August 22, 2008

Random Ramblings

According to my daughter, if you want short lines go to Universal and Disney in the middle of a tropical storm. "You get pretty wet", she said, "but the wait is really short."

Don't you learn how to hand off a relay baton in 7th grade track? Is this the first any of the US Track stars have been involved in a relay?

On that same note when are the Olympics over? I thought they occurred every four years, not last that long.

Oh, and is NBC required to be the official network of the Chinese Olympic Team? How about they actually show some Americans? It would have been nice to see the first American Woman to win the discus in about 70 years, as opposed to twenty minutes of some damn Chinese hurdler we have never heard of putting ice on his ankle.

Hey, I will up the ante, for 500 hits I will post a picture of my balls.

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