September 16, 2007

A slice o' Hoosierboy

Last Thursday (as in 10 days ago) the cable, gas, electricity and phone guys came to the house. The gas and electric men just read the meter to transfer the utilities. The cable and phone guys had to do installations, including crawling under the house.

Last Friday (as in nine days ago) it rained during the night. I think we also got some showers on Saturday evening. We needed the rain desperately.

Unpacking remains slow. Yesterday, the wife brought home some stuff from storage. The garage is full of stuff, and she just added more!

The mail, paper etc. began to arrive with regularity this week. As I went to the mailbox Monday to get the paper I noticed the rain seemed to collect on our side of the court. I had to step over a narrow puddle to get the paper and mail. There was still a puddle on Tuesday. I worked like a whore at a sex toy convention on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I spent on the Rockford to Monon trail.

On Friday the wife mentioned the slowly growing, never ending puddle in front of the house. She mentioned it had not rained for a week, should that puddle still be there? She remembered we were told the neighbor had a sump pump could she be discharging into the yard?

I walked around to the side of the house there was my hose stretched out and running a full stream into the yard. Arrrggghhh, someone left on the hose. I am certain it was the cable or phone guys. The kid claimed innocence, and he always fesses up when he does something wrong (his mother's bad influence). Some asshole, in a spate of carelessness just cost me a huge water bill. I can only imagine how many gallons of water can come from a running hose in a week. I will call both utilities to complain in Monday, but I am sure both installers will deny the screw-up.

Welcome to my life, people.

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