September 23, 2008

Apropos of nothing

Personally, I think Choc-cola was a far superior product to Yoo-Hoo.

Do they still make Choc-cola?

When I was a kid I liked Mason's Root Beer. I don't think they make it anymore either.
"an ugly balding impotent windbag" My self-portarait up there on the right is pretty accurate, no?

A year or so ago, I would get a dozen hits on a post about my lunch. I put up brilliant political posts these days and I get crickets chirping. What is up with that? Acidman always said that was the way of blogging.

I wish I could at least get a comment or two from some trolls so I could vent a little anger. I watched the Colts game on Sunday with some friends. He is a lifelong Union Guy/Democrat, but it was not worth getting into a discussion with him. We were there to watch football.

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