July 3, 2009

Finally Friday -- and Five Free

We are heading downstate this morning to pick up the boy from tennis camp. I hope he had a good time. I am ready for him to be home. It had been lonely around here.

I am glad to have a long weekend. I need a break from work. The past few months have been frustrating. I need information and answers, but it seems to take 15 emails and 10 phone calls to get anything -- and I am talking about within my company! Customers are as bad. I am sure they are sitting around this morning complaining on their blogs about how unresponsive I am. See above. I am getting a new boss. I have been without a supervisor for more than a year. Maybe he can help with the communication issues. When the President called to tell me the company was hiring a couple of people I think I pissed him off. I told it was great we are getting some support, but how can we be hiring when all of us are working on reduced pay? As you can imagine his answer was bullshit. With so many out of work I know it is ridiculous for me to complain about pay cuts.

We have been socked with global warming. We have finally strung together a stretch of more than 48 hours without rain, but the temps are only in the sixties for highs. Can you imagine a high of 67 in July?

I watched Bonnie and Clyde yesterday. I had forgotten how much I liked that movie. For some reason I had remembered it in black and white when I saw it years ago. I guess I am getting old, 'cause it was in color. In the movie Bonnie Parker's mother reminded me so much of my late mother in law. Her speech pattern, accent, even a little in how she looked. It was weird.

Boom boom bang bang celebrate your Nation's Birthday this weekend!

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