today my youngest will attend high school for the last time. Graduation is not until June 2, but he has a GPA of 3.5 and will not have to take finals next week nor attend tomorrow's final review day.  In the fall he will be off to Indiana University to start a new phase of life and education, one that will involve an alarm clock that is not his old man.

So, for my youngest son, I offer up the great trifecta of end-of-school-year rock and roll:

May 16, 2012

Overreact much?

Really Dude?

Isn't that a bit of an overreaction? Example 2,913 of truth in the old adage "those who cannot teach, administrate".

They even fired the janitor!

Quick Thoughts

I suspect if lawmakers were not allowed to put their name on bills, we would have a few less laws. The egomaniacs who yearn for public office could not stand it if they were not associated by name with legislation (for example "Frank-Dodd").

Maybe we should pass a Constitutional Amendment that only allows a new law to be passed if an old one is taken off the books? Lawmakers (that title says it all) cannot help themselves.

By the same token, politicians should not have their name on public buildings/roads/parks.  Most of the public signage in West Virginia would have to be changed if we removed Robert Byrd's name.

Members of Congress should make 10% over the median American annual wage. I bet they would not stick around for 30 years then.

Are you ready for your taxes to increase 10-20% starting in January? You are about to get whacked. Here is a secret the Democrats do not want you to know -- the hated Bush tax cuts benefited the lowest earners and middle class most of all. BOHICA Baby.

May 15, 2012

Spread the Wealth

I like  money. I want more of it. I want to earn as much as possible, and I would take a handful of found money should it come my way. I would have no problem with owning a nice car and a big house. Hell, I would live in a gated community if I could afford it. I would smoke expensive cigars and drink fine wine. I would vacation at the beautiful places. I am comfortable with that position.

The median income in the US is $44,329 according to the notoriously inaccurate Wikipedia. I suspect that figure is close enough for the purposes of this post.

George Clooney recently held a fundraiser for The Obama.  It costs $40,000 a person to attend. I can live with that.  People should spend their wealth in any way they see fit. If the leftists want to plop down the equivalent of the average American's annual wages for dinner, so be it.

My problem is these limousine liberals are all about supporting the redistribution of wealth, as long as it is someone else's. If George Clooney or Jeffrey Katzenburg really believed the bullshit about "at some point a person has made enough money", they should be donating a little more of their hard-earned cash. I will care about George Clooney's political rants when I read he donated all but $44,329 of his next movie contract to charity.  Wouldn't that be fair? I will respect Toby Maguire when I learn he is living in a three bedroom ranch out in Tarzana. I will listen to Streisand's leftist screeds when I see her shopping at WalMart.

How many people who attended Clooney's shindig arrived in a limo or a big SUV and lamented the lack of action on global warming? Do you think J.J. Abrams arrived in a 2002 Honda Civic?

Warren Buffett and his ilk have paraded on TV and before Congress asking for taxes to be raised on the rich.  But not one of those hypocritical bastards have the gumption to write a check to the treasury.  There is no law preventing overpaying of taxes. If you think you are not paying your fair share, pony up, brother. President Obama rants that the rich should pay their fair share -- 30% at least.  But he did not write a check to the treasury when his returns showed he only owed 21%. Put your money where your mouth is you hypocrites.

That is the problem with your average leftist Democrat progressive.  They are free with my money and your money. All that is important is the idea. Good intention is far more important to these people than actual accomplishment. Just as in Soviet Russia and Communist China, the average Joe lived in misery standing in line for bread and rationed toilet paper, while the elites lived it up with special housing, stores, food and even elite driving lanes on the streets. Fair and equal is for the common people.

The anatomical juxtaposition of your average Democrat's orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction against my gluteus maximus.

I was walking around the neighborhood last evening.  The weather was perfect. I was listening to a broadcast of the Cubs game on my iPod. Ideas for post topics sprang to my mind.  I composed the basic outline of a few while I walked. A whole week's worth of good stuff was swirling and composing itself into brilliant, Hemingwayesque sentences in my brain.

Then I slept.

Instead of brilliance you get a post about not writing a post.

May 14, 2012

Same-sex marriage

Shall we get this out of the way first? Despite my obvious right wing credentials, I really, really do not care what anyone does behind their bedroom door, as long as it involves consenting adults. if you want to dress in a fur suit, go for it. Leather, whips, and chains? I don't care as long as I am not a participant. Man on man, girl on girl, many men on many girls and many girls on many men?  Nope, I do not care what you do. I am not sure how to make my position any more clear.

Secondly, If you want to get married, have at it, as long as you are consenting adults. I am not sure why the Government is in the marriage business anyway.

Now, all of you advocates for legalizing homosexual marriage, here is where I draw the line.  If same-sex marriage becomes legal in these United States, will your local Baptist preacher, Methodist minister, Catholic priest, Imam or Rabi be required to marry you?   Will refusal on moral or religious grounds be justification for a discrimination suit or a knock on the door from Eric Holder's Civil Rights Division?

The reasonable among you will say that could never happen.  The militant arm of the gay advocacy would proceed in an instant.

I think that dilemma is the crux of the difference in polls indicating a general acceptance of gay marriage and overwhelmingly lack of support when it comes to passing laws.  More than thirty States have decreed marriage is between a man and a woman. It is also the Federal Law of the Land.

I do not care what sexual proclivities you enjoy.  I prefer not to think about it. If you are into gay sex, naked midget jello wrestling, masturbating to pictures of kittens, squirter videos, male strippers with socks on their dongs, tattooed fat chicks, felating interns,  bone-thin white guys, graphic pygmy sex, shaved nether regions, Japanese cartoon porn,  poop munching, toenail chewing, gag balls, blacklight aerobics, naked grandmothers with orange dildos, a Mr. Clean fetish, extremely hirsute mommy parts, dressing like Wonder Woman or Popeye, or even plain old missionary style in the dark of night -- it is of no concern of mine. Just do not expect me to give you a thumbs up and a blessing. 

Perhaps now we can move the political discussion to topics that are actually important, like whether Romney hazed some kid 47 years ago.

May 13, 2012

May I have your attention, please?

Best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there.

May 12, 2012

It is a jungle in here

I have about had enough of nature already this morning; ants on the kitchen counter, spiders on the living room wall.  Why don't those guys go outside and play?  The weather is fine today. No wonder today's insects are fatter than ever.

May 11, 2012


I have one of these. I earned it. I am curious, do you have one?  Let me know in the comments.

I also have one of these:

I am willing to bet very few of you can identify this accomplishment.  Mine is hand made from felt, very similar to the image.  Today they are mass produced embroidery. This rank was harder to earn than the former. I am far prouder of it. Do any fof you know what this is? Do any of you have one of these?

They say smoking pot destroys your memory...

Maybe if the Golfer-in-Chief spent a little more time actually being President, he would know his economic policies are not working.

can you imagine the mass hysteria the Press would have if Bush had uttered such a callous, ignorant statement? Or Romney?  Perhaps we should focus on the real issues of the day instead of hazing stunts from 47 years ago.

Example 1,619,432 of Occupy Wall Street Ignorance

Here we see the true ignorance and lack of understanding of your average "Occupier".

This is really just sad.

May 10, 2012

Head scratchin' here, boss

So...if dinosaur farts and belches contributed to global warming and led to their own demise as recently reported, a few questions are in order. There is no evidence a new dinosaur species arrived in the last days of the Dinos.  I have not see the fossil remains of Gasosaurus Rex. There is also no evidence there was a mass consumption of sauerkraut or lima beans at some global dinosaur picnic. We can only come to the conclusion the methane build up from Fartasaurs and Belchasaurs was a slow global warming death, inching the temperatures a Celsius or two every few centuries.

That said, unless the theory of evolution did not apply to Barney's ancestors, wouldn't natural selection favored those dinosaurs best suited to live in warmer temperatures? Isn't the theory that the velociraptors and triceratops would have improvised, adapted and overcame a gradual rise in temperatures? Instead, we are told the evidence points to a rapid decline in dinosaurs at a given point in time.

Perhaps I just did not pay enough attention in biology. 

May 9, 2012

Boo Bleeping Hoo

Senator Richard Luger lost his re-election bid yesterday, ending more than three decades in Washington. Perhaps if Luger had remembered in recent years that the 'R" behind his name stood for Republican instead of "Reach across the aisle", he would still have a job.

In an interview yesterday as his campaign was dieing an inglorious death, all Luger could manage was a bleating cry for Independents and Democrats to save him. If Senator Luger had bothered to remain true to his constituent's conservative leanings he would never have to ask for Democrat help, and just as importantly, they would not have done it. Oh wait, the liberals did not help him in any case.

This morning  I am seeing lamentations on the loss of Senator Luger.  Mathew Tully of the Indianapolis Star (look it up yourself)  writes that we all lose since Luger was a great reacher across the aisle.. Many are worried that the new Republican candidate, Richard Mourdoch, is too hard line.  Why is it always important for conservatives to compromise?  Was Tully writing editorials exhorting the Democrats to compromise on ObamaCare or The Stimulus? Why is it when a conservative wants to cut spending and a liberal wants to spend more, the only fair compromise is to spend not-quite-as-much? We have a plethora of elder Republican statesmen who routinely work with the Democrats (to get Democrat ideas passed), but where are the great reachers from the left side of the aisle? Does that mythical compromise door only open toward the left?

Maybe it is well past time that we send representatives to Congress who are in the reduce spending - reduce bureaucracy - reduce Government mode. Maybe we have had enough  when it comes to a lot of growth, or maybe just slightly less than a lot of growth compromise. Maybe it is time we sent to Congress a whole bunch of people willing to say not just "No", but "Hell No"..

Maybe the folks writing the editorials should kiss my ass, and the left butt cheek of the Conservatives in Indiana.  We know what values we want our Representative to exhibit. We voted accordingly. We frankly do not care what some liberal reporter or PoliSci prof thinks about it.

Message sent. 

May 8, 2012

Indiana Primary is today

I really ought to post something.


Is this blogging stuff easy or what?

May 7, 2012

The Obama Record

Bill Clinton used the simple campaign issue of "it's the economy stupid" as his basis for election. He was right.  the economy is the driving force in our lives.  Spending, GDP growth, and tax collections are just a few of the barometers used to measure the robustness of the economy. It does not take an advanced degree in economics from an ivy league school to understand that if people have jobs, they have money to spend. Employment equals taxes and the government pig is fed first. Remember, Uncle Sugar takes his cut off the top of your pay!

So, are you undecided about The Obama? Not sure about healthcare, banking reform, Gitmo, the WoT, the worth of the stimulus, Government Motors, or Cash for Clunkers? Are you unsure about investing in green energy? Do you like the idea of taxing the wealthy? Well, I submit it is all about the jobs. Are Americans better off after four years of The 'Bamster?

There actually fewer people working now than when Obama took office.  In spite of population growth, in spite of the plethora of "green jobs" he has claimed, in spite of the growth of new jobs (ever revised a week or two later), there are fewer people working today than there were in 1981. Ponder that fact and let me know why we should give the man without a plan four more years?

Look and sigh

If you were to take the time to look up the term "pack rat" in your favorite reference source, you would find a picture of my wife. The kid's old clothes, shoes, toys and general junk is in boxes all through the closets, garage, attic, and even a rented storage building. Why do we need a box two boxes of my daughter's outgrown shoes from her early teen years?  Don't ask me. Boxes of old dance costumes? Again...?

Perhaps we are saving this "stuff" for the garage sale we never have. The current collection of stuff has become so large that it is overwhelming. Do not get me wrong, my wife is not a "Hoarder's" candidate yet. But there are a lot of boxes and bags and bins around here.  Anyway, we have started cleaning out the piles of detritus in the garage. After a thorough cleaning, we plan on holding the boy's Graduation Open House in that space.  Since we are lucky enough to have a three car garage, there is plenty of room to set up tables. We just have to remove the boxes of "stuff" stacked in the third car bay.

The effort started over the weekend. I planned on much of the goods winding up at Goodwill or the dump. So far most have been transported to the attic. Only a few odds and ends are in the "trash" pile. A buddy with a truck (the best kind of friend) agreed to haul the bunk beds, mattresses. a TV stand, desk, and end tables to storage later in the week.  That will free up a lot of room. But that list will give an idea of the problem.

May 6, 2012

Playin' it cool

I am in a mellow mood this fine Sunday morning. The coffee is hot the air is cool.  My body aches from working in the yard all day.  The late George Harrison wrote some beautiful music. I hope you enjoy this clip.

Have a great day.

May 5, 2012

Situational Saturday

My life is not consumed by politics. I spend a good bit of time ranting about The State of Things around here. that is what this piece of the interwebz is for -- I can write about whatever the Hell I want.  that you stop by and read it is a big bonus.

I enjoy the interaction of the comments. I like it when Erin stops by and gives her two cents. I may not agree, but it offers a different viewpoint.  That is valuable if for no other reason than it helps me solidify my position. Plus, as anyone who knows me can attest -- I like to argue. I will debate nearly anything, any side.

I don't want to be obsessed with politics.  I have friends with very different ideas. One guy who is a liberal Democrat died-in-the-wool union guy and I have a great time together. We just leave the politics out of it. Why bother?  The closest we come is occasional good natured jabs -- like the Obama card he gave me on my last birthday.  That stuff is funny. I guess you do not spend all of your time discussing the latest political news with your friends either.

What is the point here?  I cannot think of a more dreary life than to obsess over anything:  Bill Ayres, the Occupy people, those on the road for the Tea Party, Reverend Jessie, or Cindy Sheehan. I cannot image my life being a one-note song. Every discussion can not be about God, about politics, about immigration.

Are there problems in this world?  Yes there are. Taking a few minutes off to have a beer, smoke a cigar, listen to some music watch a ball game, see a movie, or laugh with your family and friends does not make the problems disappear, but it sure makes life worth living.

Weekend Funny

May 4, 2012


Treadmill delivered and set up -- check

Mulch delivery scheduled -- check

Refrigerator repairman scheduled -- check .  they will call before they come, but no firm date set. maybe Monday she said.  Tha tis a hell of a way to run a business.

ATT&T called about non-functioning work line.  This only took more than an hour.  I tried repeatedly to report a problem on line as prescribed.  I also did the check myself at the box. Called an 800 number and was told I need a different 800 number.  That person (A real person!) sent me back to the first 800 number. Then I got a different 800 number and a recording to lead me through troubleshooting and initiating a repair ticket. The recording could only tell me a ticket was issued, not when someone can come and fix the line.  I guess I have to be home from 8-5 every day until they come? I know I have mentioned many times how much I hate AT&T. This just may be the final straw. 

In the interim I wrote and submitted my monthly report.

TGIF, baby.

Quick Post Something

I have some deliveries scheduled for this morning (hola new treadmill). I will try and post something of substance later.

Boy, wouldn't that be a change?

May 3, 2012

Leave a message at the tone

In my college days a group of us gathered daily in the basement to watch TV. The regimen was set and unbreakable: General Hospital, M*A*S*H, The Rockford Files. Class schedules dictated who occupied the couches, but the show tuned in on the big screen never deviated.

If you were late to the basement and the Rockford Files had already begun, you might as well consider the afternoon wasted and go study. The answering machine message at the beginning always was always one of the best moments of an awesome show.

Here is a sampling:

If you had to be a 1970's private eye, you know you would be Rockford. Mannix was a pussy and Buddy Ebson's Barnaby Jones was never believable. We all knew he was really a Hillbilly. Columbo and Kojak were just cliche's. I will admit that McMillan had a hot wife.

It occurs to me there were sure a lot of mysteries to be solved in the 1970's.

May 2, 2012

Regarding my earlier post

Never mind.

We now know the answer. 1+1=3.

Sometimes one plus one does equal three

When you connect the dots, the numbers are just a guideline.  You are free to make any pattern you desire.

That said, I read about some anarchists who plotted to blow up a bridge near Cleveland. Northeast Ohio has long been a liberal bastion and I am not surprised there are anarchists hiding in plain sight.

Here is a question for you.  Do you think these thwarted domestic terrorists are more likely to have attended the recent 'Tea Party Rally' in Cleveland, or the 'Occupy Cleveland' protests?

F-ing Wobblies.

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