April 11, 2007

Bread and Cheese, baby

Now here is the whine:

Enough of the rain and snow and cold already. It is nearly May.

Can we just drop the coverage of Anna Nicole now?

If Nancy Pelosi violated the Logan Act, she should be prosecuted.

Another few weeks of playing like this and the Cubs will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

I am glad to see the NFL is doing their best to keep from becoming the NBA, namely a league that caters to gangsta and thugs and paid for by white middle class fans. The traditional fan base is leaving the NBA, and ticket sales are dropping. Can the NFL stop the trend?

The idea that Indianapolis could not handle a Super Bowl is a joke. The Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 attract in the neighborhood of one quarter of a MILLION fans. The city has hosted numerous College Final Fours and the NBA championships. Indy hosted the Pan Am Games. Before the libtards ruined basketball in Indiana by trying to ensure every single school could be labeled champion, the annual High School basketball tournament drew nearly as many fans as the Super Bowl. When did your state draw 60,000 fans to a basketball game? Do celebs and journalists want to come to Indy in January or February? Probably not. State your objections for what they are, the city is no NOLA or South Beach, but to claim the city could not handle Super Bowl crowds is a joke and an insult.

If the Governor of Indiana fails to veto the huge pay raise the legislature just voted themselves, he will never get another vote from me. Oh, and local reps, if you voted for the raise you are sure I will vote against you in the next election.

When is anyone of either party going to do anything about the Hispanic assault on our country?

When are we going to admit we are in a cultural and religious war? Fight them now or fight them later.

Fucking dandelions.

Donald Davidson is already appearing on the radio, am I the only one who would like to punch that guy in the face? What does he do the rest of the year? (FYI -- he is the historian of the Indy 500 and bores us with trivia all during the month of May. Even as a history devotee, he bores the shit out of me)

How did the Pacers become so bad?

I just returned from vacation, yet I am sick of work, this house, the radio, the TV, reading, this blog, the internet, my family, and American Idol. Come on, entertain me!

What is bugging you?

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