July 13, 2005

This Hoosier just don't get it

Before I begin, let me say I have no problem with women in the workplace. I also believe a particular job should pay the same regardless of your genitalia, hair color, skin color, religion, or weight. In fact I will state here and publicly one of the brightest, most effective, and smartest managers I ever worked with was a woman. It used to piss me off when she was degraded by the Euros, especially the French, who would ask me the questions instead of her (you know who you are, and you know they did this to you).

I do not get the point of Michelle Wie entering men's golf tournaments. What is she trying to prove? She is an awesome golfer. She can beat many men. So what? Most men on the PGA tour can beat just about any woman on the LPGA tour. Yes, I understand she is 14. I understand she is incredibly talented. I do not understand why she wants to enter PGA events.

If Wie were winning every event and dominating the LPGA Tour. I might understand. All athletes want competition. The last time I checked it was Sorenson who was dominating the LPGA.

If there was no LPGA, or Wie was so good, it would be different. Babe Zaharias entered PGA events because there was virtually no LPGA, and she was so dominant she needed the competition. That is not the case with Wie. What is it? Is she just a publicity hound?

I saw similar instances of the media practically wetting their pants when Danica Patrick finished 4th at Indy. OK, so what. As the media asked every driver their opinion of how Patrick ran the race at Indy, one guy summed it up well: "I don't know, I finished second, she was BEHIND me".

What is it about the media that were are celebrating mediocrity? Can someone please set me straight, 'cause I don't get it?


Breeezy said...

What the hell is the big deal about Danika Patrick? She's an
f---ing amazing driver, thats all. Regardless of sex. There were quite a few MEN who ended up behind her. Its ground-breaking for a woman and she doesnt have another league to go to. Thats just a silly comparison.

As for Michelle, there could be a lot of reasons. Maybe she enjoys the tougher competition. Why are you judging her decisions? Let her play where she wants to!

WWWGeek said...

Quote Breezy: Why are you judging her decisions? Let her play where she wants to!

What?!? I am assuming that you are aware of the physical differences between men and women, and I don't mean in a sexual way. There are real, scientific reasons for having both a men's and women's league.

I completely agree with hoosierboy in that if she was the best of the women and no one could touch her, THEN she would have good reason to compete in a different league.

Our society is obsessed with the notion that women MUST be treated equal to men in EVERY way. What a load of BS.

EddieP said...

Give Michelle the benefit of the doubt. The reason she's entered in men's events is because she is a popular draw. She gets invited, the sponsors and TV love her. You'll see more of her, not less.

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