August 7, 2006

Hooters and Cuddleshack

My daughter(20)has a list of summer goals on her wall. It includes the usual lose ten pounds etc. One of the goals is to beat Mom and Dad at Cards. She and her boyfriend have tried all summer to beat us in Euchre to no avail.

Saturday they went to the drive-in movie, another of the goals since her boyfriend had never been to one. When they came home I was watching Hoosiers on TV. They pushed us to play, and since I have seen the movie about 50 times I reluctantly agreed. While we were getting the cards out the boyfriend mentioned he had never seen Hoosiers. Later we were talking about the famous scene in Caddyshack where the Baby Ruth is found in the pool. My daughter said she had not seen Caddyshack.

I told them I could not believe it," He has never seen Hooters, and you Cuddleshack?" The boyfriend burst out laughing and the daughter turned about ten shades of red. Doctor Freud, call your office.

Anyway, they finally won a game of Euchre after trying for almost a year. The spouse and I won two of three though. I told the wife later it had been a long time since I saw hooters. She was not amused and did not show me any. Such is life.

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