August 26, 2008

Punish the Achievers

I read with some interest the directors of a youth baseball league in Connecticut are not going to allow a nine year-old boy to pitch because he is too good. Read the story here. This is what the nanny state has become. It began when we quit keeping score at soccer games, and this is the logical progression. This my friends, and I know you will say I am going too far, is the socialist ideal. No one is allowed to be better than another. If Little Timmy cannot hit the baseball, make sure the pitcher is not too good. Punish the achievers. Here is a kid that shows some talent and potential. It is possible, if he is not allowed to practice his craft he will not develop. Is New Haven taking away this boy's chance at the big leagues?

I am not big on lawsuits and such, but this kid should take his case to court. This is the liberal bullshit we must stop now.

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