January 24, 2006

Hoosierboy In Action; a Tale of Woe.

I have nothing to offer. I got nutin. Usually expressing my opinion is a simple matter. There are few issues in the modern or historical world unworthy of a comment. Name the issue and I will opine. Not today. I could throw up a quiz, a meme, a cartoon, but I lack the energy. The only reason you get this post, is that yesterday I offered up a post I actually wrote last week (that fact makes the entry no less worthy). Your Hoosierboy recycled an unpublished post. An apology will not be forthcoming. I was out working yesterday, so there you have it.

My weekend was boring. I saw a movie, went to a basketball game, watched with half interest the playoff games, had the first indoor baseball practice for the little one.

I work, I eat, I sleep. I suspect my life is a lot like yours. Have patience, I am sure I will have words and opinions, and rants, and jokes for you tomorrow. Maybe later today. Check back often. Every fifteen minutes or so would be great: I need the hits. Do your part to feed my ego. It is the least you can do.

Tuesday Teaser:

Have you heard of Mill Springs? What do you know?

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