July 17, 2009

Friday Covers

I was prepared to hate this version by the delectable Dolly Parton. It is actually pretty compelling. I especially like the arrangement and Dolly has the range to carry it off.

Here are a couple of unrelated notes:

One of the comments on YouTube: "Who did the original?". Seriously. Stairway to Heaven is one of the most famous rock songs in history.

I once even went to a bar in Utrecht, The Netherlands devoted to Led Zeppelin called The Stairway to Heaven. The lyrics were inscribed all over the walls. Unfortunately, when I was there, they were playing typical electronic disco such as you find in every club and bar in Europe. To be fair, I do not remember many details, I was totally wasted slightly inebriated at the time it was several years ago.


Then there is this, perhaps one of the worst covers of all time:

You are welcome.

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