August 26, 2008


I tried. I cannot do it. I wanted to be the blog reporter of record regarding the Dimocrit Convention. I could not watch five minutes. Sorry, but Clint Eastwood was on AMC. Besides, I really could not care what either the Swimmer or Michelle "I am finally proud of my country" have to say. Look, The Obama is a socialist. His platform is straight from the Communist Manifesto. Look it up. Trolls -- prove me wrong. I have about as much interest in listening to the bullshit socialist crap Liberals are spouting in Denver as I do in watching turd races at the local sewage plant.

Two weeks of the Olympics, followed by two weeks of political conventions makes me long for regular old network TV. That is a sad state of affairs.

Sorry, you will have to watch it yourself. I could not even watch the news reports of tonight's festivities. Watching the syncophatic fawning over Kennedy makes me sick. He may be ill, but he still killed that girl when he left her to suffocate in the rear window of that car. I would no more celebrate his career than I would the drug dealing bastard that accidentally shot his girlfriend down at the local lock-up. And fuck any one of you that thinks that no good bastard Ted Kennedy is an American Hero. I might pimp out for a joke and show my ass on this blog, but every one of those clapping motherfuckers are the real assholes.

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