July 27, 2005


Last night we enjoyed hamburgers fresh from my new grill. These fine burgers were accompanied by potato salad (made myself), fresh tomatoes, cottage cheese, deviled eggs, and pasta salad. We ended with homemade ice cream as lightning flashed over the horizon and Mars twinkled above.

A perfect summer evening.

picture from Larry Kanfer Prairiescapes10 Collection


Anonymous said...

Just because someone has an opinion other than yours does not make them a traitor. What do you call a man who gives out the identity of an undercover agent? What do you call a man who promises to fire the 'leak' and then doesn't because it's one of his buddies? I feel that is more traitorous

Immortal Beloved said...

Yum. A good homemade Hoosier dinner. :)

hoosierboy said...

Anyone who actively AIDS and Comforts the enemy is a traitor. Someone who took messages from POWs and then gave them to their capturers (resulting in beatings and torture for the POWs) is a traitor. Someone who goes to the enemy in an active war and poses on an antiaircraft gun is a traitor. Anonymous you should study your history before spouting your ingnorance.

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