August 27, 2008

Liberalism and the Air Conditioner

A few weeks ago Supergurl asked me what innovations or inventions have most affected mankind. At least that is what my memory says she wanted to know. In any case that is the subject I want to discuss today.

Historian (and former Librarian of Congress) Daniel Boorstin has written elegantly on the subject. I would strongly recommend his Americans series, especially The Americans: The Democratic Experience for some good reading how innovations have changed our lives.

One innovation I believe made a marked change upon our society I lay at the feet of one Willis Carrier of Syracuse. He invented the first commercial air conditioner. If The Obama is elected, we can blame Carrier.

Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902. By the 1960s air conditioning had become affordable for the average home. As such, areas in the deep south and western desert areas now became hospitable. Retirees from the Northeast and the big cities flocked to these locations for their retirement years. The warm winters drew them in, and the summers were now made bearable by air conditioning. Look at the population surge in Florida for instance: source

Or how about Arizona:source

What does this have to do with Liberals you ask. Well, it has nothing to do with global warming. Most liberals hail from the Northeast. The advent of air conditioning has allowed these socialist leaning liberals to move from New York and Boston to spread their brand of politics to Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and Southern California. Places like Austin, Texas and Atlanta have become centers of liberal politics.

One hundred years ago the citizens of the deep south and west were ranchers and farmers and working men. Now we have retirees, tourists and bankers. We have a new group of individuals whose only way to make money is at the expense of others. These people tend to like Government controls, welfare and the nanny state.

Thanks to air conditioning, Liberal poison has spread throughout the land. So if The Obama wins, he should doff his cap to Willis Carrier.

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