August 20, 2006

A failure to communicate

I neglected to post something yesterday. I am sure you all cried yourselves to sleep last night in despair.

We dropped the daughter back to college yesterday, it was a little easier than last year, but still tough. I do not know which is harder, being a parent or knowing the kid does not need you in the same way any more. My Mom says you never stop worrying -- she is right.

What is unique about the following?:


The coffee is done. Have a great Sunday.

We are off to Columbus, IN to watch the little one play a baseball double header this afternoon. I have many things I should do, but what the heck. The oldest boy is making his stage debut playing bass and guitar at a local music fest today. He is jazzed, but says he does not want us to come listen and watch. "That would be too weird" he told us. He invited his sister, but as I said, she is at school.

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