January 29, 2008


I was going to spout a political rant. I was flipping through my regular blog reads while the phrases and verbiage turned in my mind. Then I read this CLICK HERE and my work was done for me. This is a political platform I could get behind. I know I am not alone, a politico who took each of these stances would get elected. He would be murdered by the yellow journalists that make up the press, drug behind a car in a cactus patch, his mail, laundry and every rock of his path of life examined and turned over. If he survived that, the majority of working Americvans would vote for him. The rest of Americans, the welfare state would not. That is where we are. Those who want the Government to provide are beginning to outnumber those who want to just be left the fuck alone. Guess who will win the future elections as the nanny state grows?

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